National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification 2025

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National Board Certified Teachers 2025 (NBCTs) are committed to students and their learning. They know the subjects they teach and how to teach them well. They think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.

The National Board is a national voluntary system that establishes accomplished teaching standards and certifies accomplished teachers who meet those standards. It also advocates related education reforms and capitalizes on the expertise of NBCTs.

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For teachers preparing to earn their National Board Certification, ATLAS is a key component of the process. It’s an online library of authentic video case studies that show accomplished teaching practice. It allows teachers to see what accomplished teachers do in their classrooms and understand how they think about the learning process.

ATLAS is the National Board’s new library of authentic cases of accomplished teaching indexed to common teaching and learning frameworks. The library includes classroom cases from NBCTs in all subject areas and grades, in a variety of school settings.

The National Board’s i3 initiative is using ATLAS to strengthen teacher preparation programs by providing aspiring educators with the opportunity to see accomplished teaching in action and develop their own professional learning communities. Hager Sharp has been working collaboratively with the National Board to establish messaging, connect with NBCTs to capture their stories, and create a suite of branded materials.

The ATLAS LTI tool allows faculty to link their Blackboard entries to ATLAS videos. If the link doesn’t work, it might be because your ATLAS login is not the same as your Blackboard login. You can change your email in Blackboard to match the one that is linked to your ATLAS account.

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NBPTS is a non-profit organization that supports teachers in their pursuit of National Board Certification. The process is rigorous, but it has a proven track record of improving teacher practice and student learning. Teachers who have attained NBC report that it is the most meaningful and rewarding professional development they have ever experienced. It is also a powerful motivating force to continue learning and growing as educators.

NBCTs serve as model practitioners in their schools and communities. They are a powerful voice in educational policy and advocacy and are highly sought after by school districts and administrators. In addition, NBCTs are often given administrative roles such as team leader or department chair and can impact their peers in the same way that principals do.

Many states and districts provide support for teachers to pursue National Board Certification. These resources include fee support, conditional loans and salary incentives. In addition, some states offer in-person support to candidates through intensive Jump Start Academies and Homestretch Seminars. The Indiana State Teachers Association provides several virtual and in-person support options for NBC candidates, including on demand courses that provide teachers with the specific requirements of each component, successful strategies, relevant exercises and useful resources.


The National Board Certification process is a demanding and rewarding professional learning experience. It requires the teacher to demonstrate that their practice is reflective, meaningful and accomplished. Teachers who successfully attain NBC have an enormous positive impact on their students and school communities. In fact, studies have shown that National Board Certified teachers improve student achievement more than other teachers.

The NBPTS NBC Certification process recognizes accomplished educators who meet high and rigorous standards for teaching. The certification is an advanced professional credential that goes beyond state licensure. It is based on a rigorous portfolio submission and performance-based assessment components.

Educators who want to pursue NBC should begin with a review of the NBPTS candidate resources web page. In addition, it is helpful to learn the specifics of the individual certificate area in which they are interested. Also, candidates should start planning and preparing for the MOC process. MOC involves describing, analyzing and reflecting on two of the professional growth experiences (PGEs) that the teacher has engaged in since becoming an NBCT.

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National Board Certification is a voluntary advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensing. Teachers achieve National Board Certification through a rigorous process that includes intense self-reflection and analysis of their practice. The certification process is not easy, but it is an incredibly powerful and transforming experience for teachers. National Board certified teachers say that it has made them more focused, reflective, and confident. The National Board also has a profound impact on their schools and students.


Teachers who are National Board certified believe that all students can learn and they work to make knowledge accessible to all learners. They also recognize the cultural and family differences that make each student unique, and they take into account those differences when assessing their students.

The National Board’s assessment process consists of four components that take between one and three years to complete. The components are criterion-referenced, meaning that certification decisions are based on teacher candidates’ performances against an established performance standard for accomplished teaching. The National Board’s assessments are created by educators, so they are more relevant to the practice of teaching.

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National Board Certification is the highest level of professional achievement in teaching and one of the most respected credentials a teacher can achieve. It is designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is a national recognition that is based on student learning and teacher practice, not on standardized tests or qualifications of administrators.

The National Board’s candidate center is your hub for all of the information you need to navigate the certification process. It includes certificate-specific standards, overviews of the certification components, component instructions and important policy and procedure documents. The site also features an ePortfolio submission system that simplifies and enhances the way candidates compile and submit their materials for evaluation.

ATLAS, Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools, is a library of authentic video cases containing lessons from National Board Certified teachers that are indexed to teaching and learning frameworks in a variety of classroom settings. Each case features a lesson, the teacher’s written reflection and analysis of that lesson, and related instructional materials.

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NBPTS 5 Core Propositions

National Board certification is a high-quality, voluntary system that provides teachers with the means to advance student learning. It identifies accomplished teachers based on rigorous standards in 25 certificate areas at five developmental levels. The five Core Propositions – comparable to medicine’s Hippocratic Oath – describe the beliefs, knowledge, skills and commitments of accomplished teachers.

