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What actions can owners and members perform on teams that have been archived?

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All permissions belong to the team's owner. Even though a team is archived, HE can still make all the changes to the documents and teams.

How many organization-wide Teams can be formed at the tenant level by Global or Teams administrators?

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According to Microsoft, there can only be five tenants per organization-wide Teams. It is deemed to be limit over if administrators are unable to view the option to create org-wide Teams.

For their teams' file tabs, users have mostly been using Dropbox rather than M365 options like OneDrive or SharePoint. To promote M365 adoption, you must configure Microsoft Teams as an administrator to disable third-party storage solution providers like Dropbox. What should you set up to do this?

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Users won't be able to add external cloud storage services like Dropbox to Microsoft Teams' file tabs.

You work as an organization's IT administrator.
Setting up email integration for the Microsoft Teams channel is your responsibility.
How are you going to finish this task?You work as an organization's IT administrator.
Setting up email integration for the Microsoft Teams channel is your responsibility. How are you going to finish this task?

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Teams' email integration makes it possible for users to send emails to channels.

Your business is a subscriber to Microsoft 365. You must make sure that only employees in the IT department of the business can create private channels. Which three things ought you to do? Each right response offers a piece of the answer. NOTE: A point is awarded for each choice that is correct.

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In the Microsoft Teams admin area, select Teams > Teams policies to manage teams policies. You can either develop and assign unique policies or utilize the global (Org-wide default) policy. Unless you establish and assign a customized policy, users in your business will automatically receive the global policy.

To meet the security requirements, you must configure the user accounts of the users in the sales department. What must you carry out for every user?

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You may greatly improve the general security posture of your firm and reduce potential security risks and threats by putting security measures in place for each user account in the sales department.

The Android Teams app is supported on how many recent versions?

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Users of the Teams app can engage in chat chats, host and join meetings, make audio and video calls, share files, work together on documents, and access a number of other Microsoft Teams services.

It must be possible for your users to put a call on hold and then transfer it to other people. For users who require that capability, what should you design?

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Incoming calls can be put on hold by users in your company, who can then transfer them to agents or other users who are waiting in line. By ensuring that incoming calls are efficiently handled by the right team members, this feature helps to improve call management.

What are the methods for dynamic membership in Teams to add or delete a member?

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According to a set of rules, attributes can be added or changed to add or delete members.

You are a subscriber to Microsoft Office 365.
You must prevent visitors from a Microsoft Teams team from deleting channels.
Which should you employ?

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This module offers a strong and effective approach to carry out different administrative activities associated with Microsoft Teams, including team creation, channel management, policy configuration, guest access management, and more.

You have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
You plan to upgrade from Microsoft Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.
You use the following workloads in Skype for Business:
✑ Audio/video conferencing
✑ Dial-in conferencing
✑ Enterprise Voice
✑ Persistent Chat
✑ Chat
You need to ensure that users can evaluate Microsoft Teams while maintaining PSTN calling by using the Skype for Business client.
Which coexistence mode should be utilized?

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Verifying and setting up the coexistence mode to make sure it complies with the needs of your company is always a smart idea.

You have to build a targeted collaborative space because you are the company's global administrator. How are you going to finish this task?

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Private channels offer a more concentrated setting for working together on certain projects, having private conversations, and exchanging documents.

There are 20 teams in your company's Microsoft 365 membership.
You must make sure that a team named Team1 is marked in the Microsoft Teams app as Highly Confidential.
Which should you employ?

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Once you've given Team1 the "Highly Confidential" Team Tag, the tag will be shown in the Microsoft Teams client interface, making it simple for users to understand the team's level of sensitivity. Users may find it useful to take note of the team's confidentiality policy and use caution while sharing information with other members of the team.

Where would you go in the Azure portal to set up an expiration policy? Microsoft 365 is a tenant of your business. Guest users claim they are unable to access Microsoft Teams' files or Microsoft OneNote. The channels, chats, and conversations are accessible to the visitor users. You must make sure that Microsoft Teams' guest users can access the files and OneNote. What should external sharing be configured for?

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Guest users ought to be able to access files and OneNote information through Microsoft Teams after external sharing settings have been set up in SharePoint. With this setting enabled, users from outside your Microsoft 365 tenant who have been invited as guests can access files shared in Teams channels or chats.

Your business is a subscriber to Microsoft 365.
Users experience poor call quality when making voice calls using Microsoft Teams during particular times of the day.
You must check to see if the calls are receiving Quality of Service (QoS). Which should you employ?

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Use the Call Analytics tool in the Microsoft Teams admin center to check whether Quality of Service (QoS) is being used for voice calls placed from Microsoft Teams.

The requirements for the voice pilot project need to be determined. What are the two things you should do? Each right response offers a piece of the answer. NOTE: A point is awarded for each choice that is correct.

Please select 2 correct answers

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These two tasks will help you compile the data and specifications you need to successfully design and carry out a voice pilot project using Microsoft Teams or any other voice communication solution.

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