M1 Motorcycle Practice Test 3


For safe driving on the road, a driver must do the following

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The driver must watch the surrounding areas and scan the road in all directions to prevent accidents.

Perfect balance can be maintained by motorcycle riders by holding the knees firmly against the gas tank while

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In order to maintain balance, every motorcycle rider must hold his/her knees firmly against the gas tank while making turns.

What is the purpose of using a helmet while riding a motorcycle?

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As per Ontario law, every motorcycle rider and passenger must wear a proper helmet while moving on a motorcycle. It provides protection from head injuries during a collision.

Which of the following will affect motorcycle riders more than four-wheel vehicle drivers?

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Motorcycle riders are adversely affected by road and weather changes as they are not protected like four-wheel vehicle drivers are.

To protect the face and eyes from flying material, the motorcyclist should wear

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Face protective shields protect the motorcyclist's face and eyes from flying objects.

The area slightly to the left or the right of the centre of the lane is called the

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This area is called the tire track, because all tires would travel in this area.

The minimum age limit for applicants of a motorcycle driving licence is

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The minimum age requirement for the learner's licence is 16 years.

To make a safe turn, the motorcyclist must

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To turn a motorcycle safely, the rider must lean the bike in the direction of the turn.

When a motorcycle rider wants to turn while moving faster than 25 km/h, s/he must use the

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When travelling at speeds greater than 25 km/h, the rider must push on the handgrip in the direction of the turn.

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