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Formerly known as Wonderlic Personnel Test, The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test is a test used to assess the ability related to cognition and the problem-solving tendency of expected employees. This test is developed and controlled by Wonderlic. The test has a time limitation, which is 12 minutes.

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Wonderlic practice test

Remember this free Wonderlic practice test will be closed within 12 minutes.

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As it’s about testing cognition, the test can be quite similar to any other IQ test and its aim can be the same as that. Developers of the test claim that it helps assess “general mental ability” which also includes one’s ability to understand, learn, adapt and solve problems.

You need to answer 50 MCQ (multiple choice questions) in this time period. Eldon F. Wonderlic (1909-1980) developed this test, he was a student of Northwestern University at that time. The score of the test is calculated as the correctly answered questions in the mentioned time. Scoring 20 indicates average intelligence level.

The most recent version of the test is WonScore, a cloud-based assessment providing one score to potential employers supported research projects. The Wonderlic test was supported by the Otis self-administering Test of capacity with the goal of making a brief form measurement of cognitive ability.

We have a free Wonderlic Practice Test,2021 updated, which is going to help you pass the test. This free test of ours (50 MCQ) is timed so that you can get the experience of the real test. Many employers use this test all over the world.

To consider your application for employment, employers will use your test scores. Use our practice tests below and get prepared for the real exam to pass and to get the job.

It will require you to work on some language and word problems and some patterns with other things. As the test is about “intelligence” doesn’t mean practice won’t help. If you are comfortable with the format of the question, it will give you more confidence during the real test.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is usually used by Employers & Colleges that are looking to gauge the relative intelligence of their applicants. The official Wonderland Test contains 50 Questions that need to be answered in 12 minutes. Historically the Test was only available in print form and in those days it can be studied and taken the exam online. Our practice geek website and the free sample Wonderlic test with detailed answers on this page are designed to mimic the types of questions posed in the real Wonderlic environment to help applicants to practice the Wonderlic test like a real exam.

Employers and colleges usually use the extraordinary mental function test to determine the relative intelligence of applicants. The check contains 50 questions and needs to be answered within 12 minutes. Historically, the test was provided entirely in printed form, but it is still available online. The pattern checks on this website, and this page is designed to imitate the query form shown on the $64,000 Wonderlic to help applicants comply with the check rules.

Wonderlic test NFL

Wonderlic test NFL

This is a kind of IQ test which is to tests a candidate’s tendency to learn and solve problems. The score range is between 1 and 50. Scoring at least 10 indicates a person to be literate and 20 is scored by an average football player. 

Worldwide, about 2.5 million people take the Wonderlic Cognitive test each year, which includes about 300 football players at the NFL scouting combine. The NFL or National Football League uses the WCA (Wonderlic Cognitive Ability) as a part of the drafting process at the time of the NFL scouting combine. NFL combine is an event that goes on for a week in February, in which college football players take part and are tested on paper and field both to be drafted to the NFL.

A player’s skill on the field is necessary, but the coach wants to test the cognitive ability of the players at a certain moment. NFL candidates take the test before the skill test on the field. They recognize scouts, coaches, general managers from the score of the Wonderlic Cognitive test. Because quick decision-making ability is important and crucial at necessary moments to help the team win and reach the Superbowl.

Wonderlic Test NFL Format

Wonderlic Test NFL Format

This Wonderlic Cognitive Test has two types: the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest (WPT-Q) and the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R).

The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest (WPT-Q) consists of 30 questions and has a time limit of 8 minutes. It’s online. You may face this assessment at the start of the application process. This test is actually just an orientation test but can allow you to go to the hiring stage sometime.

Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R), which is also known as the Cognitive Ability test, contains 50 MCQ questions and has a time limit of 12 minutes to complete the test. To do well in this test, you should have strong analytical skills, speedy response rates, and quick decision-making abilities. This test can be taken as written or online. This test is usually taken during job selection and other admission procedures.

