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Which viewpoint has the most potential for error?

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The most off-target and acutely angled perspective will be the least accurate.

During fire rescue operations, firefighters use a Halligan to strongly enter closed doors. Which Halligan could force open the door with the least amount of effort?

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Since Halligan D has the greatest distance between the point of application of force and the point at which it is being leveraged, it would take the least effort to strongly open the door.

What letter best describes the northeast?

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North follows East counterclockwise.

Two identical automobiles are parked alongside a bridge. Which area(s) of the bridge would experience the highest deflection if it each had the same thickness?

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Due to its distance from the pillars and towers that support it, the middle of the bridge would experience the largest deflection. Put a piece of string over the space between two tables with one end held at each end. It would droop most at its middle point.

Which container is depicted in this graph with water inside it?

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The thinnest part of the container is represented by the steepest lines on the graph since it would fill up more quickly. The container depicted in this graph gradually widens from the bottom up until narrowing again at the top.

Which magnets are repelled by one another?

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Magnets' opposite poles attract and their similar poles repel.

How many rotations a second does C make?

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A gear with five teeth may complete 40 full rotations in one second, hence a cog with four times that many teeth will require four times as long to complete one full rotation. It will therefore make 4 times fewer spins.

A bolt cutter possesses extended handles with handle grips that are positioned farther away as possible from the neck. Which of the following statements best explains this design?

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The force needed to cut through the bolts decreases with distance from the pivot point, or it can be delivered with greater force, depending on how far away the pivot point is. This is a benefit of many tools having lengthy handles.

What amount of force is required to lift the weight using the lever?

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The following equation can be used to determine how much force is needed to lift a weight using a lever:
w x d1 = f x d2
w = weight
d1 = distance from the fulcrum to weight
f = force necessary to lift the weight
d2 = distance from the fulcrum to the point where force is applied

The formula produces the following equation when we input:
16 x 30 = ? x 14
480 = ? x 14
480 / 14 = 34.3

When a fire door is left open, a spring on the door pushes and forces it shut. What would happen to the process by which the door closes if the springs were made thicker?

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The door is closed by the spring. A stronger, thicker spring will close the door with more power than it did originally.

How much charge goes through a wire in three seconds at a current of 14 amperes?

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The basic unit of electric charge is the column, which is the amount of charge that can be transmitted in one second by a constant current. We must increase the amperes by 3 because we are measuring electric charge over three seconds, thus 14 x 3 = 42.

How much farther would Spring B be compressed by the same force if it compressed Spring A by 24 cm?

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If the same force is applied to Spring B, the force will be halved because there are 2 springs, which means the amount of compression will be halved.

24cm / 2 springs = 12cm.

A cylindrical, air-filled, non-pressurized metal tank is submerged under water. The tank gradually sinks farther underwater as the air departs. Which of the following best explains this motion?

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As air departs, the empty space is soon filled with water. As a result, the density of the tank quickly equals that of the water, and as a result of the increased weight and density, the tank continues to sink.

Which line on the graph most accurately depicts the acceleration of a car leaving a stop sign?

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The line gets steeper as the car travels farther from its beginning point because it is moving faster. On this graph, acceleration would not be depicted by a straight line.

What liquid would reach boiling point the quickest?

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Alcohol would boil the fastest since it has the lowest boiling point of the three liquids.

What color should your automobile not be painted if you don't want it to quickly overheat on a sunny day?

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The other colors would reflect the heat away, whereas black would absorb it and heat up the quickest?

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