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The process of aligning project activities and objectives with an organization's strategic vision is known as _____. 

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Aligning project activities and objectives with the organizational strategic vision is the process of project alignment. Project managers, in most situations, have considerable understanding of the project alignment process and will typically help top management in appropriately aligning their strategic goals with the projects at hand.

____ is a type of research that includes discussing characteristics without using numbers.

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Any research that uses data that does not show numerical values is considered qualitative. The goal of qualitative research is to analyze objects in their natural surroundings in order to make sense of a phenomena in terms of the meanings that people assign to it.

The steps a team must do in order to declare a program complete are referred to as _____. 

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In many situations, but particularly in business, it is essential to maintain project scope under control. Exit criteria are the procedures that a team must do in order for a program to be considered complete.

When a firm is overly focused on its goods or services rather than the advantages it provides to customers, we say that it is suffering from ______. 

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One of the leading causes of marketing myopia is ignoring or dismissing what your consumers want or expect from your business. Not listening to your consumers' recommendations, requests, or feedback and, as a result, not improving your products or services will cause your company to acquire marketing myopia over time.

A chart or document used to arrange project work into lists of emphasis areas is known as a ______. 

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In order to truly understand the work that has to be done in to efficiently generate a deliverable, projects, programs, and even initiatives might use a work breakdown structure (WBS). It identifies and organizes the needed work, which is one of the benefits of constructing a WBS.

It is known as ____ to change one's actions, way of thinking, and management style in order to gain the benefits of completed projects.

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Benefits realization is the process of capturing a project's actual benefits after its completion. It entails identifying, defining, planning, and tracking benefits. The purpose of this process is to guarantee that the team delivers on all promised advantages after following all necessary procedures. It extends beyond the discovery and quantification of benefits.

Which training approach teaches employees to complete a variety of jobs throughout time?

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Job rotation is the systematic shifting of people from one position to another within an organization to meet a variety of human resources goals, including onboarding new hires, training new hires, boosting career development, and minimizing job boredom or burnout.

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