Wonderlic Test NFL Question Types

There are various types of questions in the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, which helps measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities and tendencies. The test contains both basic and advanced question types:

Basic questions –measure one’s day-to-day knowledge base regarding vocabulary, mathematical, and English grammar skills. 

Advanced questions – These types of questions assess a person’s ability to think logically, detect errors, answer number series, structure sentences, solve complex mathematical word problems, use abstract conceptualization when answering questions, and much more.

Wonderlic Content Description

Wonderlic Content Description

The cognitive ability test questions are open-ended just like any other standardized test, which gets more difficult as every question ends and the next one comes. Now, the types of these questions can vary, but can be one of these formats:

  • Analogies
  • Logic
  • Geometric figure analysis
  • Various math questions
  • Following directions
  • Arranging sentences
  • Judgment
  • Vocabulary

Make sure to do practice tests that have various types of question formats.

The Wonderlic test has four sections to determine if the applicant is able to perform the duty of the position he/she has applied for. These sections can be provided by the employer based on the needs for the respective position.

Wonderlic Skills Test

Wonderlic Skills Test

The skill test consists of some basic quantitative and verbal skills measurements that are to determine if a candidate is ready for an entry-level job. This is to reduce their training period before starting the job by measuring their ability to handle their duty.

Any job position which requires basic mathematical calculations or written and oral communication by the employee can use the Wonderlic skill tests.

The Wonderlic Skill Tests have:

    • Wonderlic Perceptual Ability Test- It measures if the applicant is able to recall numerical and alphabetical details accurately.
    • Wonderlic Basic Skills Test– It measures overall verbal and mathematical abilities.
  • Wonderlic Office and Software Skills Test- It measures the applicant’s computer and basic software proficiency.

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

Employers who use the Wonderlic Tests often use The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. The practice tests you can find online are often Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test practice questions. Many employers use this particular test to measure an applicant’s skills, learning ability, adapting, problem-solving, and tendency to follow orders, before recruiting.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test has two types:

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Pretest- It’s an unproctored test that gives a general idea of the applicant’s abilities. 

  • Often used as a preliminary step in the candidate’s application process
  • Could be used to determine whether the candidate moves on in the process
  • Is shorter, lasting only 8 minutes.

Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test- This test is more extensive and is taken in presence of a proctor. Includes:

  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to provide quick response time
  • Decision-making in a pressure situation

Wonderlic Behavioral Liability Test

This test is to determine if the applicant has the potential to engage in such behavior which can be unethical or to test liability. The purpose is to select less-risk employees for certain jobs. Employers use this test for employees who have little or no experience before. And this test is taken for the positions which provide the employee company assets like cash, equipment that has no supervision.

This test also has two different versions:

Wonderlic Behavioral Risk Profile- This one measures the applicant’s profile in three distinct behavior traits: 

  • Agreeability 
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism

Wonderlic Behavioral Risk Profile Plus- This test assesses previously mentioned traits with additional two:

  • Background disclosures
  • Productivity results

The Wonderlic personality Test

The Wonderlic personality Test

This Wonderlic Personality Test is to determine whether the applicant is suitable for the position he/she applied to, by measuring their personality characteristics.

  • Employers can look at the personality factors of the candidate if he/she appears to have them, which helps predict job performance.
  • It also determines which job or position is suitable for a particular candidate. Either he/she is the best choice for the position applied for or for a different one.

The Wonderlic Personality Test has two versions:

The Wonderlic Five-Factor Personality Profile- This test assesses the applicant’s personality in relation to five “job performance indicators” :

  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Stability/Neuroticism
  • Openness to Experience

The Wonderlic Seven-Factor Personality Profile- This test on the other hand, measures an applicant’s personality in relation to seven personality dimensions, different from the five dimensions mentioned above:

  • Emotional Intensity
  • Intuition
  • Recognition Motivation
  • Sensitivity
  • Assertiveness
  • Trust
  • Good Impression

Check out our free personality test to check different views of your personality.

