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If you’re a learner driver, you’ll want to prepare for your driving test. The RSA recommends Essential Driver Training (EDT) as part of this preparation.

The RSA is reopening in-person driver theory tests after June 7 with 25,000 tests permitted each month. This will allow the RSA to clear a large backlog of customers.

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You can take your driving test in any of 41 testing centres across Ireland. These include locations for car, motorbike, lorry and driver training tests. You can also manage all your driving tests, permits and licences online on MyRoadSafety. You can even cancel your test if you can’t attend your appointment.

But the RSA is still facing a huge backlog in test bookings, with waiting times now at 19 weeks nationally. This is nearly double what it was before the pandemic began.

Waide told the Oireachtas transport committee that he is now recruiting additional permanent driver testers to help tackle the queues. He said that these new recruits are currently being deployed to areas where the backlog is highest.

In the meantime, the RSA has launched a new driving test wait time estimator that provides learner drivers with estimated invitation dates for their tests based on their location and stage in the process of applying. This tool is designed to give learners more control over the timing of their test, and ensures they get an invitation that suits them best.

RSA Driving School

The RSA driving school is an Irish organization that provides driver training to learners. It is a mandatory course that teaches new drivers the essential skills needed to drive safely. The course lasts 12 lessons and is called Essential Driver Training (EDT). It is designed to improve road safety and reduce accidents. It also helps learners become more confident on the road and learn the skills necessary to pass the driving test.

The Ballincollig RSA driving test centre has the highest pass rate in Ireland. It has maintained a pass rate of over 75% for the past two years. Other Cork test centres have also maintained high pass rates, including Mallow and St Finbarr’s GAA Club Centre in Togher. However, this is not the case across all Irish test centres.

There are 41 test centre locations throughout Ireland for car, motorcycle and lorry driving tests. Before applying, make sure that the centre can offer a test in your vehicle category. You will also need to have completed all of the mandatory training. This includes the completion of all 12 EDT lessons with an ADI.

RSA Driving Lessons

The RSA driving test is a practical exam of your driving skills. It involves a series of technical questions on the rules of the road and the functionality of your vehicle. For example, you might be asked to point out the different parts under the bonnet. There is also a short section of driving in a variety of traffic conditions. You should also study the RSA’s ‘Checklist for your Driving Test’ booklet (pdf).


The test centres in Ireland are located in cities and towns across the country. Most of them offer car driving tests in categories B and C, while others also offer motorcycle and commercial vehicle testing. Some even have test routes that are specially designed to help learners pass their tests.

In addition to the actual driving test, you must have a valid learner permit and have completed 12 EDT lessons. You must also have access to a vehicle that is representative of the licence category you are trying to get. There are 6 rsa driving test centres in Dublin, including Finglas, Raheny, Tallaght, Dun Laoghaire, Churchtown, and Mulhuddart.

RSA Driving Instructors

The RSA driving instructors are a group of professionals who provide training for new drivers. They have a high pass rate and will help you become a safe driver. They will also prepare you for your RSA practical test with pre-test driving lessons. These lessons are designed to replicate your actual test, allowing you to get used to the car and to the routes used by the examiner.


There are some 104,398 learners on the waiting list for their driving tests. The RSA has made efforts to reduce the backlog by hiring extra testers and providing free rescheduling. However, many learners are still waiting for their test slots, which may be weeks later.

During this time, toilet and waiting areas at driving test centres have been closed. This is part of the Covid-19 resumption plan. The RSA has advised that it will reopen public toilet and waiting facilities at all driving test centres in the Republic of Ireland once they have been tested for the virus. In the meantime, learners should bring their own sanitary products with them to the test centre.

RSA Driving Licence

The RSA Driving Test Centre is located at Poppyfield Retail Park, Cahir Road, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. The pass rate for this test centre last year was 64%, which is higher than the national average of 53%. The test center has a good reputation for producing quality learners who go on to become full drivers.

There are a few important things to keep in mind before taking your driving test. First, make sure you have completed all of the mandatory training. This includes completing 12 Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons with an RSA approved driving instructor. You should also have a valid Learner Permit.

You should also familiarize yourself with the rules of the road by studying the RSA’s Preparing for Your Driving Test booklet (pdf). You can get this publication in hard copy at bookshops or online. Additionally, you should practice with your instructor strategies to reduce test nerves and improve performance. These strategies include pre-test mindfulness techniques and a few “mind tricks” that you can perform during the actual driving test.

