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The payroll department of an organization sends an email to all of its employees. It specifies that in order for their paychecks to be sent to their accounts, the employees must transmit their updated banking information by the end of the day.
When questioned, the payroll division asserts that they have never sent such an email. What sort of example is that?

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This is an illustration of a phishing attack. These assaults are typically conducted through emails, posing as someone else to obtain specific information from the owner of the email account.

Every night at midnight, you realize that some data are being secretly uploaded from your PC device to an unknown website. When you open the file, you discover that these documents are from the day's office job. What kind of instance is this?

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An instance of a keylogger attack is this. A malicious hacker could use the keylogger, a sort of malware, to automatically transfer your files to a server and steal your private information for their own use.

Before granting employees access to a website, a corporation demands multi-factor authentication. Employees are required to use a security token that is texted to their mobile phones as one of the authentication elements.
What qualifies the employee in this system?

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In this case, possession is the element of authentication that is necessary. The employee needs to have a certain token that was sent to a specific mobile device.
The employee can only access the website they are browsing if they have both of these.

Customers can access information on the chosen shirts before making their purchase by logging into their account on an online retailer of shirts.
The ID, Type, price, size, color, and number of units for the chosen shirt are only a few pieces of information about the shirts. What further data can be gleaned from the readily available dataset?

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By noting the shirt ID from the website and the number of stock units, the database stores data on shirts. These two factors allow a client to determine whether an item is out of stock, or whether the available unit amount is zero.

Both sequential and parallel computing models are used to complete the same work. The sequential setup took 30 seconds, whereas the parallel model only needed 10 seconds.
What will the speedup parameter be going forward when using the parallel model?

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By dividing the sequential time by the parallel time, the speedup parameter for utilizing the parallel model is determined. In this instance, the speedup will be 30/10, which is 3.

By examining and compiling data on the many bird species, their nests, and their capacity to rear their young, a biologist is exploring the behavior of birds when they build their nests.
Which of the following, if it is included in the dataset, would serve as an illustration of metadata from the following data?

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A type of data called metadata is used to describe other data in a dataset. The information pertaining to the tracking numbers in the aforementioned scenario would be regarded as metadata.

For its newest autonomous vehicles, Ford Motor Company plans to create its own sensors. What scenario, where these sensors are simulated, would not constitute a parameter for testing?

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The car simply needs the sensors to analyse its immediate surroundings. A different method will be used to control the car's actual driving.
Therefore, it is not necessary to mimic swerving accidents when testing the sensors.

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