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Students can automatically check out and return books from a college library using RFID technology. Each time a book is borrowed or returned by a student, a count is made using a computer program.
These details are kept in the variables borrowed and returned, accordingly. If all loaned books were already returned, which of the following statements would be accurate?

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The computer program keeps track of the number of times a book is borrowed and returned and maintains the data in distinct variables. The two variables must be equal to show that all books that have been borrowed have been returned if no books are being checked out at the moment.
This condition would hold since the product of two equal numbers is always a positive even number.

An Internet service provider employs a server to store data on the websites that its client users visit the most frequently. Which of the following wouldn't be affected if this server were updated?

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It is unlikely that the accessibility of websites that might not be stored will be impacted if the ISP modifies the servers on which information about frequently visited web pages is stored.
Even if not frequently, the user can still browse these online pages. Because users' private information is kept on the server, their privacy has already been compromised.
The typical reaction time would be shorter, but more storage would be needed to keep this data.

A num variable that stores an integer value can be displayed using the DISPLAY command. What would be displayed if the following code was run?
DISPLAY (num MOD 10)

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The resultant quotient after multiplying the integer value of num by 10 will be displayed by the code. If the number 22 is stored in num, for instance, the MOD command will divide it by 10 and return the quotient as 2, for example.

An employee of a private company needs to provide an employee from another company access to some of his organization's sensitive documents.
The files must be encrypted in order to prevent unwanted access from a third-party body, thus they cannot be transferred directly.
Which of the encrypting techniques listed below would provide the best encryption in this case?

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By using the public key encryption methodology to encrypt the data, the staff can share them. The sender does not have to supply any keys along with the files, making it the choice with the highest level of security.

An AI system is used by one bank to decide whether or not to approve a consumer for a loan. Age, employment position, and the presence of active loans are just a few of the characteristics the AI considers before making a determination.
Because they already have student debts, very few loans have been granted to recent college graduates as a result. What stage of the data processing cycle does the bias present in?

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The bias developed as a result of the AI taking into account the active loan status as one of its properties. Consequently, bias exists during the data preparation process.

When you create and run a program, it works without a hitch but doesn't produce the outcomes you were hoping for. Even after making certain code changes and running the application once again, the problem still exists. What kind of inaccuracy is most likely the root of this problem?

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The described problem resembles a logic error the most, it seems. If the code simulates correctly, the programmer might be using the incorrect actions or variables to accomplish their goals.

A gyroscope built into a mobile device is used to program it to adjust the direction of its screen. What kind of programming does this represent?

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The aforementioned application is based on an event-driven program that considers gyroscope input while determining the output orientation of its display.

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