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A instructor aims to inspire parents and guardians of English-language students to take a more active role in their kids' education. Which of the following facts about a student's parents or legal guardians would assist the instructor develop effective outreach programs for that family?

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The biggest barrier to contact with the parents and guardians of English language learners is frequently language. Teachers should take measures to ensure that parents or guardians can communicate in school settings using the language with which they are most comfortable (for example, through the use of bilingual interpreters) if they want to encourage English learners' parents and guardians to be involved in their children's education.

Which of the following school policies would be most useful in preserving a setting that is sensitive to children from different cultural backgrounds?

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The variety of learning styles among pupils is one way that culture shows up in the classroom. Students frequently come from backgrounds where learning is approached and viewed from a variety of viewpoints. By taking into account students' culturally impacted learning styles and adjusting education to take into account and build on students' cultural backgrounds, culturally responsive pedagogy recognizes this variety.

Which of the following behaviors best describes the acculturation process' acceptance stage?

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When someone has reached the acceptance stage of acculturation, they can relate to and participate in both their native culture and the new one. This implies a respectable amount of comfort with and acceptance of both cultures, not either blind acceptance of all characteristics of the new culture or rejection of the previous culture.

An English learner who is a good student and speaks English fluently is seen by a third-grade teacher to have a tendency to respond slowly when asked to answer questions. Before the kid speaks, other students in the class frequently yell answers and wave their hands in the air. Which of the following would the teacher need to keep in mind the most in this circumstance?

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When analyzing students' classroom behaviour, English language teachers must take into account how students' discourse patterns are influenced by their cultures. It's possible that an English learner from a culture where stillness and careful evaluation of one's words are seen as signals of respect comes from being an excellent student and a competent speaker of English.

Late twentieth-century immigrants were more likely to: Compared to early twentieth-century immigrants to the United States,

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A national origins quota system that had severely limited immigration to the United States from non-European countries was eliminated by the Immigration Act of 1965. A first-come, first-served system that prioritized family unity was established by the statute. The law was changed in the late 20th century to make it simpler for immigrants to come as families.

Several books concerning the student's nation are being consulted by a third-grade teacher in order to get ready for the arrival of a new English learner who is a recent immigrant. The teacher learns from a variety of sources that individuals from the student's nation typically respect modesty and may find it awkward to receive compliments. The teacher chooses not to add happy faces and stars to the writing of the new student in an effort to be culturally respectful. Which of the following steps would the instructor be best advised to take before implementing this accommodation?

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Students, parents, and community members can offer multifaceted insights on cultural behaviors while printed sources may only present a one-dimensional perspective of a society. Before using them in the classroom, inferences about a culture made from information in a book should be verified by members of that community.

Which of the following best represents how research on cultural factors that affect English language learners' academic success has been applied?

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A teacher adapts instructional practices to respond to English learners' culturally influenced approaches to learning.

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