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The following terms make sense when combined. There is one among them that is not one of them. Which one is out of place?

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Sluggish is the right response; it refers to a slow-moving object. The remaining response options are all synonyms for "quick" or "fast."

The same rule applies to the following integers as well. What number is absent?

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That is, in fact, 121. 7 and 49 is the first set of numbers. 7² = 49 is the relationship between them. The second set of numbers is 9, and it has the same relationship as the first: 9² = 81. This indicates that 11², or 121, will be the right response.

Alexis is shorter than Harry. Alexis is taller than Samantha. Samantha is shorter than Tom. Of the following, which one has to be true?

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Samantha is the shortest, which is the right response. It can be useful to write down the names in order to answer queries like these. We are aware that Samantha is shorter than Alexis and Harry is taller than Alexis. This means that the following must be in sequence, tallest to shortest:


Lastly, it should be noted that Tom is taller than Samantha. If Tom is taller than Alexis or Harry, too little information is available to say so. This implies that Samantha being the shortest is the only thing that has to be true.

There is a bookstore with one hundred picture books. Monday saw the sale of 25% of the books, followed by Tuesday's sales of 31% and Wednesday's sales of 7%. Five books are returned on Thursday. How many picture books is the bookstore still carrying?

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The right response is 42. This problem requires several stages to solve. Let's examine each day in detail.

On Monday, there are one hundred books. 25 out of 100 are sold, meaning that 25% of them are sold. To calculate the remaining number of books, we now deduct 25 from 100: 100 - 25 = 75.

Tuesday: There are 75 books to begin with. Now that 31 of them have been sold, we deduct 31 from 75 to determine the remaining number of books: 75 – 31 = 44.

Wednesday: Let's begin with 44 immediately. After 7 of them are sold, we deduct 7 from 44 to determine the remaining number: 44 – 7 = 37.

Thursday: There are 37 books to begin with. Since five books were returned, the number of volumes remaining is now 42 (37 + 5). Thus, 42 books is the right response.

There is a pattern to the numbers in the box. What number should the question mark be replaced with?

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39 is the right response. The pattern is (x3, -12) across the first row of stitches. 31 x 3 equals 93, and 93 – 12 equals 81. The pattern is the same in the second row: 24 x 3 equals 72, and 72 minus 12 equals 60. The bottom row needs to adhere to the same guidelines as well. Since 17 x 3 equals 51 and 51 – 12 equals 39, 39 is the right response.

modest → haughty :: → antiquated

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The answer that fits best is modern. Given their opposing definitions, humble and arrogant are antonyms. Additionally, ancient and modern are antonyms.

What a hotel needs is _____

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The right response is "beds." Although some hotels do offer elevators, spas, and swimming pools, these amenities are not required. There must be beds in a hotel.

Seldom's opposite is:

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The right response is frequently. Seldom denotes infrequently or infrequently. This would make the right response frequently.

There is a connection between the words in the box. Select the word that fills in the empty space the best.

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The right response is suffering. The first two things in the top row are bat and bet. The final word in the row is beat. This is a mixture of the first two words since the middle two letters of beat (e and a) are taken from the first two words (bet and bat), and the beginning letter (b) and the end letter (t) are the same in all the words.

There will be a similar pattern in the second row. Given that the first two items are pan and pin, the right response is pain, which is a word that combines the two words in the same way by using the center letters of both pan and pin.

Even with his greatest efforts, training his puppy proved to be unsuccessful because the teenage dog persisted in chewing on all of the furnishings.

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The definition of useless is meaningless or having no impact or outcome. Despite is a linking word that should catch your attention. This indicates that he was unsuccessful in training his dog despite his "best attempts."

41, 45.6, 38.6, 43.2, and 36.2?

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The right response is 40.8. This question follows two patterns. The first step is to add 4.6 from the first to the second number (41 + 4.6 = 45.6). 7 is then deducted (45.6 – 7 = 38.6). And so on, repeating this cycle (38.6 + 4.6 = 43.2). Following this pattern, 40.8, or 36.2 + 4.6, is the correct response.

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