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Virginia SOL Tests 2025 are an assessment of student learning in reading, writing, math, science, and history/social studies. They are used by the Virginia Department of Education to evaluate schools and school divisions, determine grade promotion, and meet federal requirements under the No Child Left Behind Act.

SOL test questions are typically multiple choice and contain technology-enhanced items. Many tests are computer adaptive, which means the test customizes in real time based on students’ responses to questions.

Free SOL - Virginia & US History Practice Test Online

SOL - Virginia & US History Exam Questions and Answers

  • Consider the chapter and section headings as you read through your history textbook. Examine the images, maps, graphs, and charts. Go over any review questions that are included in the text. Doing this lets, you obtain a general idea of the chapter’s primary ideas and formulate your questions regarding the subject.
  • After reading the chapter, you should create questions based on the section headers. Try to think of questions that start with the following words: who, what, when, where, why, and how.
  • Read the book thoroughly, focusing on each section while considering your questions. Write down the answers as you discover them, being careful to be accurate with names and dates. While reading your textbook, look up lessons in the following courses to locate other resources to make studying more enjoyable and simpler. The brief video and text courses highlight the crucial information you must learn in a way that makes it unforgettable.

There’s a World History test for SOL.

Students in grades 3 through 12 must take the Standards of Learning (SOL) exams each year by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).

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The SOL – Virginia & US History Exam is one of the most popular standardized tests for students in grades 3 through 12. A well-designed test can indicate whether or not a student is on track to graduate.

The best way to prepare for the SOL olympics is to take advantage of the free practice materials available from your school. This can include a variety of online games, quizzes and tests.

A well-designed test can also help teachers gauge the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. Using this information, schools can tailor instructional efforts to match each child’s unique learning style and needs.

Using the SOL – Virginia & US History exam as a guide, teachers can begin by reviewing the most important concepts and standards, and then move on to more challenging material. Then, they can tackle the more difficult topics and answer questions in smaller segments, or use more complex tasks to challenge their student population as a whole.

In the end, the most important factor in preparing for the SOL olympics lies in the teacher’s efforts to ensure every child is prepared. The most effective approach to this goal is to give students the opportunity to practice their new skills in a safe, supportive environment. The best way to accomplish this is with a modern, virtual testing program like Edulastic.

Virginia English 11 SOL Practice Test

Virginia SOL exams are designed to assess student achievement in reading, writing, mathematics, science and history/social science. The tests are developed in collaboration with teachers and based on the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning.

The SOL tests are computer-adaptive, meaning they adapt in real time for each student based on the content and skills that students have learned. In addition to determining whether or not students are achieving the minimum expectations for learning, SOL assessments identify strengths and weaknesses, identify gaps between students, schools and school divisions and provide direction for improvement.

Test prep is key to reducing testing anxiety and promoting success on the actual SOL assessment. For example, students can use a Virginia SOL practice test to shoo away any testing butterflies and familiarize themselves with the new technology-enhanced questions they can expect on the real test.

The VDOE releases sample sets of SOL tests and practice items each spring to help students prepare for the next year’s SOL. These sample SOL tests include both online and technology-enhanced questions from previous years.

SOL Test Scores Virginia

Virginia students have made gains in SOL reading and math this year, but still are well behind the statewide numbers they posted pre-pandemic. Thursday’s state Standards of Learning results show drops in performance by a wide margin across the board for Black, Hispanic and English Learner students as well as economically disadvantaged students.

The percentage drop was less severe in reading, though it remained 16 points lower than the pre-pandemic test scores. In math, the drop was even larger.

In addition to end-of-course SOL tests, students take grade-level assessments in English, Algebra I, Geometry, World History and U.S. History, along with other subject-specific testing and assessments that count toward Verified Credits for graduation.

Some Virginia school districts augment SOLs with additional curriculum objectives that are not required by the state, but that may help students prepare for college or careers in specific fields. For example, Northern Virginia school districts add an additional layer of rigor to SOLs in subjects like World History and US History, in order to promote student learning beyond what is outlined by the state.

Virginia Algebra 1 SOL Practice Test

A virginia algebra 1 sol practice test is a great way to hone your math skills and get a jumpstart on the SOL – the state’s version of the SAT. It’s not only a good way to boost your confidence on test day, but it also allows you to see if you are ready for the big one – and if you are, how to get the most out of it!

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Virginia SOL Test Prep

SOL tests are an important part of evaluating a student’s academic progress in grade 3 through 12. Virginia students take SOLs for a variety of subjects such as English, mathematics, science, history, and social studies.

SOL testing is administered by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). These tests assess whether or not a student meets the learning standards set forth by VDOE.

Despite being an essential piece of student evaluation, SOL tests can be stressful for students. Fortunately, there are several tips that educators can use to help students prepare for these assessments.

1. Give Your Students an SOL Practice Test

The best way to prepare your students for the real SOL exam is by providing them with a virtual practice test. These online exams are computer-adaptive, meaning they customize the questions based on the students’ responses.

Practice tests can also help students become familiar with the technology used on SOLs. For example, the drag-and-drop question format is a bit different on a tablet than a laptop or desktop computer, so having students practice their online test-taking skills before they actually sit down for the SOL exam can help them gain confidence as they prepare.

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Virginia SOL Test Scores

Virginia students made modest gains in their overall performance on the state’s Standards of Learning tests, but it was still well behind performance levels logged before the pandemic. The Virginia Department of Education released results Thursday that showed that students in 2021-22 performed below pre-pandemic levels in reading, math and science.

Despite the broader gains, some students were still struggling and there was a decline in student pass rates compared to the previous year. Black and Hispanic students in particular, as well as English language learners and economically disadvantaged students, had lower pass rates than statewide averages.

Chesterfield County Public Schools saw an improvement in its SOL test scores compared to last year, with the overall math and reading pass rates increasing by 10% and 7%, respectively. “I am confident that students and teachers in Chesterfield are doing the work necessary to make significant progress,” said division Chief Executive Officer Tom Daugherty.

SOL scores are based on a set of performance standards established through a systematic process called standard setting. Educators from across the state worked together in workgroups to identify the skills and knowledge that students should have at each performance level on SOL tests. These standards are a guide to what a student should be able to do when taking the SOL tests and are also used as a comparison to national trends.

US History SOL Practice Test

Virginia students must pass a SOL – Virginia & US History Exam at the end of each year. This test determines grade promotion, and high school students must pass at least six SOL End-of-Course tests in order to graduate.

The SOL – Virginia & US History exam is a computer adaptive online assessment that customizes in real time for each student based on their responses to questions. It features multiple choice and technology-enhanced items, as well as a free response section that includes document-based essay prompts.

Practice is the key to success on standardized tests, and it’s important for students to prepare in advance of a test. SOL practice tests can help them understand the content matter and the testing environment, and they can also give teachers insight into how to support their students on test day.

Edulastic’s free online SOL practice test is the ideal tool for preparing students for this exam, as it provides them with a modern virtual testing environment that mimics the look and feel of the real thing. It allows students to sharpen their tech skills, like keyboarding and drag-and-drop, so they’re ready for a smoother testing experience.

US VA History SOL Practice Test 2008

SOL tests in reading, writing, mathematics and science and history/social science measure student proficiency in meeting the state’s standards for learning.

The best thing about the SOL is that it is free, and the testing is administered at your local public or private school. This particular test has 61 test items and is designed to give you a good idea of what to expect on the real deal. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you can manage to get it all right you will be rewarded with a shiny new certificate and some bragging rights! You can also find a plethora of other online resources to help you prepare for the big day. In the end the most important thing is to enjoy the experience!