SAT Math 1

A crate of heart-shaped Valentine's candy boxes have a retail price of x dollars. The sales tax is a percentage of retail price. A teacher wants to buy the entire crate for her class. Doing so will require an untaxed flat fee deposit. The total amount paid at purchase time for one crate is shown through the expression 1.08x+18. Find the sales tax expressed as a percentage. 

The deposit is described as an untaxed flat fee, so that would mean 18 would have to represent it in the equation. If x=100, then 1.08x would equal 108. 108+18=126, but since the 18 is a deposit and the 100 is the retail price, that leaves a remainder of 8, which would have to represent the tax. $8 is eight percent of 100, thus making Answer 4 the only correct choice.

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