ServSafe Practice Test

Free Servsafe Practice Test (Updated 2021)

ServSafe is nourishment and refreshment security preparing and declaration program managed by the National Restaurant Association.

This food safety practice test is licensed by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection and highlights confirmations for nourishment handlers, supervisors, the individuals who serve liquor, and for the administration of allergens.

ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Manager, ServSafe Alcohol, and ServSafe Allergens-these courses are included in the program.

But we have listed below free ServSafe practice tests(2021 update)  for you. View the 2021 ServSafe test questions and answers! Our free ServSafe practice test creates an opportunity to evaluate yourself on how well you are actually prepared for the real test. This will help you solidify on topics that you are not quite good at yet.

The sample ServSafe questions from the practice geek are actually a great way to study and practice for the upcoming exam. You will be glad to hear that you don’t have to register ( or pay any fee ) for our sample test. These questions are designed on the ServSafe test outline and you can get the score right after the quiz is done.

After finishing the sample test, you will get a score report with an explanation for the questions that you got wrong. We will continue to add more sample tests. So, check us out often and you won’t miss anything necessary for you. If you find our practice test and resources helpful, please make sure to share these with your friends.

ServSafe Practice TestFree ServSafe Manager Practice Test

We have free ServSafe manager practice tests for you updated for 2021. The NRA or National Restaurant Association developed and administers the Manager certification program. The ServSafe program is to train the food industry employees about food safety aspects.

We have listed a free ServSafe manager practice test for you here. Here you can find real questions and answers with explanations. This is an effective way to be prepared for the real tests by doing practice tests.

Our free ServSafe Manager practice test is designed to let you know how well you are prepared for the real exam. By taking these tests, you can find out what you’re lacking and concentrate on the topics you are not quite good at.

ServSafe Practice Tests/ Quiz

ServSafe Manager Exam #1
ServSafe Manager Exam #2
ServSafe Manager Exam #3

Servsafe Food Handler Practice Test

The ServSafe Food Handler program is designed for teaching food safety to non-management employees. Food safety areas include basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination and allergens, time and temperature, and cleaning and sanitation. The manager may ask for some additional requirements from the employees. The food handler course is about 60 to 90 minutes long.

The ServSafe Food Handler test has 40 questions and has no time limit. From there, you have to score more than 75%, which means answer 30 questions correctly.

ServSafe Food Handler Test
ServSafe Management Test
ServSafe Personal Hygiene Test

Allergens’ effects can be deadly on the people, that’s why to be certified in this area requires studying. Check out what you need to do well in the exam. For that, check out our study guide and start now.

ServSafe Allergens Test #1
ServSafe Allergens Test #2
ServSafe Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage Test

ServSafe Alcohol Primary & Advanced Test
ServSafe Regulatory Authorities Test

ServSafe Practice Test Benefits

ServSafe Food Handler

You can find many benefits in the practice tests, which are going to make you ready for the ServSafe examination. The most effective way to be prepared for the ServSafe exam is to test yourself with sample test questions. Advantages are:

Understanding the Servsafe format

  • ServSafe test has its own format which is unique. But you can’t be surprised during the exam. So, what you need to do is familiarize yourself with the question format by practicing the sample tests so that you can get used to it.

Concentrating your Servsafe based study

  • As you practice more and more, you get to know the topics you are good at and the topics you are not. So, you get plenty of time to rearrange your routine and give more time to overcome your weaknesses. Don’t waste your time by going over the things you already are good at, but the topics you are relatively weak.

Increasing your speed to prepare for Servsafe

  • Some of the ServSafe tests are timed. Though most of the candidates think that there’s enough time to finish the exam, you need to help yourself to budget the time properly.

ServSafe Exam Overview

ServSafe Exam Overview

ServSafe Food Handler Certification Exam

The ServSafe Food Handler program is designed for teaching food safety to non-management employees. Food safety areas include basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination and allergens, time and temperature, and cleaning and sanitation. The training covers all of these. The course is approximately 60 to 90 times longer.

The ServSafe food handler exam consists of 40 questions and it’s not time-limited. In order to receive the ServSafe Food Handler certificate, you have to score more than 75%, which means at least 30 questions correctly.

