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The designation for the glycosylated form of hemoglobin is called:

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HbA1c is the designation for the glycosylated form of hemoglobin. Normal levels of glycosylated hemoglobin represent about 5% of the total.

About 75% of the blood supply of the spinal cord is derived from the anterior spinal artery.
This artery originates from which of the following?

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The anterior spinal artery is a small branch, which arises near the termination of the vertebral, and, descending in front of the medulla oblongata, unites with its fellow of the opposite side at the level of the foramen magnum.

Which of the following is not considered to be common risk factor for CVA / stroke?

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Orthostatic hypertension is not a common risk factor for CVA/stroke.
The common risk factors for CVA / stroke include diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and heart disease.

Which of the following drugs is NOT a calcium channel blocker?

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Metoprolol is not a calcium channel blocker; it is a beta channel antagonist.

Which of the following layers of the heart is primarily composed of cardiac muscle?

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Mycocardium or middle layer of the heart consists of cardiac muscle. The heart is a highly specialized pumping organ composed of the following layers
Endocardium (lining coat; epithelium) Myocardium (middle coat; cardiac muscle), and Epicardium (external coat or visceral layer of pericardium; epithelium).

Which of the following peptide hormones is released in response to the stimulation of pituitary gonadotropes?

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The pituitary gonadotrophs are cells that secrete the gonadotrophic peptide hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and leutinizing hormone (LH).

Heparin is a rapidly acting, potent anticoagulant that has many important clinical uses.
Which of the following is an action of heparin?

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Heparin acts as an anticoagulant because it accelerates the action of antithrombin III to inhibit thrombin activity.

In which of the following transport processes do solid materials enter the cell in membrane-bound vesicles?

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In active transport, materials enter the cell in membrane-bound vesicles that are formed by the membrane.
This process is generally known as endocytosis and is of two types. Endocytosis of solid material and liquid materials is called phagocytosis and pinocytosis respectively.

Which cell organelle is involved in concentration packaging and transportation of secretory material inside the cell?

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The Golgi complex is prominent in glandular cells and is thought to function in the production, concentration packaging, and transportation of secretory material.

The disorder referred to as macrocytic anemia is caused by a deficiency in which of the following vitamins?

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Macrocytic anemia is caused by a deficiency in folate (folic acid), which is the vitamin component of tetrahydrofolate, THF.

Obesity, genetic profile, and aging all contribute to the development of Type II diabetes.
Of the following, which is the most important additive factor for these three conditions in the development of Type II diabetes?

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Muscle resistance to insulin is the most important additive factor for these three conditions in the development of Type II diabetes.
Progressive loss of skeletal muscle sensitivity to insulin leads to increased rates of visceral cell lipolysis and pancreatic betA-cell compensation.

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