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Windows' main workspace is called .

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Windows computers have a desktop. Windows users' main graphical interface is the desktop. It stores icons, shortcuts, and files for easy access.
Desktop backgrounds show the computer's resources and functions. Customize the desktop to launch apps and manage files.

Microsoft created Windows.

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Microsoft created Windows Operating systems manage hardware and software resources and provide services for computer programs.
Windows operating systems provide a user interface, manage file systems, enable multitasking, and enable software-hardware communication on personal computers and devices.

The Recycle Bin deletes files immediately.

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Files in the Recycle Bin are not deleted immediately. It's moved to the recycle bin for safety.
You can recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin. until you empty it. Emptying the Recycle Bin deletes files permanently.
If you delete files accidentally or change your mind, you can restore them from the Recycle Bin until then.

This icon is probably a .

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The image's icon is likely a folder icon. Folder icons in graphical user interfaces like Windows represent directories that can hold files, documents, and other folders. Hierarchical folders organize files and data. The icon looks like a folder with a tab, which many operating systems use to represent folders.

Some of your desktop windows may be hidden behind others.
Which hidden window is easiest to switch to?

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To switch to a hidden window, click its taskbar icon. The taskbar displays icons for open applications and windows. When you click an application's taskbar icon, Windows brings the associated window to the front so you can interact with it.
This method is fast and convenient for switching between open windows without closing or reopening programs.

Click and drag to move windows.

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To move a window in the Windows operating system, click and drag the window's title bar. The title bar, located at the top of a window, contains the window's title, minimize, maximize, and close buttons.
By clicking and holding on the window's title bar, it is possible to reposition the entire window. This feature enables you to rearrange windows and organize your workspace to your liking.

You can't find a computer file.
Which are good places to find the file? Check all.

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The Recycle Bin holds deleted files before they are permanently deleted. Unless you accidentally deleted a file, the Recycle Bin won't have it. My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music are common default folders for different types of files.
The Downloads folder stores internet downloads. Recently downloaded files are often found here.

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