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If you are preparing for the SSCP 2025 certification exam, it is important to take practice exams. Many companies offer online SSCP practice exams that are designed to mimic the actual test. They also provide a database of questions with detailed explanations of the correct answers.

Another option is to enroll in a training program. This will allow you to study under an instructor and get more prepared for the exam.

Free SSCP Certification Practice Test Online

Systems Security Certified Practitioner

The Systems Security Certified Practitioner certification validates a candidate’s skills to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures. It’s ideal for IT professionals with advanced technical skills and practical knowledge in hands-on operational IT roles. This credential shows that the holder can meet the needs of their organization by providing security solutions, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The SSCP exam covers seven domains: security operations and administration; access control; risk identification, monitoring, and analysis; incident response and recovery; cryptography; network and communications security; and system and application security. The (ISC)2 SSCP Practice Tests book includes two complete practice exams that cover each of these domains, with questions broken down by domain so candidates can focus their study efforts on areas where they need more review.

Get the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere with official SSCP online self-paced training. It includes 180-day access to course content aligned to the latest SSCP exam blueprint. This includes engaging video-based instruction, audio presentations, interactive exercises and assessments. It also features a downloadable SSCP exam prep guide with sample questions, tips and strategies.

SSCP Management

The SSCP is a vendor-neutral world-recognized certification that endorses your cybersecurity knowledge. It is a good starting point for pursuing more advanced (ISC)2 cybersecurity credentials, such as the CISSP. The SSCP exam covers seven domains, including security management, monitoring and response. The SSCP exam also requires you to demonstrate your ability to perform the tasks identified by a job task analysis, which helps ensure that the SSCP exam stays relevant.

In the management domain, you learn about how to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure in accordance with information security policies and procedures that ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability. You also learn about supporting digital forensic investigations. This domain accounts for 16% of the SSCP exam.

You can prepare for the SSCP exam through various resources, but it takes time to find the best material and arrange them in a way that’s helpful to you. A better approach is to use a blended method of preparation that includes reading from books, watching videos and doing mock exams. This will help you save time and get ready for the exam in less time.

sscp management

SSCP Salary

SSCP Salary is a key consideration when considering a career in information security. This blog will explore the SSCP salary range as well as possible pathways that might lead to a rewarding job in this field.

The SSCP certification is a valuable credential for IT managers, administrators, or directors who are responsible for the operational security of their company. This certification will demonstrate that these professionals have the knowledge and expertise to implement, monitor, or administer IT infrastructure using security best practices, policies, and procedures.

The SSCP exam is three hours long and includes 125 questions. It covers seven domains from the (ISC)2 SSCP Common Body of Knowledge: access controls, security operations and administration, risk identification, monitoring and analysis, incident response and recovery, cryptography, and systems and applications security. Passing the SSCP exam requires a score of 700 or higher. This is the equivalent of a passing grade on the CISSP exam. SSCP certification is in high demand and can be very lucrative for qualified professionals.

SSCP Certification Cost

The SSCP exam is a difficult one, and the more practice you have beforehand, the better. Many online courses have SSCP practice tests available, which are an excellent way to prepare yourself for the real exam. However, remember that you should take a variety of practice tests because repeating the same test over and over can make you memorize questions and answers instead of learning the material.

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The Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) is a certification offered by the International Information System Security Association (ISC2). It validates the skills of IT professionals in managing and administering IT infrastructure, securing critical assets, and promoting best practices. The SSCP certification is globally recognized and can lead to high-paying jobs in cybersecurity.

To obtain the SSCP credential, professionals must pass an exam based on seven domains of the SSCP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). They also have to pay the exam fee and an annual maintenance fee of $125. In addition, SSCP holders must abide by the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics. The SSCP certification is valid for three years and can be renewed by earning 60 CPE credits.


SSPC certification is not an easy task, but with the right tools and study plan, it’s definitely possible. The SSPC exam is complex and requires extensive knowledge of the seven domains of the Common Body of Knowledge. It is best suited for individuals with practical security experience in hands-on operational roles. The SSPC is the leading certification for professionals who are charged with planning, monitoring, and implementing IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures.

To maintain your SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) credential, you must submit a photo and completed recertification forms every four years. Once your application is approved, you will receive a new Certificate and wallet card.

SSPC also publishes widely used industry standards, technical manuals, training courses, professional certification programs and provides research and information on coatings applications and environmental regulations. The organization is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has more than 300 local chapters worldwide. It publishes the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings and holds an annual conference. The organization is committed to helping its members improve their businesses and promote the benefits of the protective coatings industry.

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SSPC Requirements

SSCP certification is ideal for IT administrators, managers, directors and network security professionals who are responsible for the hands-on operational security of their organization’s critical assets. It demonstrates that you have advanced technical skills and knowledge to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure using security best practices, policies and procedures.

