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Techuisitive Microsoft Endpoint Manager administrator. The company recently installed 5 computers in the common area for employees to check their personal emails or visit unsecure websites.
Make sure employees can use Microsoft Edge without signing in. These computers should not allow employees to use other applications. Use which device configuration profile type?

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Utilize a Kiosk device configuration profile to meet the requirements of allowing employees to access only the Microsoft Edge browser without having to sign in and preventing access to other applications on the computers.

"You are in charge of the Microsoft Intune-enabled Windows 10 devices. You are required to make sure that only authorized locations can access Microsoft Exchange online.
What needs to be configured to fulfill the requirement? "

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To ensure that Microsoft Exchange Online can only be accessed from known locations, a Conditional Access policy must be configured. Microsoft Intune's Conditional Access policy enables you to set conditions that must be met prior to granting access to specific resources.

Intune-enrolled Windows 10 laptop. Two device compliance policies for identical devices use the same setting. Policy winner?

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means that the device compliance policy with the stricter or more restrictive setting will take precedence when you apply the same setting to two device compliance policies in Microsoft Intune that are targeted to the same devices.

Which Microsoft API integrates Intune with other management consoles?

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The correct answer is Microsoft Graph API.
Microsoft Graph API is a comprehensive API platform that enables unified access to resources and data across multiple Microsoft services, including Intune.
It permits developers to create applications that integrate with Intune and other Microsoft services, enabling tasks such as managing devices, users, applications, and policies.

Which offering has Intune?

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Microsoft Intune is a component of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite from Microsoft. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a comprehensive solution that equips organizations with the tools and technologies necessary to manage and secure devices, apps, and data across multiple platforms.
Intune is the mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) component of EMS, with capabilities to manage and secure devices, apps, and data in the cloud.

You are the Microsoft Endpoint Manager administrator at Techuisitve. You administer Windows 10 devices enrolled with Microsoft Intune. The company has a large number of Windows 10 professional devices. All devices running Windows 10 Professional must be upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise. What should you do?

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Microsoft Intune-enrolled devices can receive a device configuration profile.
Set the "Edition to upgrade to" setting to "Windows 10 Enterprise" and provide the product key to upgrade Windows 10 10 Professional devices to Windows 10 Enterprise using a device configuration profile. 
Microsoft Intune device compliance policies enforce settings. It cannot upgrade a n OS.Provisioning packages install new operating systems on devices.
It cannot upgrade Microsoft Intune-enrolled devices' operating systems.

Intune-enrolled Windows 10 laptop. Device configuration and compliance policies use the same setting. Which setting wins?

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Both device configuration policies and device compliance policies are used to manage Microsoft Intune-enrolled devices.
However, they serve distinct functions and operate in distinct ways.
Devices are configured using device configuration policies.
This indicates that they can be used to modify settings on the device, such as the password policy, the permitted applications, and the screen brightness.
The use of device compliance policies to enforce device settings.
This means that they can be used to label devices as non-compliant if they lack the necessary settings.

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