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A member server called DC1 and a domain controller named DC1 are both part of your network. Server1. The event log for Active Directory Web Services (ADWS) is copied and saved to DC1. The log is copied to Server1. When you examine the Server1 event log file, you find that the event description information is missing. You must make sure that the event log file opens on Server 1 and DC 1 with the same information displayed. On Server1, what should you do?

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The description/display information that is missing is contained in the LocaleMetaData, thus you should
select to save and ""display information"" when you ""save all events as"

Server1 is a server in your network that runs Windows Server 2008 R2. On Server1, a fresh application is installed. You find that Server1 frequently goes down after the installation. Determine if the problems on Server1 are related to the application's installation. What ought you to do?

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Reliability Monitor keeps track of system stability and reliability incidents going back up to a year. On the
System Stability Chart, a rolling graph arranged by date is visible.
A graph of the Stability Index can be seen in the top part of the System Stability Chart. Five rows in the
lower portion of the chart track Reliability Events, which either help determine the system's stability or
provide information about the addition and deletion of software. An icon is displayed in the column for the
given date whenever one or more Reliability Events of that sort are found. An Information icon for software
installs and uninstalls denotes a successful occurrence of that sort, whereas a Warning icon denotes a failure
of that type.
An Error icon denotes a failure of that type for all other Reliability Event types.

An Active Directory domain with the name is present on your network. Two DNS servers, DC1 and Server1, are present on the domain. A domain controller is DC1. Member server 1 is the server. You establish the principal zone on Server 1. On DC1, you must duplicate the zone. What ought you to do? (Select two accurate answers; each one contributes to the answer.)

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Multiple zones can be created from a single DNS database. A zone is a section of the DNS database that
houses resource entries with owner names that are part of the DNS namespace's contiguous area. DNS
servers keep track of zone files. Zero, one, or more zones may be hosted by a single DNS server.
Because is a brand-new zone and domain, it has nothing to do with
This is permitted because DNS servers can host a number of distinct zones.

Windows Server 2008 R2 is installed on a file server called Server1 in your network. On Server1, IPSec is turned on. You must determine which client machines are connected to Server1 using active IPSec associations. What administrative tool ought to be employed to complete this task?

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A host firewall that assists with device security in two ways is Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced
Security. First, it has the ability to filter the network traffic that is allowed to leave the network and filter the
network traffic that the device is authorized to send back to the network.

The HTTP traffic to and from a server must be recorded each day between 9:00 and 10:00. What do you need to do?

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LDAP capture command: nmcap /networks * /file.cap <br? If a timer is desired, add the following.
after x hours, /startwhen /time

There is an Active Directory domain on your network. The domain houses a server named Server1 and an enterprise certification authority (CA) called Server2. You install Network Policy Server (NPS) and set up a network access server on Server 2. Policy for IPSec protection (NAP) enforcement. The lifetime of health certificates can be set to four hours through the Health Registration Authority snap-in on Server2. You learn that the client computers' health certificates have a one-year expiration date. The health certificates must be limited to a four-hour validity period. What ought you to do?

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Set up a template that overrides the validity period
To give the CA permission to issue the new health certificate template, perform these steps.
The only exception to this method is an enterprise NAP CA.
To enable overriding of the template validity period
Click Start, Run, right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as administrator on the NAP CA.
Enter Certutil.exe -setreg policyEditFlags in the command window.
Enter net stop certsvc && net start certsvc in the command window, then hit ENTER
. Make that Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) is successfully stopped and started.

The Routing role service is deployed on a server called Server1 in your network. Server1 has two connections to the internet. The internal network is connected by a single network connection. The Internet is accessible through the other network connection. Private IP addresses are used for any network connections that are part of the internal network. A Web server called Web1 is installed. Only TCP port 8281 is permitted for connections to Web1's secure website. Web1 is linked to the corporate intranet. You must make sure that Internet users may access the secure website. From the Routing and Remote Access console, what should you do?

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This is a deceptive query. It is necessary to permit port 8281 in this case. On port 80, HTTPS is active

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