Free NCLB Basic Questions and Answers


Give students the impression that exams come before real learning and that knowledge is useless if it isn't tested.

Testing costs money that could be better used for programs and resources

results in a loss of teacher autonomy and a standardized curriculum.

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Results accountability

lowering red tape and fostering flexibility at the state and local levels

increasing the possibilities available to parents of kids from underprivileged backgrounds

Making sure all children are literate through the Reading First initiative (more federal funds)

enhancing the caliber of teachers

Verifying advancement

fostering fluency in English

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Based on results from standardized tests, the No Child Left Behind measurement is used to assess how well each public school and school district in the US is doing.

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"States may request exemptions from some No Child Left Behind regulations."

The outdated ESEA/NCLB law stifles state and local efforts at innovation and reform.

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They haven't done much to ensure that state-level academic achievement is equal.

The federal government demands a national curriculum, saps teachers' innovation, and imposes a uniform curriculum that disregards cultural variances.

Prioritize conformity and rote learning above originality.

Some topics are not covered.

The financial burden of technology adoption since online testing is required.

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2 years: designated as "in need of improvement," the school is required to create an improvement plan, inform parents, and permit students to transfer to more suitable institutions.

Three years: supplementary education services and a school improvement plan must be implemented.

Four years: Remedial measures

Five-year plan: Restructuring

Six years: Get everything reorganized

Every year carries over the effects of the year before.

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Instead of NCLB

centered on giving every student the tools they need to succeed in both college and the workplace

transfers federal accountability laws to state jurisdiction

maintains the need for yearly standardized testing.

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"Aid students with limited English proficiency in acquiring the language efficiently and rapidly."

tests in reading and language arts following three years of straight attendance at a US school.

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Which of the following describes the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) on special education practices?

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"Part of President Lyndon B. Johnson's" "War on Poverty"

large statute that provides funding for secondary and elementary education

sets strict guidelines and responsibility

reduce achievement inequalities by giving everyone the same opportunity to receive a top-notch education.

The George W. Bush reauthorization of ESEA is referred to as the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001."

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"NCLB implementation as a challenge"

Extremely intricate structure of changes necessitates a multifaceted reorientation of the educational policy and practice landscape.

Resource-related problems

Much debate on the features

It gives "proficiency level" on state exams a great deal of weight, but these levels differ greatly between states; there is no standard definition for the term, and states are free to interpret it.

One-size-fits-all accountability model that makes it difficult to implement adjustments.

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