Wonderlic Administration

Wonderlic Administration

In 12 languages around the world.,the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is administered. You will need to answer 50 multiple choice questions within a 12 minutes time limit. As you pass to the next questions, the difficulty level increases.

It is not expected that the candidates finish the test. But candidates are encouraged to do their best. It depends on the Wonderlic Test version where the test is going to be held or approved to be held.

Registration for the Wonderlic Test

In general, the candidate gets registered by the employer who requires it. People who are taking the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, are taking it as a part of the whole application process of the job.

Since the testing can occur anytime when needed, registration and administration vary. As there is no predetermined testing date, it’s better if the candidates start doing the practice Wonderlic TEST FEES

Though other standardized tests are paid for by the person taking those, Wonderlic is not. Recruiters, employers, or others who test these abilities in their employees pay for the test, but sometimes they pass the cost down to the candidate. Anyone who is interested or in need should contact the Wonderlic sales department for details of the test, as they don’t publish their prices online.

Wonderlic Requirements

Wonderlic Requirements

The Wonderlic is open for any position that is deemed necessary by the employer. This is also available for any entry-level position or applicant of college.

This is all up to the hiring enterprise or employer what the recruitments are going to be who does and does not need to take the test, at which point in the application process it occurs.

Wonderlic scores

Wonderlic scores

You may be wondering how the Wonderlic test is scored. Well, you have come to the right place. Check out how the test is scored. Learn about high and low scores, the average score, and how Wonderlic rates your intelligence. 

What is a Wonderlic score?

To understand the scoring of the Wonderlic Test is pretty simple. As there are 50 questions, one point for every correct answer. So, scoring 15 means you answered 15 questions correctly. The highest score you can get is 50 and the lowest is 0.

What is the average score for the Wonderlic test? 

20 is the average Wonderlic Test score out of 50, according to Wonderlic, Inc. It indicates someone to be literate if that person scores 10 out of 50, and that person is considered to be suitable for less demanding job positions. So, you can tell that this average score actually varies from different professions. Taking an example, 31 is set to be the average score for a chemist while it’s 21 for a cashier. As these two professions are different in their nature and other aspects, these two require different abilities and skills from employees to do their job. Even if you are applying for a position that doesn’t require a very high Wonderlic score, scoring better than others will set you apart from the other applicants. So, you have understood that whatever the position is you are applying for, scoring higher in the Wonderlic Test will increase your chance of getting the job.

A tip for the newcomers. We have already mentioned before that not everyone can finish this test. It has been seen that only two or three percent of the applicants finish their test in the limited time of 12 minutes.

What is a good score on the Wonderlic?

As we have said, the average score of the Wonderlic Test is said to be 20, but what a good score will be in the test varies from profession to profession. The average score varies based on the position you are looking for. Also, a good score depends on what other applicants’ scores are. Scoring better than your competitors gives you a better chance of getting the job. Some average scores by job title go as such:


Job Title

Avg. Wonderlic Score

Systems Analyst




Electrical Engineer
















Investment Analyst




Electronics Technician














Bank teller






Clerical Worker






Train conductor




Security guard








Wonderlic Test Preparation- Step by Step

Wonderlic Test Preparation- Step by Step

The Wonderlic can be very important for you to go to the next level. And this test is also quite hard, so you should be ready. Practice is the most important.

Practice a Free Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic is and can be very important for you to go to the next level. And this test is also quite hard, so you should be ready. Practice is the most important.

Practicing will increase your confidence and will give you pace. Practicing will introduce different kinds of questions that you may not have seen before. You will need the pace to answer questions quickly because the test duration isn’t very long.

So, how should you prepare for the Wonderlic test?

Practice a Free Wonderlic Test

Practice Each Type of Wonderlic Question, Untimed

What you need to do first is to get familiar with the question types. This time, do it untimed. Don’t press yourself yet. Besides some general knowledge and aptitudes, you will need to be able to make quick decisions and practice analogy.

