OASIS (Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule) Test


The OASIS (Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule) Test is a detailed tool. It helps students and adults dive into their career aptitudes and vocational interests. It has two main parts: the OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey and the OASIS-3 Interest Schedule. These tests have been tried by 2,005 people from 20 states. So, they are great for career counselingskills evaluation, and figuring out if a job fits you.

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Teachers, counselors, and pros find the OASIS-3 quite handy. They use it with students in Grades 8 through 12 and adults. It can be done alone or in a group. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes. You can score them by hand or by machine. This gives everyone a choice of what works best for them.

Key Takeaways

  • The OASIS-3 consists of two related tests: the Aptitude Survey and the Interest Schedule.
  • The tests were tried by 2,005 people from 20 states.
  • The OASIS-3 is great for career help, checking your skills, and seeing if you’re fit for a job.
  • You can do the tests alone or with others. And you can score them by hand or by machine.
  • The OASIS-3 gives a full check on someone’s career aptitudes and vocational interests.

Understanding the OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule

The OASIS-3 testing suite has two main parts: the OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey and the OASIS-3 Interest Schedule. These tools evaluate career aptitude, interests, and job fit. They work together to give a full view of a person’s potential in the workforce.

The OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey

The OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey checks six main types of abilities needed for over 20,000 jobs. It measures General Ability, Verbal, Numerical, Spatial, Perceptual skills, and Manual Dexterity. This career aptitude test is very reliable, with scores that help understand someone’s skills and what jobs they might do well in. It’s great for up to 50 students at once, which is helpful for schools and career advisors.

The OASIS-3 Interest Schedule

The Interest Schedule pairs with the Aptitude Survey. It looks at 12 areas of interest that connect to different job types. These include Artistic, Scientific, and leading roles among others. Each interest area has Like, Neutral, or Dislike options. The tool is backed by solid research, helping people find careers that match their interests and skills.

OASIS (Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule) Test

Administration and Scoring

The OASIS-3 test is straightforward for both individuals and groups. A test lasts 30 to 45 minutes. It’s easy to grade, thanks to machine-scoring.

If you buy the machine-scoring answer sheets, PRO-ED offers free grading. Just send your completed test back. You’ll get detailed results back, showing your performance.

Interpretation Resources

PRO-ED provides an Interpretation Workbook to explain your OASIS-3 test scores. This guide helps students and adults connect their skills and interests with real job options. It includes about 200 jobs chosen from 2,500, based on what 95% of U.S. workers do.

The workbook shows how your abilities match different job types. It covers all major career areas and includes useful resources for career planning, like websites.


The OASIS Test is a big help for students and adults. It lets them look at what they might be good at and what job areas could be interesting. The test looks at different skills and interests people have. It can be done alone or with others, and there are tools to help score and understand the results.

Using the OASIS Test, people can learn a lot about themselves. They find out where their talents lie and what jobs might suit them. This test is great for career advice and figuring out what to study.

It’s super important today for young people to get ready for work by learning the right skills and knowledge. The OASIS Test helps with this by looking at how well they do in school, what they are good at, and even if they are ready for certain jobs. All these things are key to choosing the right career and making smart choices.

The OASIS Test does a thorough job of checking out what jobs might be good fits. It looks at what makes people interested, their abilities, and if they have the right qualifications. By using both formal tests and informal checks, it guides people towards jobs that really fit them. This makes it easier to choose educational and work paths that lead to true success.


What is the Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule (OASIS-3)?

The Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule-Third Edition (OASIS-3) is made up of two tests. These are the OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey and the OASIS-3 Interest Schedule. They are helpful for teachers, counselors, and others. They guide in helping students in Grades 8 through 12 and adults choose good careers.

What does the OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey measure?

The OASIS-3 Aptitude Survey looks at six main skill areas. It connects these to more than 20,000 jobs. The six areas it measures are General Ability, Verbal Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude, Perceptual Aptitude, and Manual Dexterity.

What does the OASIS-3 Interest Schedule measure?

The OASIS-3 Interest Schedule looks at 12 interest areas. These are linked to specific jobs in the Guide of Occupational Exploration. The areas include Artistic, Scientific, Nature, Protective, Mechanical, Industrial, and more.

How can the OASIS-3 be administered and scored?

The OASIS-3 can be given to one person or a whole group. Each test lasts 30 to 45 minutes. You can score them by hand or by machine. Plus, PRO-ED provides a machine scoring service for free. This is for those who buy the machine-scoreable answer sheets.

What interpretation resources are available for the OASIS-3?

There is a workbook that helps students understand their OASIS-3 scores. It directs them to jobs that match their skills and interests. The workbook also lists helpful career resources, including websites, to find more about career options.

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