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These days, most crochet hooks are constructed of aluminum, plastic, or wood.

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Throughout history, hooks have been fashioned from a variety of materials, including steel, bone, ivory, and porcupine quill.

Which of these languages is the origin of the word "crochet"?

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It originated from the "croche" word in Middle French, which meant "hook".

A crochet piece is started with a ___ knot.

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A loop is formed by placing the slip knot on the hook. To make a chain, pull another loop through the first one and repeat the process.

The Japanese craft of crocheting tiny animals is known as amigurumi.

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Although knitters can also create amigurumi, crocheters tend to prefer their work.

Which of the following is not a crochet stitch's name?

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The term "cracker stitch" is incorrect. The single stitch can be worked in different ways, such as double or treble stitches, or more clustered, like in a popcorn stitch.

Crocheting lace was a popular craft during the Victorian era.

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Even though it was first thought of as an inexpensive replica of lace created using more costly techniques, crocheting gained popularity after Queen Victoria started doing it herself.

The crochet hook comes in a limited size of twelve.

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Crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes, from very small (0.60 mm) to very large (19 mm). Various sized stitches can be made with varying sized hooks.

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