G1 Rules of The Road Marathon 9


When does the law require the headlights on vehicles to be turned on?

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Turn on the headlights one-half hour before sunset and keep them on until one-half hour after sunrise. You must always use the headlights when fog, snow or rain keeps you from clearly seeing people or vehicles less than 150 m away.

If you are a driver aged 19 or under and within the first six months of receiving your G2 license, how many passengers are you allowed to carry between midnight and 5 a.m.?

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Please pay attention to how long a teenage driver has had the license: if s/he is in his/her first six months, which is the case in this question, s/he is only allowed to carry 1 passenger aged 19 or under. After s/he has been a G2 driver for more than 6 months, the limitation is extended to 3 passengers aged 19 or under.

When you are in the roundabout...

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When you're in the roundabout: - Keep to the right of the centre island and drive in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach your exit; - Don't pass large vehicles or change lanes; - Don't stop inside the roundabout, except to avoid a collision.

When driving on streets designed for two-way traffic, you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle. What does the law require you to do?

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If you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, pull to the right as far as possible and stop. Don't worry: other drivers will do the same.

A person whose driver's licence is under suspension, may:

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You may not drive, under any circumstances, when your licence is suspended. [Driving Under Suspension, Other Ways to Lose Your Licence, Chapter 4 Keeping Your Driver's Licence, The Official MTO Driver's Handbook]

When may you lend your driver's licence to other drivers?

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No one else is allowed to use your driver's licence!

You are driving on a wet road and have to make a stop quickly. The best way to do this if your vehicle does not have ABS is to:

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Threshold braking should bring you to a reasonably quick controlled stop in your own lane, even in slippery conditions. 1) Break as hard as you can without locking up or skidding the wheels. 2) Press down on the brake pedal, trying to get as much braking power as possible. 3) Then, if you feel any of the wheels locking up, release the brake pressure slightly and re-apply. Don't pump the breaks. Continue braking this way until you have brought the vehicle to a complete stop.

If two drivers enter an uncontrolled intersection from opposite directions at the same time, one going straight while the other is turning left, which vehicle has the right-of-way?

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If two drivers enter an uncontrolled intersection from opposite directions at the same time, one going straight while the other is turning left, the driver going straight has the right of way.

If you miss an expressway exit, what should you do?

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Make sure you are not creating a dangerous situation. Continue straight ahead and take the next exit.

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