INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Exam) Prep Guide

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The INBDE is a big test for dental students to get their license in the U.S. It checks their ability to solve problems and work with patients. The test is managed by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) and takes place at various test centers across the country.

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Key Takeaways

  • The INBDE is a two-day examination that replaces the NBDE Part I and NBDE Part II.
  • The INBDE is accepted in all U.S. states and territories as fulfilling all or part of the written examination requirements for licensure.
  • Examination administrations will no longer be offered in the province of Quebec in Canada, effective August 23, 2023.
  • Fees for rescheduling or cancelling a testing appointment vary depending on the timeframe, with the full testing fee forfeited for no-shows or late arrivals.
  • Candidates can request an audit of their INBDE results within 30 days, with a $65 fee and results available within four to six weeks.

                                                     Understanding the INBDE

The INBDE helps dental boards evaluate if candidates are qualified to practice dentistry. It’s a big test that checks what you know and if you can use that knowledge to solve problems safely and well.

Purpose and Acceptance

The INBDE tests if you’re ready for basic dentist work. It covers key knowledge and skills needed for dentistry. If you pass, you can practice dentistry in all U.S. states and territories without taking another written test.

Examination Content and Specifications

There are 500 questions in the INBDE. You have two days to answer them, with each day lasting over 6 hours. The test is based on key areas like diagnosing, planning treatments, managing oral health, and understanding dentistry as a profession.

INBDE Content AreaPercentage of Exam
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning36.2%
Oral Health Management42.0%
Practice and Profession21.8%

To pass the INBDE, you must know about 56 different important areas in dentistry. This big test makes sure dentists know how to care for patients well and safely.

INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Exam) Preparation Resources

Official Preparation Materials

The INBDE Candidate Guide is a crucial resource. It explains the exam’s format, content, and how it’s scored. Plus, there are sample test questions and other study materials to download. Candidates should take time to get to know these materials well. This will help them understand the exam’s structure and what’s expected.

Test-Taking Strategies

Knowing the exam’s content and format is key. But it’s also important to have smart test-taking strategies. Some tips include:

  1. Practicing time management is crucial. Make sure to do practice tests under timed conditions. This helps you get used to the exam’s pace.
  2. Have a system for each question. Read and analyze the question to find what it’s really asking for before choosing an answer.
  3. Active reading methods can be very helpful. Underline important details and take notes. This can help you remember and use the information better.
  4. It’s vital to know how to manage stress. Techniques like deep breathing and visualization can help you stay calm and focused during the exam.
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Using both the official study materials and effective test-taking strategies is a winning combination. This approach can significantly improve your performance on the INBDE.


The INBDE is a big part of becoming a dentist in the U.S. It’s important to get ready and know what to expect. This way, those taking the exam can show they are ready to practice dentistry at a beginner’s level safely.

This guide gives a lot of helpful information for the INBDE. It talks about why the test is given and how to get ready. Aspiring dentists now have everything they need to prepare and do well.

The INBDE is always changing for the better. The JCNDE and Prometric are working together to keep the exam up to date and reliable. It’s crucial for dental candidates to keep learning and preparing. This guide can help them do that, making it easier to reach their career goals.


What is the INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Examination)?

The INBDE is an important test for dental students in the U.S. It checks clinical skills and how well they can solve problems. The exam is run by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE). It happens at Prometric centers.

What is the purpose of the INBDE?

The INBDE helps dental boards decide if someone can get a dental license. The test looks at a person’s dental knowledge and skills. It makes sure they know how to practice dentistry safely and well.

What is the content and format of the INBDE?

This test makes sure dental students are ready to start practicing. It covers all the key areas in dentistry. The content is based on what every dentist should know and be able to do.

What resources are available for INBDE preparation?

The JCNDE and DTS offer many helpful tools for the INBDE. They have official study aids and tips for taking the test. This includes practice questions and advice on the best strategies to use.

What are some key test-taking strategies for the INBDE?

To do well, it’s important to know the test inside out. This means understanding what will be asked and how it will be presented. Managing your time wisely is also crucial. Practice with sample questions can help, as well as working on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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