FREE BOMA Maintenance Test Questions and Answers


What kind of Freon would you suggest for use in an apartment freezer?

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R 12 is the correct answer because it is the most commonly used type of Freon for household refrigeration systems, including apartment freezers. It has good cooling properties and is compatible with most freezer units. R 22 is another type of Freon commonly used in air conditioning systems but is not recommended for use in freezers. R 302 and R 202 are not commonly used types of Freon and are not suitable for use in apartment freezers.

As the hot water heater tank is being filled up, you should:

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When filling up a hot water heater tank, it is important to purge the tank of air. This is because air can become trapped in the tank, which can cause problems with the heating system and decrease the efficiency of the heater. Purging the tank of air ensures that the hot water heater functions properly and efficiently.

Why should you pull a vacuum?

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Pulling a vacuum is necessary for multiple reasons. Firstly, it allows you to check for leaks in the system, ensuring that there are no air or gas leaks that could affect its performance. Secondly, it helps to remove impurities such as moisture, dirt, or contaminants that may be present in the system, which can improve its efficiency and prevent damage. Lastly, pulling a vacuum can help extend the life of the unit by creating a clean and stable environment, reducing the risk of corrosion or other issues. Therefore, all of the above reasons justify the need to pull a vacuum.

Where is a fuse link located?

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A fuse link is located on a heat coil. This is because a fuse link is a safety device that is designed to protect the heat coil from overheating and causing a fire. When the heat coil reaches a certain temperature, the fuse link will melt, breaking the electrical circuit and preventing further heating. This helps to prevent damage to the heat coil and potential fire hazards.

On most garbage disposals, where is the reset button located?

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The reset button on most garbage disposals is located on the bottom of the disposal. This is where you can easily access and press the button to reset the disposal in case it gets jammed or stops working.

Where is a joist found?

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A joist is typically found in the floor of a building. It is a horizontal structural member that provides support and stability to the floor above. Joists are commonly made of wood or steel and are spaced apart to distribute the weight of the floor and any loads placed on it. They are an essential component of the floor framing system and play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

Where is the bibb seat located?

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The bibb seat is located in a faucet.

A copy of the service request should be left in every occupied apartment after completion to let the resident know what service has been completed.

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Leaving a copy of the service request in every occupied apartment after completion is a good practice to inform the resident about the service that has been completed. This helps in maintaining transparency and ensuring that the resident is aware of the work that has been done. It also serves as a record for both the resident and the service provider. Therefore, the statement is true.

On a 110-volt circuit, the hot wire is normally:

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On a 110-volt circuit, the hot wire is normally black or red. This is because black or red wires are typically used to carry the live or current-carrying conductor in electrical circuits. The hot wire carries the electrical current from the power source to the electrical device or appliance. The color coding of wires helps to identify and distinguish between different types of wires in a circuit, ensuring proper and safe electrical connections.

Quality of tools may reflect the quality of work.

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The statement suggests that the quality of the tools used can be an indication of the quality of work produced. This means that if someone uses high-quality tools, it is likely that they will produce high-quality work. On the other hand, if someone uses low-quality tools, it is more likely that their work will be of lower quality. Therefore, the answer "True" is correct as it aligns with the statement provided.

What is the purpose of a squirrel cage?

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The purpose of a squirrel cage is to move air through the handler. This is typically done in HVAC systems, where the squirrel cage fan is used to circulate air and maintain proper air flow throughout the system. It helps to distribute the conditioned air to different areas and maintain a comfortable temperature in the space being served.

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