The SSCP exam covers seven domains: access controls; security operations and administration; risk identification, monitoring and analysis; incident response and recovery; cryptography; network and communications security; and systems and application security. The SSCP certification is valid for three years. To recertify, you must earn 70 total learning units (LUs) every year and pay a $75 recertification fee.

Many SSCPs report that the certification opens new opportunities for their careers and boosts their confidence. It also gives them the ability to speak more broadly about information security issues and how they impact their business. “It has helped me better understand the interconnection of all security technologies and how they interact,” says Taiye Bello, a cybersecurity specialist at Telstra in Australia. The SSCP also makes them more confident in their abilities to deal with any cybersecurity challenges.


The CISSP and SSCP are two of the most common cybersecurity certifications. But, the two credentials are different in terms of scope and requirements. While CISSP is more advanced and geared towards the senior managerial roles, SSCP is a good fit for the IT professionals working on the operational security components. The SSCP exam is much shorter than the CISSP exam, and it only requires one year of work experience, whereas CISSP requires five years of work experience in various domains.

Many new cybersecurity professionals find it more beneficial to pursue SSCP first, and then earn the CISSP as they gain experience in their careers. However, both certifications offer significant value to the cybersecurity workforce.

The CISSP exam is offered online worldwide. It takes three hours and includes multiple choice and scenario questions. To pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the eight CISSP domains: Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Information Security Architecture and Engineering, Communication and Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Software Development Security, and Threat and Vulnerability Management.

SSCP Study Guide

Prepare for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) exam with a comprehensive study guide that helps you build job-ready skills. Authored by renowned IT professionals, this SSCP certification study guide delivers complete coverage of the SSCP Common Body of Knowledge to help you pass the exam the first time.

Achieving the SSCP certification from ISC2 is an ideal way to get started in a cybersecurity career. The SSCP certification validates your skills and knowledge across the seven domains of the SSCP CBK, including access controls; security operations and administration; cryptography; network and communications security; risk identification, monitoring and analysis; incident response and recovery; and systems and application security.

The SSCP is a great choice for IT administrators, managers, directors, and security professionals who are responsible for the hands-on operational security of their organization’s critical assets. It’s also a good stepping stone to the more advanced CISSP certification, especially for those who already have an IT related bachelor’s degree and significant work experience in one or more of the SSCP CBK domains.

Our SSCP Study Guide is a companion to the official SSCP Study Guide from ISC2. This e-book includes two practice tests, electronic flashcards, and detailed explanations of both right and wrong answers. SSCP study material is available via an interactive online app, so you can prepare anywhere and anytime you want. You can even take your SSCP exams with the app to test your skills and knowledge. If you have questions about the SSCP study guide or app, please contact us.

SSCP Certification Questions and Answers

The best certification for those in operational IT roles who have demonstrated technical proficiency and practical, hands-on security expertise is the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).

SSCP stands for Systems Security Certified Practitioner.

Your ability to implement, monitor, and manage IT infrastructure utilizing security best practices, policies, and procedures set by the cybersecurity experts at (ISC)2 is demonstrated by your SSCP certification.

A $125 fee is due at certification and once a year on the anniversary of certification.

The SSCP exam is by no means simple to pass.

The importance of the SSCP test, which is at a lesser level, mostly depends on how highly the recruiting manager regards the certification.

The SSCP certification is widely recognized, so if landing a job overseas is your objective, it can aid you in doing so. The SSCP also serves as a standard for your security profession. Employers in both the public and commercial sectors value certified qualifications, particularly when they are entrusting you with their most confidential information.

Entry-level certifications CompTIA Security + and SSCP are both available, however SSCP is more technical than Security+.

Without prior work experience, you can still take a certification exam. If you succeed, you just have to go to work and gain the required experience.

You might initially obtain the SSCP and then pursue the CISSP as you gain experience in the security industry.

The maker must compile a summary of safety and clinical performance (SSCP), according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices (1). 

The validity of your CCSP certification is three years. To keep the member’s certification active and valid, they must fulfill specific requirements.

On November 1, 2021, the SSCP changed to a new exam structure. The weights assigned to the seven domains, which won’t alter, will reflect the most crucial cybersecurity concerns.

The SSCP exam, which comprises of 150 multiple-choice questions, must be finished in four hours.

Depending on how much time you want to spend studying, becoming SSCP certified could take a few weeks to a few months. Before taking the exam, you must have at least a year of relevant job experience.

Although it is entirely self-paced, the average student needs about six months to finish it.

You may attempt an (ISC)2 exam a maximum of four times within 12 months per certification program.

For every hour of training, you can obtain one CEU.

In the SSCP exam, there will be 125 questions for the candidate.

The average yearly wage for SSCP experts is $78,000.