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Between which two months was there the smallest proportional increase or decrease in the mileage of Surveyor 1 in comparison to the previous month?

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The correct answer is (D) To determine the rate of increase or decrease between two months, use this formula: |Mileage in the current month - Mileage in previous month| / Mileage in the previous month Between months 1 and 2: |3,256 ― 2,675| / 2,675 = 0.217 = 21.7% Between months 2 and 3: |1,890 ― 3,256| / 3,256 = 0.419 = 41.9% Between months 3 and 4: |3,892 ― 1,890| / 1,890 = 1.059 = 105.9% Between months 4 and 5: |3,401 ― 3,892| / 3,892 = 0.126 = 12.6% The answer is Months 4 and 5.

Which fisherman must pull his fishing rod harder to lift the caught fish?

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The correct answer is (A). Since in this figure, the fisherman applies his effort at a shorter distance from the fulcrum and hence has to pull his fishing rod harder.

A dress was initially marked at $150, and a pair of jeans were priced at %50. If Emily got a 40% discount off the dress and a 20% discount on jeans, what was the total percentage she saved on her purchases?

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To find the percentage Emily saved, you need to divide the savings by the total pre-sale cost. Saving on dress: $150 x 40% = $60 Saving on jeans: $50 x 20% = $10 Total savings: $60 + $10 = $70 Total pre-sale cost: $150 + $50 =$200 Total savings in percent: 70/200 Cancel both the numerator and denominator, by 2: (70÷2)/(200÷2) = 35/100 = 35%

Everyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea has encountered a personal battle owing to the disease. For example, Vicki suffered from depression and lost her job, while Bill felt a strain on his marriage. Proposed assumption: Vicki and Bill encountered a personal battle because they couldn't come to terms with their disease.

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The correct answer is B (Conclusion does not follow). It is plausible that the reason people who suffer from sleep apnoea encounter a personal battle is because of an inability to come to terms with this disease. However, since the passage does not provide an actual reason, you cannot reach this conclusion without reasonable doubt.

Which company has the highest annual profit per employee?

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Correct answer is Company A. This question is rather straightforward, simply divide the profits of each company by the number of employees each company has?

You manage a department that includes 10 employees who work with customers, and a supervisor. You notice that the one of the employees is regularly late arriving in the morning. What would you do?

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The answer is (C) You take action which is appropriate for someone in your position - you bring the situation to the supervisor's awareness and allow her to handle it as she sees fit. This is the best response in this situation.

What's the difference between direct and indirect sales across all five teams combined?

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The correct answer is A.
Direct sales of $17 million, $13 million, $16 million, $15 million and $14 million add up to a total of $75 million. Indirect sales of $16 million, $17 million, $18 million, $17 million, and $18 million add up to a total of $86 million. The difference between $75 million and $86 million is $11 million.

There is a circular outdoor ice skating rink. The machine that prepares the rink for skating at the start of the day prepares 600 square feet of rink every hour . If the circumference of the rink is 200 feet.
Approximately how many minutes does it take the machine to prepare the entire rink for skating at the beginning of each day?

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The correct answer is approximately 318 minutes.
C = 2*π*r. If the circumference of the rink is 200 feet, then the radius of the rink is 100/π. A = π*r2, therefore the area of the rink is 10000/π. If the machine prepares 600 square feet every hour, then it takes (10000/π)/600 = 50/3π hours in order to prepare the entire rink. Multiply this result by 60 to convert from a number of hours to a number of minutes: (50*60)/3π = 1000/π. Since π≈3.14, the correct answer must be 318 minutes.

If the first two statements below are true, is the third statement true?

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The final statement is not true. Because Mr. Brown's rabbits are grey and all grey creatures are kind, we can deduce that Mr. Brown's rabbits are definitely kind.

Please identify which type of error appears in the sentence below if any.

The drunk driver made a report that he was driving within the speed limit but he forgot to mention that he did not have a driver's license.

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A comma should be used before the word "but" to connect the two independent clauses. The correct answer is C.

If gear A makes 50 complete revolutions, how many revolutions will gear B make?

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The correct answer is C. Based on the diagram, gear B will make 50 x 2, which is 100 revolutions.

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