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Select the answer choice that correctly completes the following:
Some human beings are mortal.
Plato is a human being.

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Perhaps Plato will die. A significant premise in the first statement is that some people are mortal, which establishes a general concept that is assumed to be true. A minor predicate in the second phrase establishes that a particular individual is a human being. However, the test-taker must understand that the primary premise is not an immutable fact before drawing a judgment. By claiming that Plato (a human person) falls within the principle stated in the major premise and that this conclusion is constrained by the same restriction as the major premise, Answer B effectively ties the major and minor premises together.

Particularly if they are eating with their fingers, people should only eat with their right hands.

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They are is shortened to "they're." A general possessive pronoun is "their." It effectively displays having the "proper hands."

According to a United Nations investigation from 1969, there may be significant oil deposits close to the islands in the East China Sea.

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By combining an apostrophe with the letter s, an apostrophe can indicate a noun's possessive case. An apostrophe can be used to denote a plural noun or a noun with a s at the end. The plural version of the term should contain an apostrophe after s because the paragraph mentions many islands.

Which sentence or paragraph in the excerpt below needs to be modified for spelling, punctuation, word choice, or length?

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Remove the hyphen from highly intriguing. Since profoundly is an adverb that modifies absorbing, deeply is not a compound adjective. The -ly suffix makes it clear that the hyphen is not required.

They thought that would damage American soldiers and make the South Vietnamese lose faith in their government.

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Select the answer choice that correctly provides the missing premise: _____________.
Darlene is an automobile driver who breached the duty of care.
Darlene was negligent.

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All motorists who fail to exercise the proper level of care are being negligent. The main premise must demonstrate a link between negligent driving and vehicle drivers who violate the duty of care in order to support the finding that Darlene was at fault.

As a result, etiquette guidelines vary depending on where a person resides.

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The initial adverb "therefore" is set off with a comma to make the phrase simpler to read or to indicate a pause. The subject and verb in the original sentence do not agree. "Differ" fits with "rules," a plural topic.

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