ServSafe Manager Certification

The ServSafe food safety program, which is designed for managers, is to give the manager food safety training. After completing the course and passing the examination, you will get an ANSI-Conference for Food Protection (CFP)  accredited ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification. The training contains the current FDA food code and the essential food safety practices.

The ServSafe training  consists of the following topics:

  • Food Safety Regulations
  • Safe Food Preparation
  • The Importance of Food Safety
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Receiving and Storing Food
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling, and Reheating Food

The ServSafe manager certification exam consists of 90 questions where 10 of them aren’t graded. It’s an MCQ or multiple choice question test which will be taken in the presence of a proctor. The test is 2 hours limited and you need to score 75% or more from the 80 questions in order to get the certificate.

ServSafe Alcohol Training and Certification

While serving alcohol, the bartender, host, or server may encounter such a situation that needs him to be prepared. SERVSAFE ALCOHOL TRAINING actually teaches the alcohol service providers to handle those situations. The ServSafe Alcohol program covers the topics: alcohol laws and responsibilities, age identification, intoxication levels, and dealing with difficult situations.

This exam has two types: primary and advanced. The primary one covers the basic aspects of the service and it’s a 40 question-test. The primary exam has no time limit and you need to score 75% in order to pass. The advanced one on the other hand covers a broader area in this service. This test consists of 60 questions and also doesn’t have a time limitation. But this time, you need to score 80% to get the certificate.

ServSafe Allergens

The latest addition to the ServSafe certifications is the ServSafe ALLERGENS. Massachusetts and Rhode Island are utilizing it now. 

This exam is developed for helping you to get a certificate. Following our practice test and study materials will help you get the certificate much more easily.

Servsafe Certification Step by Step

Servesafe practice test

Step 1: Check ServSafe Requirements

Check state and local regulatory information and your organization’s policies to determine your training and certification needs.

Step 2: Select ServSafe Training and Exam Options

Select the training and exam option that best meets your needs, regulatory requirements, and schedule. You can use different formats for the course and exam. For example, you can take an instructor-led course and take an online exam.

  • Training Languages:
    • Textbooks available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean
    • Online course available in English and Spanish
  • Exam Languages:
    • Print exam available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Canadian French
    • Online exam available in English, Spanish
  • Training Format: Choose online or classroom
  • Exam Format: Choose online or classroom

Step 3: Find ServSafe Instructor/ Proctor or Class

If you already have an instructor or proctor, skip this step.

Examinees are encouraged to verify through independent sources that can help determine if an individual is affiliated with a legitimate business prior to registering and/or paying for a class or exam.

Please note that these individuals are not authorized to sell, advertise, and/or teach National Restaurant Association Solutions courses (i.e., ServSafe) nor administrate/proctor any National Restaurant Association Solutions exams. Please notify us immediately at (888) 291-6462 if you become aware of anyone on this list engaging in these activities.

In most cases, the instructor and proctor are the same people who fulfill different responsibilities when teaching and administering the exam.

ServSafe Classroom Training

Find an instructor and contact him or her to schedule your training and exam. Or you can search for a scheduled class.

NOTE: Classroom training requires an instructor.

ServSafe Online Training

Find a proctor to administer your exam. The exam proctor will need to be physically present to administer an exam.

Step 4: Purchase ServSafe Related Materials


Ask your instructor and proctor what materials you need to purchase. In some cases, the instructor will provide materials.

Step 5: Take a ServSafe Course

Complete your training.

Step 6: Take ServSafe Exam

Upon passing the exam, you will receive your food safety certification from your proctor.

Servsafe Study Guide

Servsafe Study Guide

You will see 90 questions on this test and have a limit of two hours to complete them. The concepts you’ll need to know are more advanced than those on the food handler test and the following study guide will be helpful in planning your studies. Be sure to also access our practice questions for the ServSafe Manager Test and our Flashcards for topics related to it.

One other note: The amount of material covered on this test is massive. We have provided you with an outline of the main topics covered and a few details below, but we highly encourage you to secure access to the official ServSafe materials and/or courses as you prepare for the test. You can find out more at the ServSafe website.

Try to gather knowledge on those things that we are given below

Servsafe Provision of Safe Food

Understanding how to handle, prepare, and cook food safely keeps harmful pathogens from growing to unsafe levels and is every food service manager’s primary job.