Timed Wonderlic Practice Tests

This time you do the practice tests in a time limitation. You need to look for a Wonderlic Practice Test and practice as much as you can.

Follow the real test rules this time to get comfortable with the test. Do not use a  calculator. Keep doing this using a timer to find out your ability to answer the questions under stress.

Remember to Review Wonderlic Things

Remember to Review Wonderlic Things

It’s really necessary for you to revise all the contents and practice tests. When you are doing a practice test, don’t just see how much you can score. Check the correct answers and try to understand those questions too.

Start analyzing your incorrect answers. Did you not get it? Or you just rushed? Don’t you know the question? Did you not know the format?

These tactics will help you understand where your flaw is and you can have a chance to improve.

Now, go through your correct answers and try to remember how you know the answer. Did you just guess or you knew? Try to understand them so you never get them wrong again. Congratulate yourself for getting them right. Be honest with yourself.

At last, look at the complete test. How much time did it take? We already said that only 2% of participants can finish the test. So, don’t expect to finish. Try to get more answers right.

To work out what percentage questions you ought to be answering, attempt to determine what rough benchmark score you would like. counting on your average accuracy, you’ll have to be ready to answer a lot of questions plus around 6 to 12 more as a buffer for incorrect answers.

Do Your Research over Wonderlic

You need to know and understand what the Wonderlic test is and what it’s about. Start with articles like this one.

Gear up to pass Wonderlic Test

Well, you know that you are not allowed to use a calculator during the test. So get ready with some other things that might help you along, such as pencil and scratch papers to do rough calculations. You can use these to remember numbers, calculate or solve analogies. If visuality helps you think more, you can use it during pattern questions to draw things.

And of course, bring water. Staying hydrated helps the brain stay sharp.

Get Plenty of Sleep and a Good Breakfast before Wonderlic Test

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Give your brain proper rest. Don’t stay up late solving things the night before, try to finish everything early. Have an eight-hour sleep at least. Have a healthy meal and dinner before the test which will keep you strong and confident.

Process of Elimination during Wonderlic Test

Some questions take time to calculate the total answer and you don’t have that much time to waste. You may use some shortcuts to come closer to the answer, shortcuts are not the complete solution though.

One thing which will be useful is to eliminate answers as soon as you approach the question. For instance, say you’re given a mathematical question like 39 x 24. you start by doing 9 x 4 which is 36. This immediately tells you that the solution ends in 6. So, you’ll now cross off any answer that doesn’t end in 6. If you’re very lucky, there’ll only be one left. But otherwise, you would possibly be ready to quickly ascertain something like, “B is certainly too high, and C is that the only other answer that ends during a 6, in order that must be it”.

Start Practicing a Wonderlic Test Now

Stay calm during Wonderlic Test

One of the foremost difficult things to practice with any test is managing the pressure and stress that comes with the particular, real test itself. you’ll make your practice tests as almost like the test as possible, but you can’t make them as meaningful as the real ones. So, if you’re someone who gets very stressed, or maybe panicked, by tests, it’s an honest idea to practice staying calm.

Some good ways to remain calm are often to try breathing exercises, taking note of specific quiet music just before you enter the test, also as meditation or workout. Try some various things and see how you are feeling.

What is a good Wonderlic score?

The Wonderlic Test is to test someone’s intelligence level, skills, and decision-making ability in certain circumstances. The score of the test is multiplied by 5 to get a standard IQ level. A good score means you are good enough to get the job you applied for. We can say that 26+ is a good score but it differs actually. Scoring higher gives you advantages to get the desired job.

How is the Wonderlic score calculated?

The Wonderlic group test is available in about 12 languages and the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test follows a certain format.

The test contains 50 multiple choice questions and one point for each correct answer. The difficulty level of the questions increases as we get closer to the end of the test.

Well, according to Wonderlic Inc., candidates get 1 point for each correct answer and it’s that simple. The test has a time limit of 12 minutes to answer the questions. To calculate the applicants IQ level, the score is multiplied by 5, so:

  • Scoring 20 in the test means the IQ of the test taker is 100.
  • Scoring 10 indicates an IQ level of 50 and the test taker is literate.

