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Your business is creating its open network. The IPv4 address space used by the network is The network must be set up as depicted in the ensuing exhibit. For each segment, subnets must be configured. Which IP addresses on the network should you assign?

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1: The matching lenth prefix in CIDR notation is /22.
2: The next multiple of 8 bigger than 22 is 24, which is a myltiple of 8. The third octet is intriguing.
3: Since 24-22 equals 2, the incremental is 22—or 4.
4: The third octer's increments are 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, and so forth."

Your organization uses both IPv4 and IPv6 on computers spread across many sites. A firewall that implements symmetric NAT guards each location. Peer-to-peer communication must be permitted between all locations. What do need to do?

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Teredo is a transitional technique used in computer networking that enables full IPv6 connectivity for IPv6-
capable sites that are connected to the IPv4 Internet but do not directly connect to an IPv6 network. One
aspect that sets it apart from other similar protocols is its ability to function even when hidden by network
address translation devices that use NAT, such home routers.

There are two Windows Server machines on your network called Server1 and Server2. 2008 R2. A Windows 7 client named Computer1 is present on the network. IPSec is used to encrypt all communication between Server1 and Server2. There is no need for IPSec encryption during client-server communication. By utilizing the IP Security Monitor on your computer, you must make sure that you may connect to Server1. Computer1. What ought you to do?

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Valid for clients running Windows 7 and Vista.
To remotely administer or monitor a computer (2008), click Start, Run, input regedit, and then click OK.
Find the following registry subkey, then click it:
On the computer, look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services PolicyAgent.
Edit menu, pick ""-""
Click New, followed by DWORD Value.
Enter once you've typed EnableRemoteMgmt.
Click Modify after selecting the entry EnableRemoteMgmt with the right mouse button.
Type 1 into the Value data box, then click OK.
Shut down Registry Editor.
Launch the remote registry. To achieve this, enter the command net start RemoteRegistry at a command
Launch the PolicyAgent. At the command prompt, enter the command net start policyagent to get started. ,br> Ensure that the computer's administrator has access rights to manage or oversee the team. Enable
service management rules remotely in Windows Firewall's Advanced Security area.

Your network includes the Active Directory domain. A server called Server1 in the domain is home to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. In order to give client PCs access to the SQL Server installation, you must establish the Windows Firewall on Server 1. Which port or ports should Windows Firewall be configured to allow?

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A Winsock application called SQL Server uses the sockets network library to communicate via TCP/IP.
On a specific port, SQL Server waits for incoming connections. The SQL default port
Server number 1433. Although 1433 is the official Internet Assigned Number, the port need not be 1433.
SQL Server socket number from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

A DHCP scope has to have a reservation added for a printing device. Which two elements ought to be mentioned in the reservation? (Select two accurate answers; each one contributes to the answer.)

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Based on the MAC address, a reservation holds an IP address.

For the email servers on your network, you must set up a sender policy framework (SPF) record. What kind of resource record ought to you make?

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Outgoing Email Authentication:
Domain owners must make a list of all the IP addresses of their outgoing mail servers and publish it in the
DNS zone file. This is an administrative process that doesn't call for any modifications to the DNS or
e-mail software used by the company. If your domain doesn't have any outgoing email servers, you can still
aid prevent spoofing by releasing an
This is stated in the DNS SPF record. The procedures listed below will help you build and publish an
SPF record for every domain that belongs to your company.

A Server Core installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 is present on the two servers known as Server1 and Server2 in your network. DNS servers are set up on servers 1 and 2. is the IP address of Server1. is the IP address of Server2. is the usual principal zone on Server 1. Zone transfers for are permitted. Make sure Server2 has a copy of the zone hosted on it. Which command ought to be entered into Server2?

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Command line use
Launch the command prompt.
Type: [file FileName]dnscmdServerName /ZoneAdd ZoneName /Secondary MasterIPaddress

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