Learn More About How Often Police Officers Are Shot

Police Officer Shot

With the risky nature of the job, a lot of people understand that the day-to-day life of a law enforcement officer can be full of potential threats. Almost every day, you will see news reports of police officers being injured, shot, or killed. Some truly evil people are willing to attack police officers who are in their path.

Several shocking and shaking news about police officers being shot appears on TV, newspaper, and internet every day. Among the hottest news stories are:

  • 2016 Dallas police officers shooting

On July 7, 2016, 5 Dallas police officers were shot dead by Micah Xavier Johnson, an Army Reserve Afghan War veteran. Johnson was angry over police shootings of black men and stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers. He ambushed and fired upon a group of Dallas police officers, killing five, injuring nine police officers and two civilians. 

Johnson bolted inside a building on the campus of El Centro College after the attack. The police followed him there, where a standoff happened. In the early moments of July 8, the police killed Johnson with a bomb mounted to a mobile bomb disposal robot. That was the first time U.S. police forces had used a device to kill a suspect.

  • Weymouth police officer shooting

Last year, Weymouth was shaken after a 77-year-old woman, and a Weymouth police officer was shot dead. Emanuel “Manny” Lopes, 20, strike Officer Michael Chesna with a rock, throwing the 42-year-old father of two to the ground. Lopes then reportedly used Chesna’s gun to shoot the officer several times in the head, chest, and arms, before escaping from the police officers arriving at the scene. According to the police, he fired several more bullets as he was pursued by police officers in the Weymouth area, killing 77-year-old Vera Adams in her house.

It was found out that Lopes had bipolar disorder and manic episodes, and had a history of drug use. His childhood friends, Nick Donovan, revealed that Lopes was estranged from his family and had tried to kill himself in high school by repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck with a pair of scissors. It was also revealed that his mother had a restraining order against Lopes to get away from him and protect his sister.

  • Baltimore County police officer shot while serving a warrant

Officer Jason Schneider, 36, was pronounced dead after being shot during an exchange of gunfire while serving a search warrant. A preliminary investigation showed that Schneider’s bulletproof vest stopped several rounds, but one round traveled underneath his vest, striking him in the back. Schneider is a 13-year-veteran of the force and was part of a team of tactical officers whose duties include serving high-risk warrants. 

  • Texas police officer shot during a traffic stop

Police officer Urbano Rodriguez, Jr. was shot in the head and femur during a traffic stop in Denton, Texas. Rodriguez returned fire and struck both suspects, Antwon Pinkston and Michele Stacey, in the arm. The suspects were stopped for an equipment violation when the incident happened. Luckily, Rodriguez was in a safe condition after surgery.

  • NYPD police officer shot and killed

NYPD Officer Brian Mulkeen was fatally shot and killed with his own gun as he wrestled with a suspect who was also armed. Mulkeen was patrolling with his partner, investigating potential gang activity, when they spotted the suspect, Antonio Lavance Williams. Mulkeen and his partner attempted to arrest Williams, who had fled questioning, and a struggle on the ground ensued. Mulkeen’s gun fired five times, and in a second, he was dead.

  1. Alabama police officer shot to death

Tuscaloosa police officer Dornell Cousette, 40, was shot to death after exchanging gunfire with the suspect. Cousette received a tip that a suspect wanted on outstanding warrants was at the residence. When Cousette got to the home, he saw the suspect on the front porch, and the suspect ran inside, and then an exchange of gunfire ensued. The suspect was injured while Cousette was shot in the facial area and was pronounced shortly after being taken to DCH Regional Medical Center.

Aside from these heroic acts of police officers going beyond the call of duty, there are still more police officers being injured dying every day from being shot. To honor and be updated of the heroic acts of law enforcement officers, you can search these news stories online:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has a law enforcement officer ever shot another officer?

Yes. Decisions must be taken immediately especially in rapid-running cases or life and death situations. And human error is inevitable which results in a police officer being inadvertently injured or killed by a fellow officer. 

What is the chance of being killed as a police officer?

The best answer is that it depends on your place of work and the role you do as a policeman. You’re a lot safer than the cop in the inner city who works in a high crime area at night shift when you are assigned to sit in court all day.

Can the police shoot the suspect on the back?

Lethal force could be used against those who are a proven threat to public safety. When you rob a bank with a firearm, you may be shot by cops. You may only be shot in the back while running if your escaped car crashes and you run from your car’s smoking remains. But, if you’re not a policeman, you’re lawfully carrying a gun, and someone robs you and flees, you can’t shoot a fleeing thief in many jurisdictions, because the risk for you is no longer imminent

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