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The National League for Nursing PAX 2025 exam is one of the most widely used pre-entrance exams for nursing programs. The test covers verbal skills, math and science and consists of 160 questions. Each section contains a number of comprehension passages and multiple-choice questions.

Each section has 40 minutes of time allotted for answering questions. The math section assesses reasoning and problem solving abilities involving word problems, conversions, algebra and geometry, and fractions.

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The National League for Nursing PAX Exam 2025 is a standardized admission test used by many nursing schools in the United States to determine eligibility for RN and PN programs. The exam consists of 180 questions to be completed in two hours. Generally, students take the NLN PAX online, but it is possible to take it in person with a proctor. The test is multiple choice, and the correct answer must be selected from the options provided. It is important to prepare for the NLN PAX exam by reviewing all the subject areas that are included in this assessment, including math and science.

The PAX exam assesses verbal ability, reading comprehension, and mathematical and scientific knowledge. The score on the PAX exam is a composite number that indicates how well you did on each section. It also provides a percentile rank based on how many people scored lower than you did in each section. It is recommended to study for the PAX exam with a study guide that covers all of the content that will be assessed on the exam. Taking full-length practice tests is a great way to simulate the actual test and gauge your progress.

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The NLN PAX, or National League for Nursing Pre Admission eXamination, is one of the most popular entrance exams for prospective nursing students. Many nursing programs require applicants to take this exam, along with other tests like the ATI TEAS or HOBET. The exam consists of verbal skills, math, and science. The verbal section tests word knowledge and reading comprehension. The math section covers basic calculations, word problems, conversions, and algebra. The science section includes questions on health and first aid.

A PAX score is important for nursing school admissions because it shows that you have the necessary academic aptitude for the program you want to attend. However, it is not the only factor that nursing schools consider when admitting students to their programs.

Registration for the NLN PAX exam is handled by individual academic institutions, so you should contact the nursing department at your desired school to learn more about how to register and what time slots are available. It is recommended that you schedule the test early in order to have ample time to prepare for it.

PAX Exam Study Guide

The NLN PAX exam is designed to test your ability to read comprehension passages, solve mathematical equations and answer questions about science. It is a timed test with 40 questions in the math section and 45 minutes to complete the science section. The NLN recommends studying for the exam with a comprehensive study guide and taking many practice tests to prepare.

In addition to the PAX study guide, you can also find free practice tests and videos on the NLN website. However, it is best to purchase a study guide that includes vocabulary flash cards and offers corrective feedback. These resources will help you to improve your score on the PAX exam.

Our PAX study guide is filled with the critical information that the National League of Nursing (NLN) expects you to know for this test. It covers all of the concepts, procedures, principles and vocabulary that you will need to pass the test. Our PAX study guide is also written in a logical way so that one section naturally flows from the next.

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The PAX exam is an important part of the nursing school admissions process. It tests prospective registered nurses and practical nurses on their knowledge and ability to perform at a college level. It is a timed test with multiple-choice questions in three areas – verbal ability, math and science. Practice is essential to passing this exam, and there are many online resources available. You should also use practice tests that are updated frequently, as the questions on the PAX exam change over time.

You can take the NLN PAX exam in-person at approved locations or through remote proctoring. You will need a laptop or desktop computer with Windows Vista or higher and a webcam and microphone. You can also register through your chosen college, but this will vary by institution.

To prepare for the NLN PAX exam, take full-length practice tests and set timers to simulate test conditions. You should also focus on study strategies specific to the NLN PAX exam, such as vocabulary flash cards and videos. Additionally, you can purchase a comprehensive NLN PAX preparation book that offers thorough content review and practice questions.

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The PAX exam is a standardized test that is required for admission to nursing school. It measures verbal reasoning, scientific knowledge, and mathematical ability. The exam is administered at approved testing centers. The cost of the test varies by location and is typically $60 to $100.

To improve your score, it is important to prepare with study guides and practice tests. Many online resources are available, such as this NLN PAX exam review guide and these vocabulary flashcards. Also, be sure to get enough sleep and eat well before your test day. Having a relaxed mind and a healthy diet can boost your cognitive abilities and improve your performance on the PAX exam.

On test day, make sure to arrive early at the testing center and bring a valid government-issued ID. Some schools have specific guidelines for what you can and cannot take into the test center, such as calculators or cell phones. Check with your prospective school for more information. A higher score o

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The NLN PAX exam is a nursing entrance test that measures verbal ability, scientific knowledge and math skills. The test is administered by the National League for Nursing. Typically, the test is given in two hours and has 180 questions. The science section includes 60 questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The verbal section contains five reading comprehension passages and questions that cover a variety of topics, including vocabulary and grammar.

While the NLN PAX score is not used as the sole basis for nursing school admissions, it can make or break your chances of getting accepted into a nursing program. It’s best to take the exam early and prepare thoroughly. If you’re not satisfied with your score, you can take the exam again in six months.

The NLN PAX exam is standardized, but each nursing school has its own requirements for the scores it accepts. It’s important to clarify any pass marks, calculator use and testing fees with the school you’re applying to.

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The NLN PAX exam is a challenging exam that requires extensive preparation. It consists of three sections that cover verbal ability, math, and science. The test is administered online, but it can also be taken in person. Regardless of where you take the NLN PAX exam, be sure to bring a hardcopy of your examination confirmation and two forms of identification, one of which must have a photograph.


The verbal section consists of multiple-choice questions related to vocabulary and reading comprehension. These questions do not necessarily relate to nursing. The math section contains 60 questions and has a time limit of 35 minutes. It tests basic arithmetic, word problems, algebra, geometry, conversions, and graphs. The science section includes questions about biology, chemistry, and physics.

Preparing for the NLN PAX is not easy, but it is important for your future career in nursing. Getting a good score on the exam is essential for admission to nursing school. Our practice questions can help you jog your memory on the broad range of topics that you’ll encounter on the exam. 

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The NLN PAX exam is one of the most commonly used pre-admission tests for nursing careers. It is administered at various times throughout the year and can be taken at different universities. It is important to be fully prepared for this test in order to get a good score. This can be done by using a study guide or prep course. These resources are designed by experts who understand the intricacies of the exam and how to prepare for it. They can also provide tips for studying that save time and strategies that increase your chances of success.

Taking full-length practice tests is a great way to simulate the actual testing experience and gauge your progress. This will allow you to identify areas that need improvement and focus your study efforts accordingly. Also, it is best to study for a few hours per day instead of cramming all at once.

The NLN PAX exam has questions that cover a wide range of topics, including math. Practicing these questions regularly will help you build a solid foundation of skills and improve your chances of passing the exam. This will include performing operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; converting units of measurement; memorizing characteristics of basic geometric shapes; and identifying relationships between objects in the physical world.