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What equation best describes the volume V of a cylinder with a diameter of 8.5 cm and a height of 12.5 cm?

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Jos puts $2,350 into two bank accounts for savings.

Every year, Account X offers 3.25% simple interest.
3.75% interest is compounded annually on Account Y.

Which amount, if Jos made no more deposits or withdrawals, would be closest to the difference between the interest Jos will receive in Account X and Account Y after three years?

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On a coordinate grid, parallelogram XVUW was translated six units to the right and seven units down to produce parallelogram X'V'U'W. Which of the following rules best sums up this change?

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The parallelogram XVUW was found to have migrated 6 units to the right and 7 units down.

We must add 6 to the x-coordinate in order to move 6 units to the right.
Removing 7 units from the y-coordinate requires us to deduct 7.

Thus, the following rule will characterize this transformation:

(x + 6, y – 7) → (x,y)

An engineer determined the length of a square cardboard diagonal in centimeters by solving the equation x2 = 140. Which of the following sums up the square's diagonal's approximate length in centimeters?

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A client requests a $15,000 loan so that he can remodel his house. Which of the following loan choices enables the borrower to make the lowest possible interest payment?

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A tank has a volume of 5,991,000 square millimeters. How should this square centimeter amount be expressed in scientific notation?

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Alan put $9,000 into a business savings account with an annual simple interest rate of 5.75%. No more money will be deposited or taken out.

What is the closest estimate of the interest that will be deposited into the account after a period of 12 years?

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Examine the following diagram, which illustrates a conical birthday cap's height.

The cone is 675π cubic centimeters in volume. What is the cone's approximate radius in centimeters?

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Examine the following graph of a linear function:

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The point on the graph where the line crosses the y-axis is known as the y-intercept.

Thus, the line intersects the y-axis at (0,10).

The y-intercept is therefore 10.

The diameter of an earth globe with a sphere-like shape is 25.5 cm. In cubic centimeters, which of the following best describes the estimated volume of the globe?

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When a figure is transformed using one of the following methods on a coordinate grid, which one does not preserve congruency?

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Congruence preservation in this context refers to the requirement that the transformation's shape and size remain unchanged.

Since they do not alter the figure's shape, translations, reflections, and rotations are the appropriate transformations.

Dilation, however, modifies the figure's size and shape. Thus, congruence is not preserved.

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