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Miller Analogies Test – MAT Practice Test


The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is an exam administered by the Harcourt Assessment at Pearson testing center. The MAT is an admissions exam accepted by many graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, it is used by many high-IQ societies all over the world as an admission requirement. 

The MAT goal is to assess logical and analytical reasoning through completion of partial analogies. The test duration is 1 hour and contains 120 questions. Exam formats include both Computer-Based Tests (CBT) and paper and pencil format.

The following free practice exams features realistic questions that will help you not only review key vocabulary, but also familiarize yourself with the MAT’s 120 Analogy exam format. This exam is also very good preparation for those preparing for the GRE Test, as both exams cover analogies.
You can see more information on the test on Pearson Website & Wikipedia.

Test Centers, Dates, and Fees​

Currently, there are more than six hundred testing centers in fifty states as well as in several foreign countries. If you live more than one hundred miles away from a designated test center, special accommodations can be made. Dates will vary by testing site, so be sure to consult with the test site. The average fee to take the MAT is about $50, though that varies by region.

What to Expect

The MAT is a one hundred item, fifty minute verbal analogies test. All of the questions will be in the form of A:B:C:D. The analogies are written so that A is to B as C is to D. However, your job will be to fill in the missing term by correctly identifying the relationship that exists.

MAT Scores

When you register to take the MAT, you are asked to provide up to three addresses that you wish to have your score reports sent. Sending your test scores to three schools is included in the test administration fee. However, it is your responsibility to provide accurate addresses for the schools.

The applicants will be provided with their Miller Analogies test scores, which will contain their scaled score (200 to 600) and two percentile ranks. One would be their percentile rank in comparison with all of the test-takers. The other one would be their percentile rank in comparison with those of the same major.

Based on the official booklet, the mean or standard score for the MAT test is 400. It represents the 50th percentile. Here are some of the rough estimates of the score ranges:

Why Take MAT Exam?

You should practice for the Miller Analogies Test with the help of study materials. You’ll be able to test your capabilities, and through it, you’ll improve more. These MAT test preps will show you what to do when the exam day comes. You’ll know how to approach certain questions. It will help you tackle things that might have been difficult had you not taken a practice test.

History of MAT

According to the Miller Analogies Test Manual (1970) the test was developed to measure scholastic aptitude at the graduate school level. It is also developed to measure how well the test taker can recognize relationships between words.

Vocabulary plays a very important role on this test. Before you can correctly identify the relationship that exists between the words, you must be able to recognize and comprehend the meaning of the answer choices. Often, it is not reasoning that makes test items difficult. Rather, it is in recognizing the answer choices.