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You can now manage all your driver services, tests, permits and licences online. You will need a MyGovID account to access the service. A basic MyGovID account is free and only takes two minutes to set up. It can also be used for a range of other public services.

The RSA has sought approval to hire 40 additional temporary driving testers, but this will not eliminate the backlog. It will also be difficult to cope with projected demand.

Applicants can cancel their test at any time and receive a full refund. However, they must give a minimum of three clear working days’ notice to rebook. Those wishing to cancel their test can do so through the RSA website or by calling 01-2380022.

The RSA has reported that the number of learners who fail to attend their appointed test appointment has dropped significantly over the past two years. This is due to a change in the booking process and system introduced in late 2020. The RSA has published a useful ‘Checklist for Your Driving Test’ booklet, which provides practical details on what to expect on the day of your test.

RSA Driving Test Requirements

If you want to pass your RSA driving test, you should start with Essential Driver Training (EDT). Then take lots of lessons and practice. This way, you will build up your experience with different traffic, weather and lighting conditions. The RSA also offers online courses and resources to help you prepare for your test.

You should bring your own car to the test centre, ideally one that you have been practicing with. You should make sure that the car has a valid NCT certificate. You should also have an up-to-date driving licence. If you lose your driving licence, send a statement (SL5A form) certified by a Garda to the RSA’s Driver Testing Section and they will issue you with a duplicate.

The RSA has found a suitable site for a new test centre in Drogheda. It will help alleviate the long waiting lists for a test in the interim centre at Marian Park, which is due to close in February. It follows a 10-month search for a new venue. During this time, the RSA closed public toilet and waiting facilities at all its centres in line with Covid-19 resumption protocol.

RSA Driving Tester Jobs

The RSA driving test is an important step towards getting your full Irish driver’s license. While it may be a nerve-wracking experience, you can prepare for it by taking regular driving lessons and knowing what to expect from your tester. You should also be familiar with the driving test marking sheet and how your driver tester marks your manoeuvres.

The number of formal complaints about driving tests dropped to just 20 during the first half of this year. A sample of these complaints included claims of rude testers refusing to shake hands and mocking the answers of one driver who referred to an unguarded cliff edge.

You can apply for a driving test on the RSA website. You can select the date and location of your test when you apply. You can also cancel your appointment if you need to. However, you must cancel your test with more than 10 days’ notice or you will not receive a refund. You can also request to have your driving test rescheduled. You will need to provide proof of your identity and address, such as a utility bill.

RSA Driving Questions and Answers

Driving schools that promise a 99% pass rate are not telling the truth. Overall, the real pass rate fluctuates between 40 and 50 percent. However, this does include test-takers who are not accompanied by a driving instructor. It is crucial to seek assistance from a qualified driving teacher. Some of the schools with implausibly high claims are fabricating their data. Others that assert they can validate such assertions do not specify their measurement standards. If an instructor does not allow a student to use the school automobile until he or she has completed fifty lessons and passed five practice tests, then the student will have a very good chance of passing the exam. However, the cost of classes will exceed one thousand euros.

Category A and B tests consist of forty questions, and you must answer 35 questions correctly to pass. You have 45 minutes to answer the forty test questions. theory test provides additional details.

The cost of passing the Irish driving test is between €650 and €850. Taking enough driving lessons to pass the test is the most costly aspect of the process. It costs at least €40-€50 per driving lesson, and you’ll need at least 12 EDT lessons before you’re ready to take your permit exam.

To schedule a test, you must wait to get an email invitation. If you’re already on the waiting list and eligible to take take a test, our estimatorOpens in a new browser tab will give you an indication of when to expect this, assuming you’re eligible to take a test. After receiving your booking invitation, you must log in to to schedule your exam. Before making a reservation, please review our terms & conditions. Before the booking invitation expires, you have 10 days to choose an appointment. If you are not yet prepared to take your exam, don’t panic; you can delay booking and add yourself to the invitation line at a later date.

Nine Tips To Pass The Irish Driving Exam:

  •  Examine the RSA’s road guidebook for rules of the road.
  •  Complete Driving Instructions and Pre-Tests.
  •  Preparation is crucial.
  •  Remain composed, certain, and focused.
  •  Maintain proper spacing and positioning.
  •  Be watchful.
  •  Never coast on the clutch.

The driver’s examination in Ireland consists of both a written and a driving test. Before obtaining a third or subsequent learner’s permit, it is necessary to pass the exam. A step-by-step guide to learning to drive, from passing the theoretical exam to obtaining a complete license.