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Alex was in a hurry so he wasn’t able to grab a bite before going to the office.

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The given correct answer is "get something to eat". This answer is supported by the statement in the question that Alex was in a hurry and wasn't able to grab a bite before going to the office. This implies that he needed to eat something but didn't have the time to do so.

Ostensibly confused

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The word "ostensibly" means seemingly or apparently, so if someone is ostensibly confused, it means they appear to be confused but may not actually be. The word "truly" means genuinely or really, so if someone is truly confused, it means they are genuinely confused without any doubt. Therefore, "truly" is the correct answer as it provides the opposite meaning to "ostensibly confused".

Sometimes I get bored listening to her because she keeps on harping on the same string.

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The phrase "harping on the same string" is an idiom that means to repeatedly talk about the same topic or issue. In this context, the speaker is expressing their boredom with someone who constantly brings up the same subject. The other options, such as playing the harp, singing out of tune, or saying something bad about others, do not accurately capture the meaning of the idiom or the speaker's sentiment.

Simon is determined to buy a new Jaguar even if it would cost him an arm and a leg.

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The phrase "cost him an arm and a leg" is an idiom that means something is very expensive. In this context, it suggests that Simon is willing to pay a high price for a new Jaguar, indicating that the correct answer is "be very expensive."

A good soldier is one who doesn’t show the white feather in battle.

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A good soldier is someone who displays bravery and courage in battle. Showing the white feather is a symbol of cowardice, indicating that the soldier is afraid and unwilling to fight. Therefore, the correct answer is "show signs of cowardice".

We are encouraging Maggie to audition for the musical play and not hide her light under a bushel.

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The phrase "hide her light under a bushel" is an idiom that means to conceal or obscure one's talents or abilities. In this context, the statement is encouraging Maggie to audition for the musical play and not to hide her talents. Therefore, the correct answer is "conceal or obscure her talents."

He has been down in the dumps ever since he lost his job.

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The phrase "down in the dumps" is an idiomatic expression that means feeling sad or depressed. The sentence also mentions that he lost his job, which can be a significant life event that leads to feelings of depression. Therefore, the correct answer is "depressed."

An orthodox belief

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The word "unconventional" is the correct answer because it means not following traditional or orthodox beliefs or practices. It is the opposite of "traditional" and "religious," which both imply adherence to established norms and beliefs. "Pagan" is also not the correct answer as it specifically refers to a non-Christian or polytheistic religious belief, whereas "unconventional" is a broader term that can encompass various non-traditional beliefs or practices.

A true friend is someone who stands by you all the time and never leaves you in a lurch.

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A true friend is someone who remains loyal and supportive during difficult times, never abandoning or turning their back on you when you need them the most. They are there to provide comfort, help, and guidance when you are facing challenges or going through tough situations. They do not desert or abandon you when you are in difficulty, showing their true friendship and commitment to your well-being.

Jeremy is the head honcho of the new car company.

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The term "head honcho" is often used to refer to the person in charge or the top boss of a company. In this context, Jeremy is described as the head honcho of the new car company, indicating that he holds a high-ranking position and has significant authority and decision-making power within the organization. Therefore, the correct answer is "top boss."

Rodel is planning to enter law school because he wants to tread in the footsteps of his father.

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The correct answer is "follow the example of". This means that Rodel wants to imitate or emulate his father's actions and choices, possibly because he admires his father's achievements or believes that his father's path in law school will lead to success.

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