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How do you pronounce the number two?

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"イチ" (ichi) is the pronunciation of the number 1 in Japanese when written in katakana, a Japanese script used for foreign words and emphasis.

What does the Japanese kanji for 7 look like?

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The Japanese Kanji character for the number 7 is "七." It is pronounced as "shichi" or "nana" in Japanese.

What is the right ranking from 1 to 10?

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The correct order from 1 to 10 in Japanese, based on the sequence you provided, is as follows:
一 (いち) - One
二 (に) - Two
三 (さん) - Three
四 (し/よん) - Four
五 (ご) - Five
六 (ろく) - Six
七 (しち/なな) - Seven
八 (はち) - Eight
九 (きゅう) - Nine
十 (じゅう) - Ten

The Kanji symbol for Juu is .

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十" (じゅう) represents the Kanji character for the number "10" in Japanese.

Which pronunciation of a Japanese number from 1 to 10 is incorrect?

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"Jun" does not correspond to any of the correct pronunciations for the numbers from 1 to 10 in Japanese

What is the solution to 十 - 四?

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The answer to "十 - 四" in Japanese is "六" (ろく).
In this equation, "十" (じゅう) represents the number 10, and "四" (し) represents the number 4. By subtracting 4 from 10, the result is "六" (ろく), which means 6 in Japanese.

What is the missing number? 一二三四五六七八十

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The number that is missing in the given sequence is "九" (きゅう).
The sequence you provided is: 一 (1), 二 (2), 三 (3), 四 (4), 五 (5), 六 (6), 七 (7), 八 (8), 十 (10).
The number "九" (きゅう) represents the numeral "9" in Japanese, and it is missing from the sequence you provided

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