The National Board’s rigorous standards are set by practicing educators – including classroom teachers and experts in their fields. The board’s committees of outstanding teachers are broadly representative of the profession. In addition to classroom teachers, these committees include experts in child development and teacher education.

Candidates in WilmU’s innovative NBCT Certificate program are instructed by National Board Certified Teachers, each with extensive experience with the National Board process. They will study advanced teaching pedagogies, learn and practice new formative assessment strategies, and hone leadership skills. They will also prepare a portfolio for submission to the National Board. This portfolio includes four components, and candidates may submit one or all of them each year. Incentives for completing the process and becoming an NBCT can range from one-time stipends to salary differentials or steps up their negotiated salary scale.

NBPTS Certification Areas

National Board certification is a voluntary advanced system that recognizes accomplished teachers. Its five core propositions describe what accomplished teaching looks like, and its rigorous performance-based assessment process requires teachers to submit evidence of their practice, including video recordings of their teaching and student work samples. National Board-certified teachers report that this process is the most challenging and rewarding professional development they’ve ever experienced.

During the certification process, teachers analyze their practice and their students’ learning; demonstrate pedagogical knowledge through written assignments; hone leadership skills; learn new formative assessment strategies; and prepare a comprehensive teacher portfolio. The process is rigorous and time-consuming, but teachers report that it provides a personal focus on teaching that they value and enhances their careers.

The National Board’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process replaces the previous Renewal process. It is designed by teachers to ensure that NBCTs continue their journey of growth and reflection, with a significant impact on student learning. The MOC rate is based on a calculation of the cumulative certification rates across all certificate areas and years.

NBPTS Certification Requirements

The National Board certification is the highest credential a teacher can earn. It is a rigorous, peer-reviewed process that requires teachers to demonstrate accomplished teaching practice in multiple classroom settings. The process can take a year or more to complete, and it requires the participation of the entire school community.

National Board Certified Teachers are dedicated to making knowledge accessible to all students, recognize student differences, and value their contributions to learning. NBCTs also make professional judgments about their students’ best interests, and they think systematically about their teaching practice. They are committed to improving their own practice and encouraging other educators to do the same.

To become a National Board Certified Teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree, meet three years of teaching experience and hold a valid state license. You must also submit a portfolio and undergo a computer-based assessment. You can find more information about the certification requirements on the NBPTS Candidate Resources web page.

The National Board Council of New York works to raise awareness about the National Board and establishes support structures for teachers who pursue the certification. It also provides programs and guidance to schools and districts in the state to help them support their NBC candidates.

NBPTS Questions and Answers

NPTS, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers seeking advanced certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards are actively supported by the California Department of Education (CDE) (NBPTS).

For what outstanding instructors ought to be aware of and capable of, NBC has established national standards. Teachers who complete the demanding certification procedure are awarded certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

Beyond state licensing, National Board Certification (NBC) is a voluntary advanced teaching certificate. For what outstanding instructors should understand and be able to do, NBC sets national standards.

The National Board Credential is the most prestigious professional certification available in education and offers instructors, students, and schools several advantages. Its objectives were to foster continual progress in educational institutions across the country and to produce, retain, and honor excellent teachers.

To obtain the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification, you need to go through a rigorous process that assesses your teaching knowledge, skills, and abilities. The NBPTS certification is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that demonstrates your expertise and commitment to the teaching profession. Here are the general steps to pursue NBPTS certification:

  1. Check eligibility
  2. Select a certificate area
  3. Register for the certification process
  4. Prepare for the assessment
  5. Complete the components
  6. Submit your portfolio
  7. Take the assessment center exercises
  8. Evaluation and scoring
  9. Receive results

Yes, teachers can work together on pursuing National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification. Collaborating with other teachers can provide valuable support, guidance, and shared experiences throughout the certification process.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offers certification in 25 areas to educators.

Each year a candidate completes components, there is a $75 registration fee that is not refundable. The $475 fee or $125 per exercise and/or the Selected Response section for Component 1 must be paid by candidates who opt to retake components. Costs for the whole Maintenance of Certification are $495 + $75 for registration.

To become National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certified, you will need to follow a rigorous process that assesses your teaching knowledge and skills. Here are the general steps to pursue NBPTS certification:

  1. Review eligibility requirements
  2. Select a certificate area
  3. Register for the certification process
  4. Familiarize yourself with the standards
  5. Collect evidence
  6. Complete the components
  7. Submit your portfolio
  8. Assessment and scoring
  9. Receive certification results

Component 4 of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) focuses on being an effective and reflective practitioner. This component requires you to submit a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to reflect on your teaching practice and professional growth.

Deciding whether the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification is worth pursuing depends on your individual goals, priorities, and circumstances.