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The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a key player in the UK’s finance world. It has been working since 1727. Now, RBS is part of the NatWest Group and serves over 3.3 million customers with their personal and business needs. Jobs at RBS range from service to investment banking.

The RBS recruitment process starts with an online application. Then, there are online tests, a video interview, and a final assessment. Getting a job at RBS is tough because many people apply. So, it’s really important to do well every step of the way.

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Key Takeaways

  • RBS is one of the UK’s oldest financial institutions, with a history dating back to 1727.
  • RBS offers a wide range of job opportunities, from retail banking to investment banking and technology.
  • The RBS recruitment process is highly competitive, involving online assessments, a video interview, and an assessment center.
  • Candidates must excel in every stage of the RBS recruitment process to secure a job, internship, or graduate program.
  • Understanding the RBS assessment process, including the RBS numerical reasoning test and RBS situational judgement test, is crucial for success.


Understanding the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) Exam

The RBS recruitment process starts with an online form. Candidates share personal details and their education. Later, they may do online tests like a situational judgment test and math and logic tests. These show if they fit RBS’s values and skills.

Types of Assessments Used by RBS

RBS uses tests from SHL, a well-known source. Candidates might face different tests based on jobs. They include a situational judgment test, a working with information test, and reasoning tests. These exams check how good candidates are at solving problems and working with others.

RBS Critical People Capabilities

RBS looks for certain skills in everyone. They want people who bring new ideas and are good at solving problems. They also value those who can work in teams and build customer trust. These are called Critical People Capabilities.

rbs online assessments

Preparing for the RBS Online Assessments

Candidates should get ready for the RBS recruitment process. Excellence in the online assessments is key. They are made by SHL, a well-known assessment publisher. These tests help decide who moves forward in the selection process.

RBS Work Scenarios Assessment

The RBS Work Scenarios Assessment or Situational Judgement Test looks at how candidates act and make decisions at work. It gives real-world work situations to handle. These show how well the candidates’ behaviors and thinking fit with the company’s values and culture.

RBS Working with Information Test

The RBS Working with Information Test gauges how candidates deal with numbers in forms like charts, tables, and graphs. It tests basic math, fractions, percentages, and ratios. Candidates must be quick and accurate under time limits.

RBS Reasoning Skills Test

The RBS Reasoning Skills Test focuses on diagrammatic reasoning. It looks at how well candidates can solve problems and analyze. They must understand abstract patterns and apply those to complete or find missing parts in sequences.

RBS Video Interview Preparation

Passing the initial tests can lead to a one-way video interview invitation. The goal is to see the candidate’s competencies and their fit for the job. Beforehand, candidates should practice their answers. They should use real examples to show their skills and how they match the company’s values.

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) Exam Assessment Center

The RBS recruitment process final step is an assessment center, done virtually. It assesses how well candidates fit for the RBS (royal bank of scotland) exam, positions, and its culture.

RBS Competency-Based Interview

It starts with a competency-based interview. Candidates share real-life examples using STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result. This helps see how their experiences match RBS numerical reasoning testRBS verbal reasoning test and the company’s values.

RBS Group Exercise

In the group exercise, candidates work together to solve business issues. This part checks their teamwork, initiative, and RBS situational judgement test skills – vital for the RBS online assessment and bank roles.

RBS Individual Exercise

The individual task can be a role-play or a written part. Candidates show their abilities in building relationships, making decisions, and market understanding. This step measures if they are ready for the RBS graduate program and RBS hiring process.

rbs royal bank of scotland exam


Getting ready for the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) exam is really important for those interested in joining the bank. It’s key to know how the hiring process works, what tests you’ll face, and what RBS looks for in its people. With plenty of practice, doing your homework, and making sure you’re a good match for RBS, you can boost your odds of doing well on the exam and landing the job you want.

RBS does a great job in giving people with disabilities a fair chance and valuing different backgrounds at work. There are jobs available in areas like helping customers, managing money, dealing with people at work, and setting business goals. When applying to RBS, remember to use a laptop or desktop. This is important because there might be issues with mobile phones or tablets.

RBS picks its future employees using several kinds of tests. They use situational judgment tests to see if you fit in, number tests to check your math skills, and logic tests to see how well you think. In the math tests, you need to score better than half the other candidates to keep going. For these tests, known as Talent Q tests, you’ll answer about 12 questions.

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for the RBS recruitment and tests is crucial. It gives you a better shot at doing great in every step of the exam. This way, you can up your chances of landing a job with this top bank.


What is the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) exam?

The RBS exam is a set of tests for those wanting to work at the Royal Bank of Scotland. It has online tests, video interviews, and an assessment center.

What types of assessments are used in the RBS exam?

The RBS exam uses tests like situational judgement, numerical reasoning, and logical reasoning. These tests look at your skills and how well you fit RBS’s values.

What are the RBS Critical People Capabilities?

These are the skills that RBS wants in all candidates. They include being good at making things better, ready for change, and thinking critically. They also want you to be well connected and someone others trust.

How can I prepare for the RBS online assessments?

Start by knowing what tests to expect, like situational judgement and reasoning. Practice with the RBS sample tests and work on showing how you match RBS’s values.

What can I expect at the RBS assessment center?

At the RBS center, you’ll face a competency interview, a group task, and a solo task. They want to see how you work in a team, make decisions, and understand RBS and the future of banking.

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