Servsafe  Certified Food Protection Manager

When foods are handled, prepared, or cooked incorrectly, harmful pathogens could grow into a foodborne illness outbreak. A certified manager understands how to prevent this at every level of the operation, from receiving foods and storing them properly, to handling foods safely and cooking them correctly. Certified managers train and work alongside food handlers to ensure customers and the facility are always safe.

Servsafe Foodborne Illnesses

Understanding foodborne illnesses and the detrimental effect they have on a business is of the utmost importance. It’s the manager’s job to ensure the foodservice establishment, its employees, and those being served are always safe from foodborne illness. Severe foodborne illness could result in an outbreak which could cause a damaged reputation and financial loss.

Servsafe Foodborne Illness vs. an Outbreak

Foodborne illness happens when someone gets sick from pathogens in food. It’s considered an outbreak once two or more people experience sickness from the same food, it’s been investigated by local authorities, and it’s been confirmed by scientific testing. Strict focus on foodborne illness has resulted in fewer outbreaks, but the issue is still wide enough to require a thorough understanding of prevention.

Servsafe Safe Food Challenges

Many factors can contribute to unsafe food:

  • Time—not having enough to practice proper food safety in a fast-paced business
  • Language/Culture—barriers in understanding between some staff members
  • Literacy/Education—varying levels of comprehension with some staff members
  • Pathogens—now being found and associated with new foods
  • Unapproved suppliers—ordering from unsafe sources that don’t understand food safety
  • High-risk customers—serving customers with a higher chance of illness (the elderly)
  • Staff turnover—not spending enough time training new employees

The Servsafe Foodborne Illness Process

All it takes is one bad foodborne illness outbreak to ruin a business by causing a drop in customers, a ruined reputation, negative reviews, and embarrassed staff, which may result in them skipping work. It could result in lawsuits and legal costs, expensive insurance costs, and could require additional staff training, which is also expensive. Worst of all, it could cause those infected by the illness to experience disability, medical bills, time away from their own job, or even death.

Types of Servsafe Contaminants

Foodborne illness is caused by foods being contaminated by either biological (pathogens), chemical, or physical (objects) contaminants. Biological contaminants are the most likely cause.

Food Handling Risk Factors

The top five risk factors in food handling are:

  • Ordering food from an unsafe purveyor
  • Not cooking food properly
  • Not holding food properly
  • Letting food come into contact with contaminated items or staff
  • Not engaging in proper hygiene

These are the five most likely causes of foodborne illness.

Servsafe Foodborne Illness Symptoms

If someone is experiencing nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, a fever, or yellowing of the skin known as jaundice, they may have a foodborne illness.

Servsafe Unsafe Food Handling Practices

Time-temperature abuse, cross-contamination, neglected personal hygiene, and neglected cleaning and sanitizing create unsafe environments for food. Keep foods out of the temperature danger zone, avoid passing pathogens from one thing to another, maintain proper hygiene, and follow cleaning and sanitizing guidelines to prevent unsafe environments in your facility.

Servsafe Risky Foods

While any food can become unsafe or contaminated, there are two types of foods that are the most likely to become unsafe. They are known as TCS foods and ready-to-eat (RTE) foods.

Servsafe TCS Food

TCS foods need Time and Temperature Control for Safety and pathogens grow best in these foods. TCS foods include raw proteins including eggs, baked potatoes, sliced produce, cooked starches, bean sprouts, and untreated garlic and oil mixtures.

Servsafe Ready-to-Eat Food

Ready-to-eat (RTE) foods need no further cooking or preparation, so any pathogen passed to an RTE food remains there. RTE foods include washed produce, cooked food, deli meat, a sandwich, or a baked item. Spices, seasonings, and sugars are also considered RTE.

Servsafe Vulnerable Populations

Elderly customers, young children with developing immune systems, and customers with delicate immune systems (such as cancer patients on chemo) are at higher risk of contracting foodborne illness.

Preventing Servsafe Foodborne Illnesses

Understanding how foods become unsafe leads to keeping them safe in your establishment. The importance of ordering your food from trusted sources, following time and temperature guidelines, avoiding cross-contamination, being hygienic, and cleaning and sanitizing properly are key and should be highlighted as areas your staff is expected to understand and master.

