BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test


The BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test is a big exam for those in commercial real estate management. It looks at important areas like facility operations, building measurement standards, and energy efficiency. If you pass, it shows you really know your stuff in the commercial real estate industry. So, it’s really valuable for property management pros.

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Key Takeaways

  • The BOMA Test is a professional certification exam that assesses expertise in commercial real estate management.
  • It covers critical areas such as facility operations, building measurement standards, and energy efficiency.
  • Earning the BOMA Test certification showcases a deep understanding of the commercial real estate industry and its best practices.
  • The BOMA Test is a highly respected credential that can enhance career advancement opportunities for property management professionals.
  • The BOMA BEST program offers additional certification paths, including BOMA BEST Sustainable and BOMA BEST Smart, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and technology-driven building operations.

What is the BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test?

The BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test checks your skills in managing commercial real estate. It proves you know about facility operations, building sizes, and saving energy.

Overview of BOMA Test

This test asks about many topics in managing commercial buildings. You need to understand different types of offices, how to handle leases, and ways to work well with tenants.

BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test

Eligibility Criteria for the BOMA Test

To take the BOMA Test, you need some education and work experience. The rules change depending on your degree, job history, and the training you’ve had. This makes sure everyone who gets certified knows a lot about managing property, checking buildings, and standards for measuring them.

BOMA Test Structure and Format

The BOMA Test checks how well you understand the commercial real estate world. It looks at topics like saving energy, managing properties correctly, and making sure buildings are safe. The test has questions where you pick the best answer and others where you write a short essay. This lets you show what you know in different ways.

facility operations

Preparing for the BOMA Test

To do well on the BOMA Test, you should study study guides, take practice tests, and do some real-world work. BOMA International offers lots of help for students, like study materials and courses. But working in building management, checking buildings, and saving energy also really helps. This practical experience gives you a better shot at passing the test.

Benefits of the BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test

Getting the BOMA Test certification can boost your career. It shows you can manage commercial properties well and understand the job’s duties. This makes you more desirable to employers in the commercial real estate industry.

The BOMA Test also shows others your expertise in commercial real estate. It indicates you’re dedicated to learning, growing your career, and keeping up with industry changes and best practices.

Moreover, the BOMA Test proves you know your stuff in property management. Passing the exam shows your excellence in areas like facility operations, building standards, energy efficiency, and property management. This proof helps you stand out to current and future employers.


The BOMA Test is well-known in the commercial real estate world. It shows that a person really knows the business. When someone passes this test, they prove they understand things like managing buildings, measuring them correctly, and saving energy.

This test can help you get a better job and stand out in real estate. The BOMA Foundation’s scholarship program is a big help. It focuses on how we can use property management to help the planet. This makes the BOMA Test even more important to know.

To sum up, the BOMA Test is key for those working with properties. It lets them shine, grow, and make a difference in the industry. No matter your level of experience, taking this test is a smart move for your career and for making real estate better.


What is the BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) Test?

The BOMA Test is for pros in handling commercial properties. It tests their know-how in different areas. This includes managing buildings, knowing how to measure them right, and saving energy.

What are the key areas covered by the BOMA Test?

It looks into many big parts of running commercial estates. Candidates need to master facility ops and measuring buildings correctly. They should understand how to improve energy use, classify office buildings, and manage leases well. Also, they need to know the best ways to deal with tenants and meet energy performance goals.

What are the eligibility requirements for the BOMA Test?

Candidates need a certain level of education and job history to qualify. The paths to eligibility change depending on their degrees, experience, and training goals.

What are the benefits of earning the BOMA Test certification?

Getting certified opens many doors for property managers. It shows they can do the job well and they understand their duties fully. Employers find them more appealing. Plus, the certification stands out in the industry and proves their expertise.

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