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Which of the following BEST describes an effective incident response training program?

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Increased reporting of security incidents to the response team can be a positive indicator that incident response training is effective.

An anti-malware system has been installed by an IT company to lower risk. Which of the following statements BEST explains how this control lowers risk, assuming it is operating within the parameters set?

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The anti-malware system does not directly reduce the probability of attacks, its impact reduction capabilities play a crucial role in overall risk management. By focusing on mitigating the consequences of malware incidents, the control helps to limit potential damages and minimize the associated risks to the organization. It is important to note that a comprehensive security strategy would involve multiple controls and measures to address both the probability and impact of malware attacks.

Using comparable network technology, an enterprise learns of a security breach at another organization. The MOST crucial thing a risk practitioner should do is:

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When an enterprise learns of a security breach at another entity using similar network technology, the most important action for a risk practitioner is to assess the likelihood of a similar incident occurring at their own enterprise. This assessment is crucial for understanding the potential impact and determining the appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Which of the following elements will most strongly influence the kind of information security governance model a company chooses to implement?

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The organizational structure can indeed have a significant impact on the type of information security governance model that an enterprise adopts. The governance model defines how the organization's information security program is structured, governed, and managed. Different organizational structures may require different approaches to information security governance.

Which indicator would be MOST helpful in an operational analysis of the processing environment?

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In an operational review of the processing environment, the user satisfaction indicator would be highly beneficial. User satisfaction is an important metric that assesses the overall experience and satisfaction levels of users with the processing environment or system. By measuring user satisfaction, organizations can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness, usability, and performance of their systems from the perspective of the end users.

Which of the following approaches is BEST for ensuring contract programmers abide by organizational security guidelines?

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Performing periodic security reviews of contractors is indeed an effective way to ensure that contract programmers comply with organizational security policies. Regular security reviews allow organizations to assess the contractors' adherence to security practices, identify any potential vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues, and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

Which of the following will help you create a set of recovery time goals the MOST?

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BIA provides essential insights into the criticality of business functions and the potential impact of disruptions. It helps organizations prioritize their recovery efforts and allocate resources effectively. RTOs, on the other hand, are specific recovery objectives established for each critical function or process, indicating the maximum allowable downtime. Both BIA and RTOs are crucial components of a robust business continuity plan, but they serve different purposes in the overall planning and preparedness process.

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