SAT Math Practice Test


>What is the value of (3x2+5x+9)-(3x2-5x+8)? 

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Simply remove the parentheses and solve. This leaves 10x+1, or Answer 2.

If a=6a2/18 and a is a non-zero integer, which of the following is equivalent to a?

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STEP ONE. Cross-multiply (18a=6a2).
STEP TWO. Reverse (6a2=18a).
STEP THREE. Divide by 6 (a2=3a).
STEP FOUR. Take the square root of a (3√a). Answer 4.

A professional football team plays a 16 game season with a goal of averaging 44,000 per week in ticket sales. If the team averages 40,000 through the first five weeks of the year, how many will it need to average the rest of the year to come the closest to its target? 

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40,000*5 weeks of the year=200,000
Pick a number and start high since there is a lot of ground to make up to get to 44,000.
46,000*11 remaining weeks of the year=506,000
Add 506000+200000=706000.
Divide this by 16. 44,125 is the answer, and since that's the closest you'll get to the target, Answer 1 is the correct choice.

In the equation 4x2-20x=-24, what is one possible value of x? 

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Simply plug in your options, and you'll see that 3 is the only answer (Answer 3).

>What number (x) divided by four is equal to that same number minus 30?

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MULTIPLY. x=4x-120
ADD -4x -3x=-120
DIVIDE -3 x=40
Answer 2.

On the desk, there are five pencil cases. There should be at least 10 pencils in each case, but no more than 14. In all five scenarios, which of the following might be the total number of pencils?

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If each pencil case can carry ten pencils (the minimal number of pencils that can be stored in each case), the total number of pencils required is ten plus five, which equals fifty pencils.
Also, if all of the pencil cases have 14 pencils (the maximum number of pencils that each case can carry), the total number of pencils that can be stored is 14 + 5 = 70 pencils.
As a result, the percentage must be between 50 and 70. Only (C), 65 pencils, matches this criteria out of all the available answers.

In 6 hours, a bird flew at a constant speed for 72 miles. How many miles did the bird travel in 5 hours at this rate?

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First, figure out how fast the bird is moving:
$\frac{72 \text{ miles}}{6 \text{ hours}} = 12 \text{ miles per hour}$
In 5 hours, the following distance will be covered:
$12 \text{ mph} * 5 \text{ h} = 60 \text{ miles}$

The whole of two positive integrability is 13. The distinction between these numbers is 7. What is their product?

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Utilize the given data to make a framework of equations in two factors and after that unravel with the strategy of combination. Translating the problem statement into algebra:
$x + y = 13$
$x − y = 7$
Include the 2 equations together: $x + x = 13 + 7;$
Now solve for $x$:
$2x = 20; \, x = 10$
The value of $y$ can then be found by stopping $x$ back into either of the two original conditions:
$10 + y = 13; \, y = 3$
Once the variable values are found, their product can be computed:
$x * y = 10 * 3 = 30$

Roughly 4 out of each 25,000 guys contains a hereditary change coming about in hemophilia. Roughly how numerous male Americans would be anticipated to have this hereditary transformation in the event that the current male populace of America is 163 million?

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Set up equivalent proportions:
$\dfrac{x \text{ have mutation}}{163{,}000{,}000 \text{ males}}$ $= \dfrac{4 \text{ have mutation}}{25{,}000 \text{ males}}$
Cross multiply to solve for $x$:
$(25{,}000)(x)$ $= (4)(163{,}000{,}000)$
$x = \frac{(4)(163{,}000{,}000)}{25{,}000}$
$x = 26{,}080 \approx 26{,}000$

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