So, logically speaking, one can get the highest score of 50 by answering all the questions correctly. And one will get the lowest score of 0 if answers all the questions incorrectly.

How to pass the Wonderlic test?

How to pass the Wonderlic test?

Revise Scoring of Wonderlic Test

To pass the test, you need to understand how the Wonderlic Test is scored. As you won’t lose a point for answering incorrectly, it’s pretty easy to understand the scoring system. You get a point for each correct answer whether it’s more or less difficult. You are not expected to finish the test or answer all the questions. So, it would be wise to get the easier questions correct at least.

Understand Fractions over Wonderlic Things

Everyone understands the basics of fractions, but you have to make sure that you have no slow-mo infractions. Because fractions are seen to come often in the Wonderlic Test. You need to be really fast to do fractions by yourself because it’s not allowed to use a calculator in the test. So, it would be better if you started practicing fractions until you are quick and effective in doing them. This way, you are one step ahead to boost your Wonderlic score.

Practice Analogies related to Wonderlic Questions

Even if analogies are not very difficult, they have different formats,e.g.- ratio problems. So, you need to be familiar with the forms of analogy to answer them without delay in the test. If you can make connections and understand the question, it would be much easier for you to solve. 

So, make sure to go through different kinds of analogy problems during practice so that you can make a quick decision to answer because there’s not much time to waste on the test. Solving analogies quickly can help you score better.

You need to understand what the analogy is about. Try to understand the starting part of the analogy and match the next part considering the first. But you surely need to be familiar with the different kinds of analogy to get the answer right quickly. Otherwise, you are just going to waste time.

Familiarize Yourself with Proverbs over Wonderlic

Knowing the meaning of proverbs is another plus point to get a better score on the test. Learn and practice the meaning of proverbs. Try to learn their different forms and meanings. As you are not going to throw proverbs in everyday life, make sure to practice them at the proper time. Understand their meaning in different sentences or situations and get ahead in the test.

Practice everything related to Wonderlic as You Can!

We have informed you about different components of the test which will give your score a boost to set you apart from other participants. Now, it’s your turn to do practice questions, understand the formats and spend time learning the components. It would not be enough to understand the question only, as the test has a very limited time. You need to be really fast in answering the questions. This way you can answer more questions or touch more at least. After all that, best of luck to you and practice hard!

Is the Wonderlic test hard?

Is the Wonderlic test hard?

Yes,it is hard. In fact, it’s considered to be the hardest in the employment industry. But worry not, we are here for “break-down”, and we will provide the tools so that you can beat the test easily. First, you need to know what this test is and what the test consists of. So, we have described it above.

How is the Wonderlic scored?

The scoring of the Wonderlic test is so simple to understand. There is no negative marking in the test. There are 50 multiple choice questions to answer. You get 1 point for each correct answer and 0 for incorrect. Like this, the highest score you can get is 50 and the lowest is 0.

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic test?

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic test?

It’s not allowed to use a calculator during the test, so you have to do the calculations on your own. But, a big but, you can use the calculator secretly if you are taking the test remotely/at your home.

What kind of questions are on the Wonderlic test?

Here are some examples of questions category of the Wonderlic Test:

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition related to Wonderlic

About 20% content of the test consists of General Knowledge & Quick Recognition questions. These types of questions can be absurdly simple or relatively easy to answer.

The tricky part is that people rush and make mistakes and yeah,  lose points.


Which of the following is the earliest date?

  1. May 3, 1986
  2. March 31, 1988
  3. March 3, 1986
  4. May 30, 1988
  5. March 13, 1986

The correct answer, in this case, would be March 3, 1986.

Answer: C.

 Logical Questions related to Wonderlic

 Well, this type is a bit trickier to answer.

These questions usually are judgemental, they test your ability to judge a statement whether it’s true or false by giving conditions or rules in the questions.


