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Which of the following fixture types can be served by a waste and vent combo system?

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When using CWV systems, not every fixture needs to have an individual vent. The fixtures that have been approved for a CWV installation have bigger drains installed instead of a vertical vent. The fixture obtains the necessary air for drainage in the upper section of the bigger piping because the drain diameter is greater. Toilets, bidets, and urinals cannot be put on CWV systems.

It is necessary to pipe clear water waste from a potable source through an air gap, such as a relief valve on a water heater, to an indirect waste.

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It is required to pipe clear water waste from a potable water system to an indirect waste and discharge it through an air gap. This is as easy as terminating the discharge pipe of a floor drain six inches above the strainer.

A kitchen cannot be on the accessible route for individuals using public plumbing facilities.

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Accessible pathways to public restrooms are not permitted to go through kitchens, closets, storage rooms, or other similar areas.

Which of the following connections to a sanitary drainage system is seen to be the most effective?

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An indirect wastepipe is thought to be better protected from back siphonage by an air gap than by an air break. An air break carries a higher risk of a backflow due to the installation process. It is possible for the sanitary drain to become clogged and back up since air breaches have discharge piping entering a receptor. If this happens, contaminated waste may return to the indirect waste fixture. When an air gap is being employed, this is not possible.

Which of the following places wouldn't be a good place for an indirect waste receptor?

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Closets and unvented spaces are not appropriate places to install indirect waste receptors. It is necessary for all indirect waste receptors to be reachable.

Which of the following can circuit vents do?

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Ventilating a battery of fixtures requires the use of circuit vents. The vents might be connected to other vents that open to the outdoors. Vent stacks and stack vents are included in this. A circuit vent must have a diameter that is at least half that of the drain it is intended to serve.

What is the greatest possible separation between an accessible toilet faucet and the front edge of the toilet?

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When the fixture is meant for handicap usage, bathroom faucets must be placed no more than 25 inches from the front border of the lavatory they are serving.

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