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A man tries to brace himself against a collapsing wall. Which is the best position for the man to push?

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The higher the pushing location, the greater the torque on the wall.

How many furlongs are there in 60 rods?

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1.5 furlongs. 60 rods x (1furlog)/(40 rods) = 1.5 furlongs

How many inches are there in ten fathoms?

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10 fathoms x (6feet)/(1fathom)x(12inches)/(1foot)=720 inches

One large central gear drives a pair of identical gears. Which gear rotates the fastest?

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They'll spin at the same speed. The outer gears' rate of rotation will be the same because they are powered by the same gear and have an equal number of teeth.

How many fathoms is 12 feet?

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2 fathoms. 12 feet x (1 fathom)/(6 feet) = 2 fathoms

A light car and a heavy truck approach each other at the same speed. Will they travel in which direction if they collide?

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On the left. The car will not be able to stop the truck because it is heavier. As a result, they will move to the left.

How many kilograms is 0.035 grams?

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0.035 grams x (1 kilogram)/(1000 grams) = 0.000035 kilograms

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