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Which sections belong on your sheet for taking notes?

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On a page, divide the content into three sections: questions, notes, and summary.

'Insecure' has what prefix?

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Prefixes are word segments that modify the meaning of roots by being appended at the beginning. 'In' is the prefix in the word 'insecure' because it comes before the root word'secure'.

Which of the following DOES NOT belong in a well-crafted sentence?

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Generally speaking, using a variety of words and minimizing repetition indicate good style. Thus, it is NOT a sign of good diction to constantly reiterate yourself in order to convey a point.

Will there be a change in the sound of the following two sentences read aloud in English?

First sentence: His scarf was left at home.
Sentence 2: Was his scarf left behind at home?

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Yes, since the second sentence is a question, the tone changes. Finally, the pitch raises.

Which of these terms serves as a connector to link ideas that are similar or related?

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What should you do if you hear a word you don't know while listening to English spoken aloud?

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It is believed by listeners that in order to understand what a speaker is saying, they must comprehend every word and detail. Then, they become so anxious and overwhelmed with trying to recall every detail that they forget the primary idea entirely. Maintain composure and concentrate on the core idea to prevent this issue.

A motivational speaker tells a story about how liberating it may be to collect bees with your left hand, according to a friend of his. What does this illustrate?

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Observations made by the speaker regarding the experiences of others are referred to as second-person observations.

When it comes to answering the Reading section questions on the PTE Academic exam, what should you do first?

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When reading the material, answering the questions beforehand helps you remember the answers.

What in this sentence is incorrect?

Sharon chose to have spaghetti for dinner even though she had planned to go have steak.

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In writing, transitional words are employed to connect concepts and demonstrate relationships. The phrase "furthermore" does not elaborate on Sharon's desire to have steak for supper in connection to her subsequent admission that she is eating pasta.

Determine the writing sample's tone: "The apartment was terribly run-down and outdated." The furniture seems to be out of a Victorian horror story. There were moths on the drapes. As if they were nearing their end, even the appliances let forth a rattling and clanking sound.

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The tone of this sample is critical. Take note of the word choices such as'moth-eaten' and 'horribly out-of-date', the metaphorical language that likens the furniture to a Victorian nightmare, and the picture of the appliances clanking and rattling.

Which phrase makes use of your, yore, or you're correctly?

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Since "your" denotes ownership, this line accurately describes who owns the highest score.

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