Servsafe Staff Supervision

Beyond understanding safety procedures, the manager must ensure each staff member also recognizes and practices them. This includes training everyone on general food safety, as well as giving job-specific training to others (such as cooking certain foods to specific temperatures.) Staff should be monitored and retrained when needed and corrective action should be taken when a procedure isn’t followed.

Servsafe Regulatory Agencies

Government agencies at the county, state, and federal levels create regulations and keep food safe. Local authorities at the county and state level inspect food service establishments.

Servsafe FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspects all food except meat, poultry, and eggs. They regulate the transportation of food across state lines. The FDA created the Food Code, which includes science-based recommendations on food safety in restaurants, retail food stores, vending machines, schools, and other care facilities, hospitals, and aged care homes. The FDA now requires managers to be certified in food safety; however, it cannot require cities, counties, states, or tribal agencies to adopt its own FDA Food Code.

Servsafe Score

Servsafe Score

Print exams: After the answer sheets are received by the NRA (National Restaurant Association), the exam results are published within 3 or 4 business days on

Online exams: As soon as the proctor or the instructor submits the tests, results are published almost immediately. Proctor/instructor and the examinee receives a  score available notification via their valid email address. Exam results can be viewed online by logging in, selecting “scores” and then “Check Your Exam Score”

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SERVSAFE related to The National Restaurant Association

The NRA (National Restaurant Association) develops such certification programs or food safety training for restaurant employees. It also offers scholarships through the NRAEF for foodservice students, hospitality management students, and culinary students. And yes, it has a national program for high school candidates. The Faces of Diversity, the American Dream Awards, and the Restaurant Neighbor Award, etc are presented by the National Restaurant Association.

It pilots an annual restaurant and hospitality industry trade show in Chicago and leads research about the restaurant industry. It shows that around 12.9 million people are employed at 970,000 restaurant locations, when the restaurant industry sells around $632 million a year, according to 2012. It also states the rapidly growing situation in the restaurant industry.

The restaurant owners are helped to increase their environmental sustainability efforts by the NRA.

The federal blood alcohol content limitation is lowered from .08% to .05%, and the NRA is actively opposing that.

National Restaurant Association

The ServSafe Manager certification is valid for five years while the ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Food Handler certifications are recognized to be valid for three years.

If you want to renew your ServSafe certificate, then you must retake the related examination again and pass the test before the current certification expires. As the requirements vary from state to state, you must check your state’s manual to be totally sure. Or, you can contact the local health department. You need to be aware that some laws may ask you to be present in person on the ServSafe course, while others may let you do this online.

Even if you are doing the courses online, you need to be aware of the fact that the food handler course must be taken within 60 days. And ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Alcohol courses must be completed in 90 days. If you don’t complete them in the mentioned time period, you will lose your access to the course and will not be refunded.

Servsafe Proctor

ServSafe Proctor

  • ServSafe proctor is responsible for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam or test.
  • Proctor will schedule related exams.
  • Proctor must maintain the confidential nature of the exam.
  • He must follow the outline of the ServSafe examination administration handbook and performance agreement.

In order to get Servsafe dual role status:

  • You must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You must fill the professional experience and educational requirements:
  • Professional experience-
    • Train for at least six months
    • Train at a trade school or national restaurant association
    • Work in a food service operation for a year
    • Be employed equivalent of a health inspector by state or regulatory authority
    • Work as a Registered Sanitarian, Registered Dietician, or equivalent
  • Advanced educational requirements-
    • Earn a BSc degree from a university or college in Food Science or Food Technology or Epidemiology or Environmental Health or Public Health.
  • You must fill your respective state’s food safety requirements.
  • You must maintain high testing standards, by-
    • Protecting the confidential nature of the exam
    • Excuse yourself from a conflict of interest
    • Following ServSafe administration handbook and performance agreements’ ethics and standards

How much for ServSafe Manager certification?

How much for ServSafe Manager certification

Check if the proctor fee includes the cost of the exam or not. It may or may not. The exam fee may be included with your purchase If you bought the textbook or course online. So, we recommend you to be aware of whether you have already bought the exam or not. Because you don’t need an extra, right?

Online TAPSeries course: $85

Online Learn2Serve Course & exam: $125

Online ServSafe Course & exam: $153

If you buy the online course from ServSafe, then it includes the exam with it. But you still need to find a proctor who will administer the exam. The proctor will require an additional fee for them.