If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?

  1. James bought Thomas a drink.
  2. Thomas bought Suzette a drink.
  3. James bought Suzette a drink.
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. uncertain

The correct answer, in this case, would be uncertain.

Answer: uncertain.

Verbal Reasoning (English Grammar) based on the old Wonderlic Questions

 The English grammar questions are about identifying synonyms/antonyms or finding definitions of specific words.

In this section, analogy, proverbs, and scrambled sentences will be mixed which will need arranging.


The words BENEVOLENT and MAGNANIMOUS have __?__ meanings?

  • Similar
  • Contradictory
  • unrelated

The correct answer would be similar.

Answer: similar.

Word Problems Related to Wonderlic

This section takes more time than any other and of course, is more challenging. These questions require algebraic knowledge and computing skills. You are not allowed to use a calculator, so you have to do these on your own. But you can use a pencil on scratch paper to solve these.


Our friends go to a local restaurant for dinner. After finishing their meal, they decide to split the check total evenly among the four of them. Friend N had a bill of $50, friend X had a bill of $35, friend Y had a bill of $20 and friend Z had a bill of $15. How much more money does friend Z have to spend on dinner when the friends split the check evenly than if they paid for their bills individually?

  1. $35
  2. $30
  3. $25
  4. $20
  5. $15

The correct answer would be $15.

Answer: $15.

Can I take a Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic Test is also administered online so that you can take the test from anywhere.

That’s why we made a free practice test online following a real test pattern with 50 multiple choice questions, 12-minute time range.

How long is the Wonderlic test?

How long is the Wonderlic test?

The time duration for the Wonderlic Test is 12 minutes.

Check out the sample Wonderlic practice test with answers

Remember this free Wonderlic practice test will be closed within 12 minutes.

Wonderlic Practice Test with Answers#1
Free Wonderlic Practice Test #2
Wonderlic Practice Test Free #3
Wonderlic Practice Tests #4

How to prepare for Wonderlic?

We have already described everything about it above, let’s see the summary:

  1. Get familiar with the question types and patterns and practice the tests, untimed.
  2. Now it’s time for timed practice. Find Wonderlic Practice Tests online and practice them in a way that mimics real exams.

Check out the sample Wonderlic practice test with answers

Remember this free Wonderlic practice test will be closed within 12 minutes.

Wonderlic Practice Test with Answers#1
Free Wonderlic Practice Test #2
Wonderlic Practice Test Free #3
Wonderlic Practice Tests #4
  1. You need to review everything you know as a final touch.

What is the Wonderlic assessment test?

According to Wonderlic Inc., “The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) helps measure general capacity, widely accepted as being one among the best predictors of job success. It helps measure a candidate’s ability to know instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the mental demands of the position.”

What is the Wonderlic scholastic level exam?

The Wonderlic SLE or scholastic level exam is designed for students’ admissions and placements. It is quite similar to other tests but has fewer questions. It is to assess students’ cognitive abilities and skills.  The exam helps increase job placement rates and reduces school loan defaults. 

Is the Wonderlic multiple choice?

Is the Wonderlic multiple choice?

Yes,the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and has 12 minutes time.  Eldon F. Wonderlic (1909–1980) developed the test when he was a Northwestern University student. The scoring system is simple as it gives points for each correct answer.

What does the Wonderlic personnel test measure?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test,1992, is developed to assess employees’ cognitive ability through a 50-question-test that includes mathematical, verbal, logical, and analogical reasoning skills. It has a time limitation of 12 minutes.

What is the Wonderlic SLE test?

The Wonderlic SLE Test is no different. It’s an online test or assessment to measure your cognitive ability. The Wonderlic SLE is developed to test someone’s ability to recognize patterns, process information, and solve problems under pressure.

Can football players use a calculator on the Wonderlic?

No,nobody can use a calculator in the test, not even a footballer. So, hone your pencil and paper skills to do quick maths during the test.