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How many rotations does the wheel M make after K has made four complete rotations?

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If wheel K completes 4 revolutions, it means that it makes four full rotations. For every one rotation of wheel K, wheel M makes one full rotation. Therefore, the number of revolutions of wheel M is directly proportional to the number of revolutions of wheel K, and the wheel M will make 1 revolution when wheel K completes 4 revolutions.

The hydraulic crane seen in the illustration is what type of a lever?

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The correct answer is third class lever.

How many times and in which direction does the tiny wheel (B) rotate if the giant wheel (A) rotates three times in a clockwise manner?

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The giant wheel (A) rotates three times in a clockwise manner. As a result, the tiny wheel (B) rotates six times in the same clockwise direction. This relationship is due to the difference in their radii, with the smaller wheel covering a shorter distance in one full rotation compared to the larger wheel.

To stop a valuable circuit component from burning due to the increased current, we must place a ____ before it.

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A fuse is a safety device used in electrical circuits to protect components from overcurrent or short circuits. It consists of a metal wire or strip that melts and breaks the circuit when an excessive current passes through it.

We utilize ____ to determine a certain gas pressure.

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A manometer is an instrument used to measure the pressure of a gas, liquid, or vapor in a closed container or a pipeline.

In a circuit, the electrons travel from an area in which there are ____ electrons to an area in which there are ____ electrons.

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Electrons move from areas with an excess of electrons (more) to areas with a deficit of electrons (less) within an electrical circuit.

Typically, belts are constructed of ____ friction.

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Typically, belts are constructed of materials that increase friction. Belts are designed to grip the pulleys or wheels they are in contact with to ensure efficient power transmission and prevent slipping.

A force of 1200 N holds a load of 300 N. What is the length of the lever in meters if the force is exerted at a location that is 25 cm from the fulcrum?

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Force × Distance from fulcrum = Load × Distance from fulcrum
1200 N × 0.25 m = 300 N × L

L = (1200 N × 0.25 m) / 300 N
L = 300 / 300
L = 1 meter

Which of the following statements about magnets is TRUE?

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In a magnetic field, magnetic field lines are used to visualize and represent the direction and strength of the magnetic field. These lines form closed loops, meaning they have both a starting point and an ending point.

When a bulb in a set up in parallel breaks, the other bulbs:

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When a bulb in a setup connected in parallel breaks, the other bulbs continue to operate regularly.

A full ballistic trajectory's vertical component is divided in half (when falling down), and it appears to be:

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When a full ballistic trajectory's vertical component (during the falling phase) is divided in half, the resulting motion appears to be "uniformly accelerated motion."

A screw with a body diameter of 6mm and a pitch of 1mm must be turned with a 12N force. Determine the driving force influencing the screw. Write the solution in 3 S.F.

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First, we calculate the mechanical advantage (MA):

Mechanical Advantage (MA) = (π * Body Diameter) / Pitch
MA = (π * 6 mm) / 1 mm ≈ 18.85

Next, we can determine the driving force using the formula:

Driving Force = Applied Force × Mechanical Advantage
Driving Force = 12 N × 18.85 ≈ 226.2 N

Rounding this result to 3 significant figures, the driving force influencing the screw is approximately 226 N

What word is not associated with gears?

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The word "rack" is not associated with gears. In mechanical engineering and gear systems, a "rack" refers to a straight or flat toothed bar or rod that meshes with a gear.

Which process cannot generate magnets?

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To create a magnet, you need a method that can align the magnetic domains or induce a magnetic field in the material, which the painting method does not provide.

Which of the following statements about springs is NOT true?

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Springs are not considered a kind of simple machine. Simple machines are basic mechanical devices that provide mechanical advantage to perform work with less effort.

Which claims regarding circular motion is FALSE?

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Linear motion and circular motion are two distinct types of motion and are not directly related in the way that linear motion is a special case of circular motion.

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