ServSafe Manager Classroom training: $150 – $250

Generally, the exam and proctor fees are included in the classroom training. Classroom training is found to be the easiest. It’s because your instructor/proctor is there with you to assist and help you all the way to be certified.

ServSafe Director Education covers the following standards:

ServSafe Manager

  • Provide safe food
  • Pollution form
  • Safe food handler
  • Floating food: a creation
  • Meal process: pick up, garage
  • The flow of food: practice
  • Food drift: carrier
  • Food safety control system
  • Security Center and Ward Control
  • Cleaning and disinfection

The ServSafe Manager exam is conducted in a strictly regulated environment, with more than 90 opportunities to inquire. You must get a score of 75 or above in the exam to be certified. In addition, the exam has a pair of time factors.

The ServSafe Supervisor Certification verifies that the supervisor has sufficient food safety statistics to protect the public from foodborne health problems. Managers who successfully skip the 90 multiple-choice exams can obtain a ServSafe Supervisor Certification and a wallet card. The Yank National Standards Institute (ANSI) recognizes the ServSafe Manager Certification under the Dietary Protection Standards Convention. The training also includes the latest FDA dietary codes as basic food safety best practices.

Servsafe Dietary protection certification inspection solution

Servsafe Dietary protection certification inspection solution

ServSafe inspections must be conducted in the presence of a licensed invigilator.

  • The written test needs to be scored according to Chicago’s National Building Agency. It can take many days before you get results. But take a look at the net. Your result is a rectangular degree, which will be provided as soon as the last touch.
  • It’s insincere to take a look. It will examine your understanding of the many elements of food protection. This is usually done by introducing you to the situation and asking you the most effective course of action. And test your memories of all the many cooking times and temperatures.
  • You must reach a minimum score of 75 points to bypass viewing.
  • Check out a few opportunities. There are four possible solutions. In the test, there is a query with a rectangularity of 90. You are only ranked in 80 of these queries. The last ten rectangular “pilot queries” to see if they will be included as ranking questions in future evaluations.
  • You have 2 hours to complete the review. If it fails, you can retest within 24 hours. However, you need to participate at least 90 days in advance before retesting in the event of two failures.
  • If you are unsure of the solution, you will mark the problem for evaluation. This allows you to bypass follow-up questions and return the flagged query later.

ServSafe follows the 7th edition.

ServSafe follows the 7th edition.

If you want to get a ServSafe supervisor certificate, then you are nearby. Maybe you took a category or online course, and now you are worried about the big exam. Or, maybe you want to self-examine as if you found ServSafe on your own. In either case, we provide you with protection. The friendly reception and education center has created content that meets the exam to help you prepare for the exam.

We have proctored hundreds of actual ServSafe supervisor inspections for genuine students, so all of us know exactly what will happen. Those who follow check square degrees are designed to mimic the $64000 factor to be prepared and passed.

We have been narrowing it down to what is best viewed by the ServSafe director. There are “key ideas” for rectangular measurement you need to understand, and there are also “time and temperature” that you need to check.

You may want a higher degree of compliance testing, or it may not be a factor in every solution now. We will tend to suggest doing each one. Real success!

“Key Concepts” Observation Checks and Factors

Those ServSafe supervisors observe and test focus on key ideas so that you can check. Each follow-up test has 20 motivated queries.

These ServSafe observation checks support the “ServSafe Manager Version 7” textbook and its supplementary updates. The degree of the query rectangle related to all ServSafe supervisor exams released in 2021.

Once victimized online, ServSafe follows the assessment. Please be cautious. Many websites have retrieved previous queries from the “ServSafe Essentials Version 6” textbook.

In addition, the seventh edition of the ServSafe Manager’s Manual has been supplemented and updated to adjust the workplace dietary rules. Many websites have not yet incorporated these updates into their ServSafe observation checks.

More data on the adjustment of ServSafe manager information can be confirmed online on the ServSafe net website: Meal Code Update.

What is ServSafe?

ServSafe Food Handler

ServSafe is actually a U.S. National Restaurant Association administered food and beverage safety certification program. The Conference for Food Production and ANSI accredited this program. 

What is ServSafe certified?

