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What is the MOST crucial protection that needs to be in place to prevent abuse of the company's social media account?

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The account will be actively guarded against unwanted access through the use of two-factor authentication.

Where would the data ethics function MOST likely reside in an enterprise, based on the three lines of defense model?

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Compliance, ethics, and risk management make up the second line of defense, which serves as a guide.

When defining risk management methods, which of the following should be determined as being MOST important?

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The risk practitioner must examine the enterprise's goals and risk tolerance when designing risk management strategies and define a risk management framework based on this study. While some businesses may opt to accept known risk, others may invest in and implement risk-mitigating systems.

After the likelihood of a loss event has been estimated, which of the following criteria should be evaluated?

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The next stage is to determine the impact's magnitude after the likelihood has been established.

Which of the following BEST guarantees that identified information system vulnerabilities are appropriately mitigated?

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When mitigation is assigned to personnel, accountability for meeting the deadline is established.

The BIGGEST danger associated with not having a strategy is:

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The biggest danger is improper oversight of IT investments. Without adequate management oversight, IT investments may not be in line with company strategies, and IT spending may not be supporting business goals.

Which of the following factors should the cost-benefit analysis of a two-factor authentication system contain the MOST?

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The cost baseline that must be taken into account for the whole life cycle of the control is established by total cost of ownership, making it the most pertinent piece of information to be included in the cost-benefit analysis.

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