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Kim was a copywriter for a central advertising agency before pursuing her studies to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She is currently seeking other income sources as she works as a personal trainer at a fitness center. Which would give her the most opportunities to raise her income?

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Correct Answer: Marketing her services as a writer to create blogs and social media posts for her studio as well as other fitness professionals in her area
Kim could quickly start making extra money by offering her writing skills to write blogs or social media posts for fitness centers or other fitness professionals. She has a strong background in writing.

Which common cause of death can be avoided the most?

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Correct Answer: Obesity
An avoidable cause of death is obesity as a disease.

What kind of health issue is the world's leading cause of death right now?

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Correct Answer: Chronic diseases and conditions
In the modern world, chronic illnesses and diseases are the leading cause of death. These are chronic conditions that can be controlled but not cured, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, which frequently progress slowly. These illnesses cause a large number of deaths worldwide, and aging populations, unhealthy lifestyles, and restricted access to healthcare are all contributing factors to their rising prevalence. While they may also have an impact, acute illnesses, trauma, and alcohol-related problems are not the leading causes of death; instead, chronic illnesses and conditions are.

Why is it that NASM Certified Personal Trainers must complete ongoing education?

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Correct Answer: To guarantee that fitness experts remain current on the most recent insights and discoveries in the field.
Every two years, NASM Certified Personal Trainers must complete 2.0 CEUs (20 hours) to stay up to date on the most recent understandings and research findings in the field.

How should a sales presentation with a prospective customer be wrapped up?

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Correct Answer: Asking for the sale and scheduling the first session
When a salesperson asks a customer to buy something or, in the case of personal training, schedules the first session, the sales process is considered complete.

The human body has a special capacity to adapt to stress and alter its physiological processes as needed to preserve optimal health. What is the name of this procedure?

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Correct Answer: Homeostasis
The body puts a lot of effort into maintaining a relatively stable balance. This mechanism is known as homeostasis.

What should you do immediately following a potential employer interview?

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Correct Answer: Sending a handwritten thank-you letter or an email
The ideal way to express gratitude to the hiring manager for their time is via an email or a handwritten letter.

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