TOEFL Practice Test #4


Do you have______ to do this afternoon? If not, I'd like to take you to a movie.

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"Many" is not used with an uncountable noun. "Work" is an uncountable noun.

When will the conference _____?

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This means when the conference will be held. This sentence is an active form. Which idiom is used in this context?

Do you enjoy _____?

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"To" is not usually followed by -ing forms. "Enjoy" takes a gerund.

You look pale. You had better _____ a doctor.

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"Consult" is a transitive verb, so it is not used with a preposition.

When did my Mary _____ college?

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"Graduate," in this context, is used with "from." A question with "did" does not take the -ing form of the verb.

Our friends will _____ for two nights.

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This sentence means that our friends will let us stay with them for two nights. "Provide" is not used in this context. Which idiom is used in this context?

New York is a large city, ____?

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A tag question uses the same verb as the main part of the sentence. If the main part is positive, the negative form is used; if it is negative, the positive form is used in the tag.

Mary has a trouble _____.

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An infinitive means the future in this context. "To" is not followed by -ing forms. Since "has" is the verb here, another verb is not used.

Japanese houses are made of wood, so they easily______.

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This means "start burning," using "catch" in an idiomatic expression.

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