Police Officer Practice Test


In 0.72 liters, how many milliliters of morphine can be found?

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Correct answer: 720mL

There are 1,000mL in 1 liter, therefore 0.72L = 720mL. Remember the rule: given there are 3 zero's in 1,000mL, we need to move the decimal place three places to the right. Therefore: 0.72 -- 7.2 -- 72.0 -- 720.0 -- or simply 720mL.

Complete the following equation: 18 - 3 + (- 5) =

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Correct answer: 10

18 - 3 + (- 5)
18 -3 - 5
18 - 8 = 10

Confirm or show your support for (a statement, theory, or finding).

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Correct answer: Corroborate

Corroborate - confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
“Max corroborated and supplied evidence to support the defendant’s claim that he stayed at home that night”.

A bank in Canada was robbed of a quarter million dollars. Officers claimed that 70% of the money was recovered. What was the total amount of money that was not recovered?

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Correct answer: $75,000

First, we must find how much cash was recovered – 70 percent.

70 percent of $250,000 = $175,000.

$250,000 - $175,000 = $75,000

Therefore, $75,000 – or 30% of the total – was not recovered by police.

Twelve males were engauged in a physical altercation. A complainant who lived close alerted police to the riot. After learning that one of the individuals may be in possess of  knife, the police reaction was expedited. Which of the following words is misspelled?

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Correct answer: Engauged

The correct spelling of the word is “engaged”.
All other listed words – complainant, expedited, and possess – are spelled correctly.

Jazel visits her bank to make a withdrawal from her account. She has $527.41 in her account. She takes out $250.00. What is her account balance after the withdrawal?

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Correct answer: $277.41

$527.41 - $250 = $277.41

Having to do with the cheek, as in the requirement for a swab.

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Correct answer: Buccal

Buccal – relating to the cheek.
“A buccal swab was taken and sent to the laboratory for further investigation.”

Which term in the following statement has the opposite meaning as the underlined word?
When providing her statement to the police officer, the woman appeared to be inebriated.

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Correct answer: sober

Letter B is the right answer.

A 30 percent of the Illinois police force works six days a week for an average of 68 hours. How many hours a day do employees work on average?

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Correct answer: 11.3 hours

Staff work 68 hours per week or 11.3 hours per day (68 hours / 6 days).

Joey takes the elevator to the 10th floor from the ground floor. Joey then goes down two stories and moves up eight. What floor is Joey on?

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Correct answer: 16

10 - 2 + 8 = 16

Officer Aljem's prior year's pay was $59,800. In 2020, he received a 10% raise in wages. In 2020, how much did Officer Aljem earn?

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Correct answer: $65,780

First, we must know how much the increase is going to be.
10% of $59,800 = $5,980
We must add this to $59,800 = $65,780

An official accusation of wrongdoing has been made.

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Correct answer: Indictment

Indictment – an accusation of wrongdoing; a formal charge for a serious crime.
“He was indicted on charges of manslaughter”.

What is 20% of half of two-quarters of a squad of 200 cops?

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Correct answer: 10

First, work backwards!
“Two-quarters” is the same as one-half, and one-half of 200 is 100.
Now, “half of” 100 is 50.
And “20% (or one-fifth) of” 50, is 10.

"The shooting occured  early at 3:27 morning on Monday." Which word is misspelled?

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Correct answer: occured

The correct spelling is "occurred", which means to have happened or have taken place.

Indigenous people made up half of one-quarter of one-fifth of the 864,400 police officers. How many of the policemen have an  indigenous background?

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Correct answer: 21,610

Always start at the beginning, and work forward.

One-half of 864,400 = 432,200
One-quarter of 432,200 = 108,050
One-fifth of 108,050 = 21,610

21,610 officers came from an indigenous background.

What exactly does the term "inimitable " imply?

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Correct answer: Unique

Something that is inimitable cannot be copied; it is unique. A personality can be described as inimitable if that person is unique and/or charismatic.

Conduct or speech that incites people to rebel against a state's or monarch's authority.

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Correct answer: Sedition

Sedition - conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
“His seditious acts were intended to bring down the state authority”.

Choose the sentence that is written correctly.

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Correct answer: Officer Jan and I drove to the scene of the crime.

It is a convention in the English language to use the form "Someone and I" when you list several people including yourself. "Someone and I" is the subject of the sentence. You should use the subjective form "I" instead of the objective "me".

In a department with 200 female cops for every 500 male officers, what is the male-to-female officer ratio?

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Correct answer: 5:2

5:2 = a ratio of 5 male officers for every 2 female police officers.
When we have 500:200, we can cross the zeros out and reduce the ratio to its simplest form.

Avoid requiring compliance to a general rule or principle.

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Correct answer: Waive

Waive - refrain from demanding compliance from a general rule/principle.
“His ban to leave the country was waived due to his family circumstances”.

Because he is an elected official, the City Controller refuses to allow the search. Which of the following statements best expresses his position in another way?

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Correct answer: That he is not a city employee.

The city policy applies to city employees. The City Controller tries to establish that his desk is not covered by the city policy because he's an elected official, or, in other words, not a city employee.

The status of being a homeless person.

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Correct answer: Vagrancy

Vagrancy – the state of living as a homeless person.
A homeless person who moves from place to place is known as a vagrant.

Bribe or otherwise persuade (someone) to do something illegal, such as perjury.

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Correct answer: Suborn

Suborn - bribe or otherwise induce (someone) to commit an unlawful act such as perjury.
"He was accused of conspiring to suborn witnesses".

Officer Kent rode his patrol motorcycle 1320 miles over the course of ten days. How many miles did he average on the other days if he traveled 105 miles one day?

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Correct answer: 135

Letter D is the right answer.

A formal and clear authority for police to carry out a course of action, such as making an arrest or searching a premises.

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Correct answer: Warrant

Warrant - formal and explicit approval; an official authorization for police to undertake a course of action, such as an arrest or to search premises.
“A warrant was issued for his arrest. Two days later, he was found and arrested.”

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