Servsafe certification actually means the verification that the manager or in-charge is eligible with the knowledge of food safety to protect the public from an illness that is foodborne. Candidates can get a ServSafe Manager Certificate with a Wallet Card bypassing the 90-question exam and MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) exam successfully.

How long does ServSafe certification last?

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification lasts for five years. ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Food Handler Certificates last for a three-year period. The National Restaurant Association recognizes these regulations. After that, you need to renew your ServSafe certification.

How much does ServSafe certification cost?

ServSafe offers five training courses but four of them have certifications. Having a “certification” indicates that you passed the necessary test and now you’re a certified associate. The training courses:

  • ServSafe Food Manager
  • ServSafe Alcohol
  • ServSafe Food Handler
  • ServSafe Allergens
  • ServSafe Workplace

You can choose an option that feels suitable for your situation and passion. The Food Handler online course and test currently cost $15. If you want to sum up the ServSafe Food Handler Guide 6th Edition, it may cost you an additional $150. And The Food Manager certification online course and test may cost you about $152.95.

How much is ServSafe certification?

It may cost you about $10 to $304, which depends on your qualification if you are going to attend ServSafe. The median cost is about  $20. 

As we said before, The Food Manager certification online course and test may cost you about $152.95.  And the Food Handler online course and test currently cost $15. If you want to sum up the ServSafe Food Handler Guide 6th Edition, it may cost you an additional $150. 

How do I get a copy of my ServSafe certification?

To obtain their certificates, or request one to be sent, students should log on to and select “Download My Certificates”. They’ll see an option to download their certificates, or request one to be mailed via USPS to them directly for a $10 fee.

How to get ServSafe certified?

Go through the following steps and get started:

  1. Step 1-Check the requirements. First, to determine your needs, you should check your respective states and local regulatory information to be one hundred percent sure about the requirements.
  2. Step 2-Now, select your training and respective exam options.
  3. Step 3-Find a course or class or proctor or instructor.
  4. Step 4-Purchase necessary materials.
  5. Step 5-Take a course.
  6. Step 6-Take the test.

How to get ServSafe certified

How to pass the ServSafe manager test?

There will be 90 questions in the ServSafe manager test. These 10 questions are just for research purposes which will not be scored. But the tricky part is you won’t know which 10. To pass the test, you need to get a score of 75% or better, which means you have to answer 60 questions correctly out of 80. The test must be given in person.

How long is the ServSafe manager course?

Well, it is not long. Approximately, ServSafe Manager online courses are 8 to 10 hours in length. And ServSafe Alcohol online course is about 4 hours long.

Does ServSafe certification expire?

We have already informed you that the National Restaurant Association recognizes your ServSafe certificate for a certain time period. So yes, ServSafe certification does expire. But nothing to worry about, you can renew your certification. However, many requirements vary from state to state, so you check out your state’s regulations to be sure or contact the local health department.

How do I get ServSafe certified in ga?

Like any other state, some common steps you call follow here:

  1. Step 1-Check the requirements. First, to determine your needs, you should check your respective states and local regulatory information to be one hundred percent sure about the requirements.
  2. Step 2-Now, select your training and respective exam options.
  3. Step 3-Find a course or class or proctor or instructor.
  4. Step 4-Purchase necessary materials.
  5. Step 5-Take a course.
  6. Step 6-Take the test.

You should check out your state’s regulations for any additional information or requirements.

How to get a Servsafe card?

It’s actually the Servsafe certificate which you are looking for, you will get a Wallet card with that. Just like we said, you should log in to and then select “Download My Certificates”. There you will see an option where you can download your certificate or you can request for one to be mailed via USPS to you directly, which is going to cost you a fee of $10.

How to become a ServSafe proctor?

The ServSafe registered proctor’s duty actually is to administer the ServSafe Food Safety Manager certification exams, both online and print. You can serve a great role by being a proctor.

ServSafe Proctor requirements:

As a registered proctor, you should maintain high testing standards by-

  • Protecting the confidential nature of the contents
  • Excusing yourself from a conflict of interest
  • Following the ServSafe standard and ethics

To be a ServSafe proctor:

  • Step 1- Take the proctorial quiz and tutorials.
  • Step2- Review and agree to brand standards.
  • Step 3- Review and agree to performance standards to complete the application.

