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The antithesis of adaptability is:

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Rigidity is the right response. In contrast to rigid, which cannot be bent or altered, flexible materials can be bent without breaking.

The following terms make sense when combined. There is one among them that is not one of them. Which one is out of place?

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Soil is the right response. The remaining words are each constituent elements of a tree.

The same rule applies to the following integers as well. What number is absent?

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39 is the right response. The numbers 8 and 24 are the first pair. They are related to each other by the formula 8 x 3 = 24. The link between the second set of integers, 11 and 33, is also 11 x 3 = 33. This indicates that 13 x 3 = 39 is the right response.

Amanda has at last discovered an answer to the issue that would satisfy everyone.

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The solution is the right response. It is evident from reading the sentence that Amanda was able to identify a solution that would work for everyone. The definition of a solution is an approach to problem-solving that yields the right response.

Decrease → Increase : Shallow →

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The right response is complex. Decrease and increase, the first pair of words, are opposites. To make something smaller, use the term decline, and to make something larger, use the word increase.

The second set of words has to adhere to the same structure. Because the first term is shallow, the next word must represent the opposite, making profound the right response.

________ must be present in every airport.

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The runways is the right response. Runways are a must for airports in order for aircraft to take off. Restaurants, stores, and most airports' boat sections are not necessary.

There is a pattern to the numbers in the box. What number should the question mark be replaced with?

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The right response is 19. (28, -4) is the pattern that goes across the first row. 21 is 13 plus 8, while 17 is 21 – 4. The pattern is the same in the second row: 24 – 4 equals 20, and 16 + 8 equals 24. The bottom row needs to adhere to the same guidelines as well. The pattern will function if we enter 19: 19 + 8 equals 27, and 27 – 4 equals 3. 19 is therefore the right response.

5 12 9 16 13 ?

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Twenty is the correct response. The series starts with the number 5. Twelve comes next, which indicates that seven was added. Nine comes next, indicating that three was deducted. 16 is the next number, indicating that 7 was added once more. This indicates that +7, – 3 is the pattern in this series. By adding 7 to 13, we can arrive at the right answer of 20, by following this strategy.

Sort the following words to create the best possible statement. What letter would the last word start with once the sentence has been rearranged?

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The right response is H. The final word, health, starts with the letter H. Rearranged, the line reads, "Eating fruits and vegetables every day is good for your health."

What would make the displayed picture complete?

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Alex and Mitch made twenty cookies. Alex ate four of them, while Mitch consumed half. How much of the cookies remained?

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The correct answer is 6 cookies. There were 20 cookies to start, and if Mitch ate half of them, that means we must divide 20 by 2 to find out how many he ate:

20 ÷ 2 = 10 cookies
If we then subtract the 10 cookies Mitch ate, we get 10 cookies remaining:

20 – 10 = 10 cookies

Alex then ate 4 cookies, which means we must subtract 4 from the 10 remaining cookies to find out how many were left:

10 – 4 = 6 cookies

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