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What is the most common number of chains in your turning chain when crocheting rows of Double Crochet Stitches (US terminology)?

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This was a bit of a trick question, though, because I've seen designers use two chains for the turning chain in a lot of patterns. In reality, though, two chains work best for a half double crochet, or half treble in the UK, and three chains work best for a double crochet stitch.

How can two strands of yarn from two different skeins, hanks, or balls of yarn be joined together?

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If you figured this one out, you must be an expert crocheter! I am by no means an expert crocheter, and I only recently learned this technique. A really clever method for joining two strands of yarn from two separate balls of yarn is the Magic Knot.

What kind of crochet hook is shown in the image below?

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Yes, that image below depicts a Tunisian crochet hook! Although I haven't tried Tunisian crochet yet, I would really like to someday.

Another name for a magic circle is what?

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Several names exist for the magic circle, one of which is the Magic Loop. Fun fact: The Magic Ring is another name for it.

What word best describes the wrapping/winding technique used on the yarn in the picture below?

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For this question, Skein is the right response. Online articles about the various methods used to wind yarn abound; in fact, there are far more than just the three methods—skein, ball, and hank.

In the image below, what kind of crochet hook hold is being used?

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The "pencil hold," one of the two most common crochet hook holding techniques, is shown in the picture below.

Which part of the crochet hook determines the hook's size?

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The shank, otherwise known as the shaft of a crochet hook is what determines the size of your hook. Essentially, a 3mm crochet hook has a 3mm shank/shaft.

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