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Which of the following fittings may shift the orientation of piping from horizontal to vertical?

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It is possible to switch pipes from a horizontal to a vertical position using any of the listed fittings. Any fitting that is approved for use when changing from a horizontal to a horizontal direction is also permitted when moving to a vertical position.

Which of the following must be preserved for a water service?

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A water service pipe needs to be buried below the area's frost line in order to prevent freezing. In order to prevent floating, the pipe must also be secured from floods. To prevent damage to the piping from occurring under the weight of the backfill material and settlement movement, the backfill must be clean and devoid of sharp items when backfilling a ditch that contains a water service.

It is necessary for sewage pumps or sumps used to store sewage to be ________.

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It is necessary to vent sump sewage pumps that remove sanitary waste to the outside air. If a pneumatic sewer ejector pump is to be installed, the vent cannot be connected to a general venting system. The vent can be connected back to a common venting system when a standard sewer pump is to be used. A vent for a sewage sump will typically need to have a minimum diameter of two inches. Sewage sump coverings, in addition to effective venting, must be gas-tight.

Where the stack and its offset are functioning ____________ as a building drain, vertical offset vents are not needed.

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Where a stack and its offset are sized as building drains, vents for vertical offsets are not necessary. Vent pipes frequently have a diameter that is less than the drain they support. The vent is exempt from some vent rules, though, if it has the same diameter as the drain it is feeding. In this instance, it means that vertical offset venting is not required for vents with diameters equivalent to the drains being supplied.

When is a cleanout appropriate for a new fixture installation? What, in other words, qualifies the removal of a cleanout plug, its replacement with a male adapter, and the subsequent extension of piping to a new fixture?

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Unless the connection is authorized by a code officer and a new cleanout is provided to replace the cleanout being converted to a connection point for drainage piping, fittings housing cleanout plugs are not permitted to be utilized as a connection point for a drainage pipe that will feed a new fixture.

Which of the following tools can be used to enhance water pressure when a water source's pressure is insufficient for a plumbing system's requirements?

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To boost water pressure as needed, booster pumps can be installed. As a component of the water distribution system, these pumps are placed. These pumps have the capacity to decrease volume to boost pressure without impairing the functionality of plumbing fixtures.

The plumbing that transports potable water from a water source to a water distribution system is referred to as which of the following?

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A water main or a water supply is the main conduit that transports potable water to a water-distribution system. Regardless of whether the water is flowing from a municipal water system or a water well, this is the situation. A water supply pipe must have a minimum diameter of.75 inches.

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