When should food handlers wash their hands?

Food handlers have to clean their hands before touching or preparing food, or before starting to work with clean utensils. Also before putting on single-use gloves, they have to wash their hands. So, it’s necessary to wash their hands often, such as before handling ready-to-eat food or after handling raw food.

How to renew a ServSafe certification?

If you are going to have to renew your ServSafe certificate, then you need to retake the examination related to the certification you want to renew. And you have to do it before your current one expires. As we have said that requirements and regulations vary, you should check your state’s manual or contact the health department. You need to be aware that some laws may ask you to take the courses in person, while some may allow you to do this online.

Is ServSafe certification required?

Technically, ServSafe is an educational program from the NRA. In order to teach best practices and food safety to the restaurant workers or food handlers, this program was developed. But, it’s not required for all the food handlers. Law requires a CA food handler card. In California, employees must have a food handler card within 30 days of hire.

Which is a sign of pests in an operation ServSafe?

Gnawing, droppings and urine stains, tracks, nesting materials, and holes are signs that an operation is infested with mice or rats. Physical damage to structures or damage to your building also indicates that the operation is infested. Gnaw marks are a huge red flag.

Where can I take a Servsafe class?

If you are looking for an instructor or a proctor, then you need to visit, from the top blue ribbon menu, click on the ServSafe program name for the course you choose, then click the “Find a class” or “find instructor/proctor” option. Fill up and select the “search” button. Now, from the listing, you can contact an instructor or proctor to sign up for the course or test.

How hard is the ServSafe Manager exam?

How hard is the ServSafe Manager exam

You need to answer 80 graded questions out of 90 questions in the ServSafe manager examination. The rest are there for research purposes. The test is actually an MCQ or multiple-choice exam. The exam has a limitation of two hours and you need to get a score of 75% or more in order to pass. You can take the exam online or print, but each requires a proctor to be present.

You can’t pass if you haven’t taken a course online or haven’t studied. The exception is when you have huge experience in a commercial kitchen or have taken culinary.

Which is a physical hazard ServSafe? 

Hazards are categorized into three classes: biological, chemical, and physical. 

hair, dirt, metal staples, bandages, natural objects (bone in a fillet) Scombroid toxin, Histamine, broken glass, etc refer to physical hazards.

How should a thermometer be dried after washing ServSafe?

It’s important to let the thermometer dry after cleaning. And simply set it out to air dry, because using a towel or tissue paper creates new chances of getting in touch with bacteria or germs. The process is to wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dries the thermometer before putting it back in a case or a drawer.

How long is ServSafe good for?

It’s about the validity of the ServSafe certification. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification lasts for five years. ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Food Handler Certificates last for a three-year period. The National Restaurant Association recognizes these regulations. After that, you need to renew your ServSafe certification. You can check out your state’s manual for more detailed and safe information.

What’s a cross-connection ServSafe?

Food safety cross-connection

It’s actually a connection or physical link between clean and dirty eater and there are many places that you don’t realize. For example, take a hose connected to a faucet and submerged it in a mop bucket is an example. When the air pressure changes dramatically,I mean in reverse. Then, a backflow will be created unexpectedly. This time, dirty water will flow back into the clean water source and contaminate the water. Now, if an employee uses this without noticing or knowing, then somebody could get sick.

How many seconds should the entire handwashing process take ServSafe?

How many seconds should the entire handwashing process take ServSafe

Step 1: Wet Hands. Wet your hands and create a good lather with liquid soap.

Step 2: Rub Palms Together.

Step 3: Rub the Back of your Hands.

Step 4: Interlink Your Fingers. 

Step 5: Cup Your Fingers.

Step 6: Clean the Thumbs.

Step 7: Rub Palms with Your Fingers.

This entire process of washing hands should take at least 20 seconds or more, in ServSafe.

Can I take the Servsafe manager test online?

Yes, the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination is available online, but a proctor must be present during the exam. The exam is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

How to get your ServSafe certificate online? 

Any examinee with a current certificate can download or print eCertificate.As we instructed before, to obtain your certificate or to request one, you should log in to and then select “Download My Certificates”. There you will see an option where you can download your certificate or you can request for one to be mailed via USPS to you directly, which will cost you a fee of $10.

