FREE Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science MCQ Questions and Answers


Which of the following defines up forensic science the best?

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Criminalistics, another name for forensic science, is the application of science to criminal and civil legislation.

What department at the crime lab is in charge of checking the body fluids and organs for the presence of drugs and poisons?

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The study of toxicology examines how poisons, whether created naturally or artificially, harm living things. What are negative or damaging effects? Effects that are deleterious to a person's survival or ability to operate normally are referred to as harmful or unpleasant effects.

Which forensic department examines the handwriting and typing on contested papers while also examining the paper or ink?

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Traditionally, forensic science laboratories would house forensic document examination units. These units look at and contrast different types of writing, printing techniques, inks, and other aspects of documents, including or excluding document security measures.

Which section of the modern crime lab is in charge of examining toolmarks and gunshot residues?

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A firearm is a combination of a barrel and an action from which one or more projectiles are fired using a quickly burning propellant. also known as a handgun, long gun, pistol, revolver, or weapon.

Which of the following best describes the work done by forensic scientists?

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During an investigation, forensic scientists gather, preserve, and examine scientific evidence. Some forensic scientists go to the crime scene to gather the evidence firsthand, but others work in laboratories and analyze the evidence that has been given to them by others.

Which organization runs the biggest crime lab in the world?

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The primary government agency in charge of looking into cyberattacks and intrusions is the FBI. The FBI is the primary organization responsible for disclosing, stopping, and looking into intelligence activities, including espionage, in the United States.

Which department of the contemporary crime lab is in charge of processing evidence using chemistry, physics, and geology?

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The fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and other sciences that focus on the study of inanimate natural objects.

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