What is the difference between ServSafe and food handlers?

A Food Handler actually does food preparation, cooking, dishwashing, and wait for stuff. He does things with unpackaged food, equipment or utensils, etc.

But A ServSafe® Food Manager knows the concept of food safety and provides this knowledge to the employees. They have to create opportunities for ongoing training.

How long does it take to get the ServSafe test results?

Talking about exams in print or answer sheets, NRA publishes the results within 3 to 4 business days as they get necessary information and prints. You can find the result on Talking about online exams, as soon as the proctor submits the exam, you can find the results in 1 business day. Proctor and examinee will receive results via their valid email addresses.

How does TCS stand for ServSafe? 

TCS is for TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SAFETY. This indicates food like milk and dairy products, eggs, meat (beef, pork, and lamb), poultry, fish, shellfish and crustaceans, baked potatoes, tofu or other soy protein, sprouts and sprout seeds, sliced melons, cut tomatoes, cut leafy greens, untreated garlic, etc that need time and temperature control for safety. These foods have to be kept out of the danger zone(41°).

What’s the role of an FDA ServSafe?

To protect public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation, FDA stays responsible.FDA’s actually assist with USDA and the health department and researches into the cause of illnesses that are foodborne.

Who is responsible for training food workers?

It’s actually the owner’s duty to train the food workers about safe food handling. This can be done through class and through practical training. It is important to be well informed about safe food handling procedures. The supervisor or the owner is responsible to provide necessary training.

Which is an example of sanitizing ServSafe?

Sanitizing means cleaning an object to make it free of germs, bacteria, or elements that can cause disease. As an example, you can sanitize by wiping with a bleach solution. Sanitizing reduces pathogens that spread to food via uncleaned equipment.

An example of sanitizing in ServSafe-Tableware, utensils, & equipment can be sanitized by soaking in sanitized solution or spraying them.

How to become a ServSafe instructor?

The necessity of a qualified instructor or proctor is very clear, because of the risk of unhealthy and unsafe food and alcohol service. The instructors and proctors are supported by the NRA and the food and alcohol professionals with access to the useful materials.

A certified ServSafe instructor can:

  • Teach the ServSafe food safety manager training course.
  • Access online instructor resources and information.

Steps to Become a ServSafe Certified Instructor


  1. First, you need the ServSafe food protection manager certification. And you need to pass the instructor version of this certification. What if you didn’t take the instructor version? Well, then you have to wait for 90 days to teach.
  2. You need to pass the ServSafe online advanced test.
  3. You need to review and you need to agree to Brand standards and marketing agreement.
  4. You have to review and agree to performance standards and complete the application.

To be a certified ServSafe instructor, you have to:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Fill one of the professional experience or advanced educational requirements:
    • Professional experience –
      • Teach or train for six months at least
      • Be in a training role at trade school or at NRA etc
      • Need one year of experience in a food service environment
      • Need to be employed equivalent to a health inspector
      • Need to work as a Registered Sanitarian, Registered Dietician, or equivalent
      • Need to have a BSc from an accredited university in one of these-
        • Food Science, Food Technology, Epidemiology or,
        • Environmental Health, Public Health

Most of all, you must file your state’s food safety training requirements.

How to renew my ServSafe certificate?

The ServSafe manager certification is valid for five years and the ServSafe allergens, ServSafe alcohol, and food handler program is recognized for three years.

If you are going to renew your ServSafe certification, then you have to retake the respected test before your current certificate expires. But, the requirements and regulations vary from state to state, so we recommend you check the manual or contact your health department before you go to renew your certification. You need to be aware of the fact that you may be required to attend the courses in person by some law, while others may take you the courses online.

You need to know that you have to complete the ServSafe manager and ServSafe alcohol in 90 days, while you have to complete the food handler course in 60 days if you are going to take the courses online. But, if you don’t complete in the mentioned time, then you lose your access to the course and there’s no chance of refunding. 

How long is ServSafe certification valid?

Well, according to the NRA, the ServSafe food protection manager certification is valid for five years. And NRA recognizes ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Food Handler Certificates for a three-year period. Whatever, this requirement or regulation may vary by state. So, to be hundred percent sure and to know more info, you can check out your state manual or contact the local health department. After the certification expires, you can renew it following the ways we mentioned before.